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  1. Teim to make an OC :3

  2. Dash

    Music Dubstep Discussion Thread

    Dubstep is good when done right, but at least 75% of it is awful.
  3. Dash

    Music Dubstep Discussion Thread

    Like other's have said, I like dubstep when done well. My favorite artists include AlexS's (Pony Dubstep), Skrillex, Older Nero songs and Klaypex.
  4. Dash

    Mega Thread Why you chose your user name.

    Chose mine because my Favorite pony is Rainbow Dash, unfortunately it was taken, so I shortened it down to Dash.
  5. Credits to Ember for the gif avatar! It's cooler by 20%

    1. Embers
    2. Vicke


      Thats Ember for you <3

  6. Dash

    Technology iTunes on Windows. Why?

    Weird, I've seen iTunes lag on an 8-Cored 4.4GHz PC.
  7. Dash

    Technology iTunes on Windows. Why?

    It's a program designed for Mac, therefore it will never be as speedy on windows. But I have to agree, regardless of specifications, iTunes still lags on windows.
  8. Dash

    Technology iTunes on Windows. Why?

    Because it's where I like to purchase my music.
  9. Dash

    Post your Desktop

    Loving your desktop icons! *BROHOOF*
  10. Just got myself an Applejack, right on!

    1. Tyger


      A plushie? Brushable? Liquor syrup?

    2. Dash


      One of the official brushable toys :P

    3. Tyger


      Ooo! Nice! I want a plushie more than I want a brushable.

  11. Dash

    Mega Thread Last Poster Wins

    I win, where's my prize?
  12. I'm still in further education (6th form) but I plan to become a self employed web developer by designing/programming websites for clients . Of course my backup plan is to maintain a part time job to fall back on.
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