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  1. Joxie

    Weird laws

    It is considered an offense to shower naked. - Florida
  2. Female C Depends on if i knew the girl, but mostly, C Yes, but not right away, it takes some time. Even with the group project, i still would need time to get to know ppl....
  3. Joxie

    Hi, everypony! Tis JOXIE! ^^

    oh hay thanks! ^^ i loves KH, my pony OC is the pony version of my KH OC, xD
  4. Joxie

    Hi, everypony! Tis JOXIE! ^^

    oh no, i dont really like cider, but thanks anyways ^^
  5. Joxie

    Hi, everypony! Tis JOXIE! ^^

    oh really?? thats so sweet^^ thank you ^^
  6. Joxie

    Hi, everypony! Tis JOXIE! ^^

    aww thanks *hands muffin* so, how is everyone xD
  7. Joxie

    Hi, everypony! Tis JOXIE! ^^

    hehe thanks guys, im liking it already
  8. Joxie

    Rainbow Dash Ready for Battle

    wow thats so amazing... i am rendered superbly jealous, if only i could draw half as well as you, i might actually have a place in this forum someday D:
  9. Joxie

    Poor Vinyl

    that is so cool, and ironic teehee ^^
  10. Joxie

    Request- Evil RD

    its so simple, but at the same time it scares me D: I LOVES IT ^^
  11. Joxie

    Fluttershy (Human)

    ooh so cool!! ^^ thats a really good drawing u are so talented! ^^
  12. yup its me^^ i just joined and stuff... so i needs friends.. xD i love MLP:FiM.. lauren faust is a genius and anyone who says otherwise should be banished to everfree forest