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    All kinds of geeky stuff. Drawing. Making new friends ^-^

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  1. Yo! Extremely sweet avatar. I'm dying *w*

  2. sprinkle nostrils

    Sleeping Rainbow Dash

    She sleeps so sweet, so I wanna take a nap too ~o~
  3. Hello there. Your avatar is awsum! ^-^ Made me dance on my chair 9w9

    1. Denim&Venom


      Thanks. Glad I can still inspire. 

  4. sprinkle nostrils

    Batonya's pure art

    Wo! Who's there! Jokin. Yor art ish awsom ^-^
  5. sprinkle nostrils

    digital Sneakity-sneak =3

    Oh, thank you, @Divine plywood ^o^''. I love to draw bodies in movement, it makes my imagination work in all 3 Ds. ^w^
  6. sprinkle nostrils

    Any rick and morty fans out there?

    OHLOL! "R...Rick! Why do I have hoooves?!" "Shut up, Morty. You're pony. Every kid dreams to become a pony!"
  7. sprinkle nostrils

    digital Sneakity-sneak =3

    Two-panel comic, One sneaking Moon, One sneaky Glow, Coffee related joke... =3 My part of art deal with @Moon Glow is finished ^~^ Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed drawing her. She's awesome ^0^ P.S. Resolution is printable.
  8. Yo, ponis! I'm drawing a comic. Didn't draw comics a thousand years ^-^

  9. sprinkle nostrils

    Standard Deviation

    Oh! Dat nostrils =:3
  10. sprinkle nostrils

    How do ponies tails stick up?

    Good question, sugarcube. =3
  11. Hello there =]
    Just wanted to say that your avatar is extremely adorable =3 Who did draw it?

    1. starrymiss


      Wow, thank you so much! :) I actually drew it, so I really appreciate that! It's a doodle from my planner.

    2. sprinkle nostrils

      sprinkle nostrils

      Awww, I love it so much I can't stand ^o^. How come your DA gallery is so empty? And yah, I must follow you, if you don't mind ^.^

    3. starrymiss


      Well thanks so much ^-^ that's so sweet of you to say!! I'm glad you like my stuff!! I haven't drawn very much as of late, but I'm hoping to fill up my DA soon!

  12. sprinkle nostrils

    General What's your biggest flaw?

    Well, I'm too awesome. LOL Joke. =3 The thing is that I solve all the problems by myself. Somepony will say that it's not bad at all, but actually it causes two things: I do all the stuff much slower than I would do with help of some friend aaand as I waste 90% of my nonsleeping time performing some life quest I feel lonely sometimes. =/ I guess I have other flaws, but this one makes my life pretty grey.
  13. Yo, Riki! Your avatar is extremely cute ^~^ Can't stand ^0^

    1. Rikifive


      I know, right? :pinkie: thank you! c:

  14. sprinkle nostrils

    digital Untitled Comic - Page 1

    Ahah, @Moon Glow ^o^ I would be glad to spy on development of this story ^~^ or even draw a trade with you in the future if you're OK with it. 9.9 Good luck there /)