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  1. Well the obvious answer would be Equestria. Cause you know ponies and shiz. My second option would be Onyx in the Halo universe: Cause, according to the books, Halsey and the other Spartan 2's and 3's are there. My other option would be Gielinor, the Runescape universe. Train up to be the greatest adventurer of all time. Would be glorious.
  2. I'm looking to sell/swap trading cards. Anypony know the best place to put it on forums?

  3. Enterplay...Y U MAKE ME SAD

  4. Blasphemy...Everyone knows of Digimon. OT: Known for being the soundest person ever.
  5. The stripes are the cuts he's received. The backstory does need work on, however it is obviously gonna be non-canon. He is a main part of a fic I am writing about Anicent warriors. I'll link you if you like.
  6. Anyone American be able to help me purchase stuff from enterplay?

  7. 20 and proud here. Still feels weird that there are a lot of users who are in a lower age bracket. Though this is just one of many forums, maybe all the other older members are hiding there?
  8. You may not know me, no. Yes I am into metal OT: Known for being a means to fire balls of metal upon ones enemy. But choose to fire Friendship instead.
  9. Being confused at me for what reason exactly? OT: Known for...err...Stepping into my dreams and distorting them. LEAF ME ALONE
  10. I have a fairly good idea. Btw I'm making a fic which has Fluttershy transform into a legendary warrior of kindness, any ideas to what creature would represent her and kindness the best? I was thinking something like an eagle or a swan or something. OT: Da boss.