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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Merry Birthiversary! 

  3. Hey! Hows it going?! Not seen you for a while! :D

    1. SFyr



      Been dead due to life stuff, but, I've been good! How are you? c:

  4. It's been a while so prepare for an art dump! Well. Not quite as much as I anticipated as a lot of what I have it sketches or unfinished paintings or 3D models, haha!
  5. Heey! I found my way back after so long! How is everyone? :)

  6. I've only just started and would love some pointers. I'm Kittysoba and I love to play indie games and play random things with my friends. Again, I've just started so my channel isn't flashy. Nor do I get many views.. Anyone got any pointers?
  7. It was just a general query to which on people preferred. Some give more in depth analysis such as character development and story, some on personal taste such as the genre. It can be answered either way, although for genre it would be a little more bias. But I asked the question because I felt one was over shadowed and I think it was a shame because the characters felt more real to me and more relatable. I personally don't favor one genre to the other. It depends on my mood at the time.
  8. I've been meaning to watch it. It's by the same people who did Secret of Kells right?
  9. I'll try to keep it spoiler free for those who haven't seen them.. I personally prefer Big Hero 6. It was over shadowed by Frozen because of it's explosive popularity but if we ignore the fact that Frozen is freaking everywhere and over hyped and over played, it didn't feel it was as strong and unique as Big Hero 6. I know Frozen was like an old fairy tale and that's fine, but I prefer Big Hero 6 visually and the characters are more interesting to me. Unlike many other films, there isn't a romance shoe horned into the plot of the film. But the designs.. I can't get over! Its just pure aweso
  10. Vomit.. I can't be around people who are being sick or have been sick.. the smell, the sight the sound people make.. I can't..
  11. The CMC, analysers and Rarity. Just to clarify, I don't hate hate the CMC, but I am very bored of them. With analysers I find it difficult to believe the creators of the show intended or thought too much about the deepness of the context.I just see it as people seeing what they want to see to make the show seem more then it is. And I just dislike Rarity as a character. Her thing is generosity? No. I don't see it. She seems more selfish and driven by her own personal gains.
  12. If so, how long have you been doing it? What got you started? I'm very Interested in getting into it. Currently researching a Mr Babache Stage Ball as a starter. What would you suggest?
  13. Pixie Doodle

    General Media PCs vs. Macs

    PCs all the way. They handle software better, better processing power, and if a small part of it breaks or just needs an upgrade, you can sort it out yourself for significantly less then a mac. With a mac, its one set piece. You can't take it apart and swap parts out. If you want to upgrade a part, it's off to the Apple store so spend a load of money for a whole new set up. There are more programs and games for PC that run better on PC.. Yea Apple looks 'sleek' and 'modern' but is it really worth the price tag? With the right case and monitors, you can get something just as sexy with a better
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