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  1. SCS

    Hi! How are you doing?

  2. Crap, I never realized only left handed people got the smudged hand from writing until I read this thread.. Well, I guess that's my worst thing about being left handed, but the scissors thing is a close second, I have to use scissors made for 5 year-olds... I wonder how many left handed people are called Dexter Wright... (Dexter is Latin for right)
  3. Aw, I forgot it was sunday... Well, I haven't heard of Peter Capaldi before, but I hope he'll be a good doctor, I didn't really like Matt Smith. I really, really, REALLY wanted it to be Ben Whishaw because he's really cute I think he would be a good Doctor, and after he said he wasn't, I was hoping for Andrew Scott... Still, I don't think they'd put the role in the wrong hands, so I'll look forward to it. Isn't that kinda bad, since they're set in the same universe? From what I just looked up, he didn't seem like a one scene unimportant character...
  4. Hiya, I'm back. I was gone for a while because of stuff. I've missed all of you. I'll probably be quite quiet for a while though, I'm still not right.

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    2. Soundgarden


      Oh, and I'm Soundgarden btw, I had my name changed

    3. Fluttershyfan94


      Welcome back! It's been a while since you were last on.

    4. Vexxy


      Thanks everyone!

  5. Hey Vexxy. :)

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    2. Scootalove


      *Welcome Back Hugs* Just for you! :) So will you be staying a while?

    3. Vexxy


      *Hugs* Hopefully a while.

    4. Scootalove


      I hope so too, you were gone for months. :P

  6. No, I don't 'ams' dildos. The pony after me is the one that killed Colonel Custard with the bagel in the hair salon..?
  7. I give you the derpify ray! Fire it at someone and watch them derp! They just won't know what went wrong!
  8. Yup :3 The pony after me likes Doritos..?
  9. I found this awesome blog when I was searching for info on the Permanent Anthro Pegasus file, sadly it didn't say anything much about it, but it's all about hypnosis and tulpas, very interesting.
  10. I give you that money you said thanks for Now you don't need to give people smiles, you can give them golden smiles!
  11. @, Yay! I give you infinite muffins. Be warned though, you may have a lot less than an infinite amount once delivered, Derpy's the deliverer... ^-^;
  12. I've just realized, this is gonna put a bit of stress on my bank account... ^-^; I mean, I've heard life, the universe and everything is pretty costly, and then there's Dashie to look after, forever. That's a pretty long time D: I give you one penny, it's all I can afford!
  13. Best present ever! I'll have to keep it somewhere other than on my username though, I don't think a triple X is the best idea... ^-^; Well, it's safe and sound in the last sentence. I give you the best speakers ever made! Perfect for all your music. ^-^
  14. I needed a new phone I give you a PS Vita, they're awesome
  15. You get the answer to life, the universe, and everything.