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  1. thanks and you too, i giot Bronies doc when it was a digital file a while back..... no longer remember the user name and have forgotten the password, to re download giot a new computer old hard drive crashed and didnt have a back up of that file but i watched that doc back when i was questioning even becoming a brony just saw rainbow rocks and im even more hooked
  2. thanks much aperciated see i dont mind bible quotes i respect the idea of a religion and the accepting and loving comunity is why i started watching to be honest i used to be a hater and judged as well but my co owrker was watching it at work and i always asked " why do you watch that?" until one night it was suuuupppper slow i sat and watched as well and i got hooked hahahaha
  3. The Ponies helped me through a tough time, they still do, i have slight depression i get sad and feel lonley at times for no apparent reason there are some things that trigger it more than others but still i watch ponies and it makes me laugh and feel care free again. i have only told a select few people MOST of my friends know. EVERYBODY AT CON knows but other ppl in my family like cousins uncle aunt grandma dont know , they wouldnt understand mom knows.... doesnt aproove and it doesnt help at all i connect the most with fluttershy , very sensative ( shy sometimes) love animals and she just makes me laugh ( shes my fav) although i have an ego like rainbow dash hahahahaha ( long story) but the friends that have stopped talking to me, or turned their backs on me because of ponies it hurts and the whole " staying a closet brony" doesnt help either what are some things you guys did to get over the judging and the riddicule and hate the online trolling doesnt bother me its the in person judging that hurts
  4. thanks for the feed back but things to clear up. I AM an adult. and the whole religion thing isn't my style. it's great if you're religious more power to ya but I'd rather talk ponies not religion please
  5. My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: Fluttershy How did you find MLP Forums?: How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: I have been a part of the fandom for about 2 years now and everyday it gets harder and harder not to cry because so many people don't understand or are quick to judge I feel angry torwards them I get called pedo. I get called freak. yes I know this is geared torwards children ( girls). but. it ticks me off to see a grown woman liking transformers. power rangers. gi joe and hot wheels. AND NOBODY PANICS but. a man liking and collecting it's not ok? how do you all deal with the hurt. and the anger. people are to quick to judge. I font want to hate them but I can't help it one of them is my own mother. she says it's "" inappropriate". then says " it's wrong ". then says " nothing's wrong" n starting to irk me it's for this very reason I remained a "" closet brony"". fir a year befire revealing myself. and now. I'm regretting ever doing that