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    Butter Bean has a ton of interests!
    She likes to:

    Crusade for her cutiemark!
    Bake a bunch of sweets with Pinkie Pie! Butter Bean wubs sissy Pinkie!
    Take a nice stroll through flower fields! Butter Bean loves colorful stuffs!
    Sissy Pinkie tells Butter Bean she an't go into the Everfree fowest...but she does it, anyways!

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  1. ~Butter and Rose~

    Butter Bean with bubblegum

    Butter Bean was able to find one picture from her album :3 Here is her first time trying bubble gum! Rose Ribbon: She attempted to blow a bubble...she started freaking out. *snickers* Butter Bean: Say, Butter Beans hair looks a wittle longer than usual... Rose Ribbon: That's because you refused to let Auntie get any closer with the scissors, Butter Bean...-_- Butter Bean: Ooooh!
  2. ~Butter and Rose~

    Hazel Drop

    Yeah, so this is my pony self, Hazel Drop. :3 My eyes are two different colors because in reality, my left eye doesn't work to good anymore because I would always put my hair over that eye....don't be stupid and do that xD But my eyes aren't really different colors, don't worry...don't have cataracts or something, that's for sure. ^^ My original ponysona is a pegasus, though my two other ponysona's, Butter Bean and Rose Ribbon, are earth ponies. They are twins, so of course they will be the same race. c: Enjoy!
  3. Rose Ribbon: My....celestia.... Butter Bean: Awwwww wook at Butter Bean's flowas!!!! They are so cute and colorful, adorable, colorful, awesome....colorful! Did I say they were colorful? Rose Ribbon: Yes ._.
  4. ~Butter and Rose~

    Rose Ribbon *wink*

    Rose Ribbon: It's my sister's evil doing...she's been trying to humiliate me all day... xD Well...since i've been on these past couple hours.
  5. ~Butter and Rose~

    Rose Ribbon *wink*

    Rose Ribbon: *sigh* Okay...so I lost a bet to Butter Bean and was dared to do a..."sexeh pose"...according to her. After refusing for the thousandth time, she made an exception. So I made a cute face instead....
  6. ~Butter and Rose~

    Butter Bean's twin sister, Rose Ribbon!

    Meanie!! Please don't talk badly about my sister...but hi anyways..*shakes hooves* Why would you say that about Butter Bean! She though we were fwiends... T^T
  7. ~Butter and Rose~

    Rose Ribbon

    Oooh...I keep telling Butter Bean not to post picutres of me on here! >//< Oh, little sister...indeed Butter Bean did! You're a monsta! Teehee!
  8. ~Butter and Rose~

    Butter Bean's twin sister, Rose Ribbon!

    Butter Bean ish so uber excited!!! She finally has her a sister! Her creator was nice enough to make a sibwing for Butter Bean! Sis...why are you speaking in third person? I-it's...just weird...*cowards*
  9. ~Butter and Rose~

    Somepony ate Butter Bean's marshmellows...

    Who or what would want to do this to Butter Bean's defensewess marshmellows?! Wah....now her marshmellows are are in somebody else's tummy wummy, and not in Butters.. :c
  10. ~Butter and Rose~

    Official Ask Butter Bean!

  11. ~Butter and Rose~

    Official Ask Butter Bean!

    Butter Bean made this so you guys can ask any questions you want! Don't be afwaid to ask away! If Butter Bean doesn't get to you question right away, she is sowwy.....she will eventually, depends if Butter Bean's creator is busy! Note from Creator: I or Butter Bean will NOT ACCEPT perverted questions...it's okay to joke, but nothing nasty, okie dokie lokies? :3
  12. ~Butter and Rose~

    Butter Bean wuvs you all...

    Hehe...oh my thank yous! Anypony ish welcome in Butte Bean's famiwy! She doesn't have alot of family left biologically...so more the merrier!!
  13. ~Butter and Rose~

    Butter Bean wuvs you all...

    Butter Bean weally wuvs all of you, honestly she does! She has met really nice ponies so far here, that she never wants to weave!
  14. ~Butter and Rose~

    Butter Bean and Squishy!

    Hehe thank yous! Butter Bean twies her bestiest! She knows it may not wook wike much, but she's pwoud of it anyways! Isn't Squishy vewy cute?
  15. ~Butter and Rose~

    Butter Bean and Squishy!

    Yay! This is Butter Beans pet and companion, Squishy the Gecko! Butter Bean found him in the fowest one day and decided to take him home! Yays fow Squishy!