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  1. as silver breeze leaves the carriage he disides to see if the head master got his letter of problems about him, quickly moving at top speed(which is about 80mph)but trips over himself and rolles past the office.after getting up, he enters the office."princple did you get my letter?"
  2. my steam acoount is swordf11 and i joined i cant find the tf2 server
  3. i i quickly regain consiousness and land on my hoves
  4. i hop up as high as i can and try to land on prince dusk
  5. i use my speed to doge the lasers and use the spell that twilight used on me to jump on the clouds to get closer(btw my ponys name is silver breeze)
  6. heres prince dusk buy accedent"u cant hurt my friend...if u do i hurt u"
  7. gets up and shakes head*ah man...my head hurt hey sugarcube are u ok
  8. i start to run as fast as i can but then i seesugarcube and try to i start to run as fast as i can but i see sugarcube and try to stop...but my speed gets the best of me and i crash into her
  9. i see duskhooves leaves in a hurry and i diside to orginize his room using my great speed and follow him.
  10. i walk into dusk hooves room and say"hey dusk hooves wats up"
  11. Silver Breeze
  12. ok thats good...i kinda guess but still i like this curse its a real test ryhming like this is really fun and i think the fun has just begun
  13. that answers one question i have but theres still onehow do u reles the curse zecoras done?
  14. wat a humorus curse but i must say wat were to happen if we may not speak in rhymes not every time?
  15. i cant pick ethier one because theres no link