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  1. Fire Bomb

    Request Shop art suggestions

    Final notice before I start actually uploading the art. I got an art tablet today, and so I should be able to get everything done. Up until this point, I've been using free time from my graphics class to make the requests, so now I have a lot more time to work.
  2. Fire Bomb

    Request Shop art suggestions

    Again, really sorry it's been so long without any of the artwork yet, I dont really have many tools to work with right now (my computer crashed a few months ago so I had to fix it), I should have most of them done by the end of january though (I know that's still a bit away, I just don't want to rush it and end up with crap)
  3. Fire Bomb

    Request Shop art suggestions

    sorry I haven't posted anything yet, I haven't had a lot of time because of school work
  4. Fire Bomb

    What do think of your pets

    My pets are jerks, I have several scars from my cats.
  5. no joke, my cat just cut a vein in my arm, I think I'm going to be ok but it's bleeding a lot.

  6. Fire Bomb

    What do you think of my art style?

    Here's something that I learned when I started doing art. While it's ok to have people give their opinion on your art, never take it to heart. Whether they say it's good or bad doesn't mean anything. What matters is how YOU think it looks. Don't compare your art to others, don't even compare it to other things you've done, the only thing that determines whether "your art is good" or not, is whether you think it is or not. So instead of asking us whether we think it's good, ask yourself if you think it's good. Keep that in mind as you get comments on anything you ever draw. Edit: 5 minutes later: I forgot to mention on thing, taking constructive criticism to make what you do better isn't the same as asking whether something is good or not or letting someone say whether it's good or not effect how you draw.
  7. Fire Bomb

    Request Shop art suggestions

    @@Nervous Stitch,Thanks, I've never used this part of the forum before so I was a little confused
  8. Fire Bomb

    Gaming does anybody play these games?

    I play forsaken world a bit, It's been a while though
  9. Fire Bomb

    Request Shop art suggestions

    I do a bit of drawing every now and then and thought to myself "why not draw things for other people." so here I am making a topic about what you want me to draw, I'll draw pretty much anything you want me to (even OC's if given a description) but I'm not great with animals (but I wont get better unless I draw more,) so yeah. I'll do color, black & white, pencil, computer graphics, whatever, just tell me. It's first come first serve so just leave suggestions. I'll get to them when I can but school's starting back up for me in a week, so it might take a little bit of time to get them done.
  10. Capricorn: You need to feel useful and needed. You are calm, cool, and collected, even when you crashing down on the inside. You are not a risk taker. You are your worse critic, you are really hard on yourself. You can be very motivating toward others. When you lose control, all hell breaks loose. You can hide your feelings behind a sarcastic attitude. At your best, you are wise, cautious, and patient. At your worst, you are pessimistic, moody, and detached.

  11. Fire Bomb

    Happy Upgrade to Windows 10 Day!

    DONT PUT IT OFF, the free download is only for a few months after the release, so if you want it without paying 200 dollars, get it sooner rather than later.
  12. Fire Bomb

    How To Be Weird o-O

    If you want to be weird, just be yourself. There will always be those who find you weird so instead of trying to hide that from people, just be yourself and embrace the weird parts of yourself, make them the base of your character and let your weird define who you are. If our personality were oreos, the cookie part would be who we are to people who haven't met us, and the creamy part is the weirdness that people who get to know you enjoy the most.