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  1. Happy 18th, Joxie! It's a shame to see you haven't been on in a while, but I still hope your birthday is a happy one!

  2. Joxie

    Weird laws

    It is considered an offense to shower naked. - Florida
  3. Valentine's Day is supposed to be happy right? So, why do I feel so sad?

  4. Valentine's Day is supposed to be happy right? So, why do I feel so sad?

    1. Pinkie Diane Pie

      Pinkie Diane Pie

      Cheer up and smile! You'll find a special somepony!

  5. i forgot how awsome aly & aj are... i havent listened to them in forever D:

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    2. Joxie


      D: they were kinda big... a while back.. when i was younger and still listened to radio disney.. they were pretty big there

    3. Adro2503


      Sorry, never heard of them

    4. Feather Spiral

      Feather Spiral

      Hello there. Just searched them on YouTube, and I must say, they're great. Thanks for introducing me to new awesome artists, and thank you for adding me.

  6. Female C Depends on if i knew the girl, but mostly, C Yes, but not right away, it takes some time. Even with the group project, i still would need time to get to know ppl....
  7. oh hay thanks! ^^ i loves KH, my pony OC is the pony version of my KH OC, xD
  8. oh no, i dont really like cider, but thanks anyways ^^
  9. Hi, everypony!! ^^ whats up??

    1. Crispy
    2. YukiNara


      Hey, same as you, in class. :P

  10. oh really?? thats so sweet^^ thank you ^^
  11. aww thanks *hands muffin* so, how is everyone xD
  12. hehe thanks guys, im liking it already
  13. wow thats so amazing... i am rendered superbly jealous, if only i could draw half as well as you, i might actually have a place in this forum someday D:
  14. Joxie

    Poor Vinyl

    that is so cool, and ironic teehee ^^
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