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  1. I dislike the bronies who are very...aggressive, about being a brony. Or, in the very least, those who would purposely go out and make an irrelevant comment about ponies. While there are many who dislike bronies due to lack of tolerance, many others are somewhat justified, as they've been partially influenced by these people.
  2. This isn't exactly relevant to the topic, however I do want to mention that I feel the animators really did outdo themselves with the Dazzlings' collective unique facial expressions.
  3. Evil, to me, by its very definition is something or someone who has traits or ambitions viewed as contradictory (and, in most cases, dangerously so) to the moral belief of common society. And thus, I believe it goes beyond the malevolence typically associated with the term. With that said, I repeat myself when I say I believe Sonata is evil. However, unlike the other two, she, herself, doesn't seem malevolent, despite her (/Dazzlings') intentions. But rather just a naive follower, just doing it because she thinks it's right, and because it's simply in her nature (what with being a siren and all; also, she's stuck with Aria and Adagio for 1000+ years. Do we really expect her to believe differently than them, or turn against them? Especially considering her childish personality). In that sense, I agree with you: She is evil. But I still like Sonata (Admittedly, I was a bit disappointed when I learned she was going to be a ditzy character, and the dumb one of the Dazzlings).
  4. I'd kind of have to agree. I don't think she's evil, in the sense of intent malevolence, but rather out of being naive and ignorant. She just seems like she's on Aria and Adagio's side just because they're who she's most familiar with.
  5. The whole Sirens thing in RR reminds me: We need an "out-to-sea" ep.

  6. No one will know what I am talking about, but I really dislike MayxDrew from the Pokemon anime.
  7. For some reason, nothing has left such an effect on me as the Pokémon anime in terms of sadness, and I don't know why. I've gone through much worse and have been fine, but whenever I remember the end of a saga of Pokemon, and their goodbyes (along with Lucario's death and Manaphy's leave), I just can't help but feel sad. it's the only thing that actually leaves an effect in me

  8. I would assume that he probably did. It's still an energy source. Less powerful than the adults, possibly, but an energy source nonetheless. And, you know, 'cause he's evil. That could be further motivation.
  9. Apparently everyone hates the original "Yu-Gi-Oh!: Duel Monsters" anime. That's disappointing, I loved that show.

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    2. Dreadmallon


      Well, the hate wasn't from Yu-Gi-Oh fans, but, like, outside fans of other animes (who obviously didn't like the Yu-Gi-Oh anime(s)). Generally the hate is towards the ridiculousness of the world being saved by card games, and that the plot took itself to seriously. Honestly I thought that they explained the concept well for what it was (an advertisement of the TCG; Granted, "Yu-Gi-Oh!: Season 0" in Japan aired before the card game took place, and wasn't about Duel Mons...

    3. CMQuickfireTK


      Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged is amazing lul

    4. Dreadmallon


      Yup, haha. That's what actually introduced me to people actually criticizing the show (prior to, I kept hearing how it was "amazing", "better than the others", etc.), before I actually looked, and found a good amount of people legitimately calling the show bad because of those aspects. I understand and accept the problems with the show, but it's a little disappointing, is all.

  10. You couldn't help yourself, could you? Anyways, I'm unsure of this. Did Twilight know that Spike was with the others?
  11. Did anyone watch the original "Yu-Gi-Oh!" series? I just finished it, and I'm confused about something.

  12. I could forgive Shadow the Hedgehog somewhat, as I was a child when I played, and finished, it, and it introduced me to the Sonic the Hedgehog series anyway. Ironic, yes. Confusing as hell when faced with all the Sonic Adventure 2 references (or "flashbacks") later in the story? Hell yes. But playing it again as an older teen, yeah nostalgia doesn't save it. Not very good. However, an even worse game, for me, is Fable III. That came with my Xbox, along with Halo: Reach, and there's such a difference in quality between the two, it's funny.