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  1. Expired delta

    What do anti-bronies seek to achieve?

    To really touch on the basis of anti's, you need to understand that these people's mind set is to piss you off by any means necessary. From targeting a groups sexuality, to targeting individuals directly it's basically all the same cake with a new kind of frosting on top. But with anything, there's alway's two sides to the cake. So why do it? For some it's just for the lolz, for others it's a sport to see who's the better troll. But for some it's for a darker purpose, (I don't need to explain this for you to get my drift) (moving on) In the end it's all just trolling, most bronies tend to overreact to pretty much anything thrown at the mlp series that's perceived as negative, though it doesn't help that there's relatively available amounts of weird ass fan ""THINGS"" (I'm not even talking about clop) (pssh) around the web for people to use to make the fandom look bad. As one would say "one bad apple ruins the bunch" & that's pretty much it.
  2. Expired delta

    Why is it so so so so hard to " love and tolerate"?

    I'm going to be really honest with you here & say it would of been better if you didn't "come out the closet" just by reading your post here, it doesn't sound like you take criticism well. For me I told my brother's & mother about me watching the show & got static for telling them about it, difference here is, I put my lovey little twist of "would you like me to go smoke some crack in a drug house instead?" Which then quickly shut them the hell up. So yah there's that. Welcome to the forums though, you will enjoy yourself here with all the lovely people that come on everyday to talk about the show, as for real life matter, keep your head high & your gates higher & you will be fine
  3. Expired delta

    Why are many bronies in love with Button's mom?

    I thought she was interesting(pretty cool) because of the whole "gamer girl/mother thing", guess that's just me though.
  4. Expired delta

    Florida bronies unite!

    I live about 2 hours away from Tampa
  5. I ended up editing this one up randomly one day and it just stuck with me on other forums so when I got tired of my animated avatar here it was just my first choice I guess.
  6. Expired delta

    What kind of brony or pegasister are you?

    Yep fan sounds pretty much right. Except for the "don't like the community" part. It's not that I don't "like" the brony community, as much as I dislike the way some of "them" go about there problems on and in other forums places. Take Ifunny for instance before it updated. I would see on the regular anti-brony crap everywhere and what is the first thing I would see in the comments of this anti crap? Straight out raging bronies going bonkers losing there damn marbles. (Literally) Going in full caps out trying to insult the person posting the picture and failing horrible. Now there are many times when there are anti post posted and I've seen bronies/pegasisters go about it like some classic thugs and handled it perfectly using common knowledge and control. So really it's not that I don't like the community as much as I dislike some of its members inability to control themselves when faced with a problem.
  7. Expired delta

    what if being a brony became illegal

    I'd still watch the show ever now and then like I do now, even if it became illegal. Personally I don't put myself in a category of "brony" though, I'm just some person that watches a show ever now and then that just so happens to be about magical ponies. (To be real though many things are illegal and I still do them js)
  8. Expired delta


    So by the title you can imagine what I am talking about. So I just about yesterday noticed this that when your typing in on your page the statues bar where you see your stuff like sign out and your name to your about me page will pops down onto your typing screen and blocks it so you can't see what your typing. (I'm on ipad but its happened to on my galaxy as well but yah) so I'm just wondering is this just on mobile or just me:/?
  9. Expired delta

    How and when did you become a brony?

    About around April ish. I started seeing meme's about it and just checked it out. Though i did really get into the show in July so I goes that's not really when I started though.
  10. Expired delta

    National Hug A Pony Day

    That's funny because the last horse I ever hugged kick me in the ribs and that's all I remember (good times though)
  11. Expired delta

    Hi, I'd like to introduce myself.

    Welcome combinesynth to the mlp forums my name is simply names (very simple I know) I see you like valve games you seemed to of missed left 4 dead in that popular list but no biggie. Lastly if you have any questions or anything mod/admins and feldo the forums owner would be glad to help you. And I hope you enjoy your stay at the best mlp forum on the net
  12. Expired delta

    Why everyone should let go of the hate (video)

    You know what I just found a new YouTuber to watch and mlp eqg one link and one simple two lettered word No NoNoNONONONONONONONONO
  13. Expired delta

    Music What kinds of music do you listen to?

    I agree misleading music types I frustrating. p.s Took off techno don't rip your eyes out lol at least not here for the most part
  14. Expired delta

    Music What kinds of music do you listen to?

    As I was looking up brostep it seems that there more less speaking of artistes like skrillex that's just my thoughts though.
  15. Expired delta

    Music What kinds of music do you listen to?

    Umm stepnazi calm down no need to get so aggressive over people's opinions Js. And also that's not all of what I listen to so dubstep and brostep (wtf?) and so on so calm down lol