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  1. It was a concurrent enrollment course, where I could get college credit while still in high school. It was done in partnership with our local community college.
  2. 1. dat ambiguity 2. I studied a semester of C# and another of C++ in high school. That's pretty much the only way I'm able to make sense of Ren'Py.
  3. 1) Wait, so we broke up? Aw, but we were the best ambigiously gay couple here on the chat thread. 2) It's an engine that uses Python optimized for people to create their very own visual novels. I'm working on trying to learn how to use it. 4 and 5) Not with me. My urination is f*yay*g regal. Wisdom Teef) Getting them extracted is more scary than unpleasent. I had my wisdom teeth taken out, and once the pain meds kick in, the recovery actually isn't that bad. Being unable to eat solid foods for a week is a bit of a pain in the ass, though. As for the surgery itself, you won't actually feel anything once they put in the novacain, and they have laughing gas that will completely get rid of your anxiety. 10) Wisdom to live by. 11) That...can't be a pleasant scenario.
  4. 1. Uh, what? I broke promises? 2. Cool. I've been working on codesy stuff as well, but to a much more primitive extent. You ever heard of Ren'Py? 3. That's good. Tablets are fancy. 4. Enough. 5. Very clumsily. 6. Indeed. Getting them out solves so many problems, once you get past the whole surgery and recovery part. 7. o rly 8. Is it because of the wisdom teef? 9. I can think of worse things, but it's definately something that needs to be fixed asap. 10. Acknowledged. 11. Just as long as you don't put all of those together.
  5. Everything gives you cancer these days.
  6. Yes. The zombie is their soulless corpse. Their ghost is their corpseless soul.
  7. Ah, nostalgia filter. Back when beating your wife not only was socially acceptable but actually encouraged, the internet didn't exist, being a poor person was pretty much a death sentence, and all those great world wars killing millions upon millions of people to keep you on your toes. Those were good times.
  8. Hey man, happy burfdayz :3

  9. Happy Birthday! (Oh my god,those words are so typical.)

  10. Happy birthday!

  11. Happy Birthday Jadefire! :)

  12. You post because we allow it, and you are banned because we demand it.