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  2. I don't have many unpopular opinions, but I guess that might be because I don't see my opinions as unpopular... So here's my first one I guess...
  3. You must reach the Muffin rank (5 posts) to be able to edit your signature. Once you reach that rank, go under your settings and click on the tab labeled "Signature" Once there you can edit your signature to your liking. Answer taken from: http://mlpforums.com/topic/67082-signatures/
  4. Harmony, its not about what's lasting or permanent, it is about individual voices coming together for a moment, and that moment lasting the length of a breath.

    1. Lavo


      Oi, stop stealing lines from House of cards

  5. Compiling all valid answers into one post. As Jokuc said.. re-posting something isn't allowed as it's duplicate content. However you can post a link in a status update or simply PM a member or two for help. Just try not to go overboard. Other than that I can't recommend anything else. Hopefully this helps.
  6. This topic concerns a technical or general issue that is better suited for an admin to handle, due to its' complicated or private nature. It is thus better suited as a Support Ticket. This is an automatically generated message, by the way.
  7. One way to do it is by simply doing this: Another way to is by using the editor. Click on this icon () in the editor and a popup menu will appear that looks like this: In the popup menu, select spoiler from the dropdown menu. A text box will now appear below the dropdown menu, it should now look like this: Enter the text you want to put in the spoiler in the text box and click ok and your done! I'll leave this open for 24 hours so you can reply if your having any problem with putting text in a spoiler. After that the topic will be locked
  8. This is correct. If your thread is discussing season 4 and referencing Equestria Girls for predictions and why Sunset Shimmer might be in season 4 and future episodes, then it belongs in the Show Discussion section. If your thread is discussing the Sunset Shimmer character in Equestria Girls overall and referencing season 4 to mention she might be in season 4, then it belongs in the Equestria Girls section. The difference between the 2 being, your either focusing on the prediction and season 4 or your focusing on the character Sunset Shimmer overall.
  9. Yikes! Need to fix that progress bar o.o Thanks for reporting the bug. The problem seems to be caused by the fact that the buffering in Gingerbread is based upon fixed bytes rather than anything that has to do with the time it takes to play the stream. An update to fix this bug will be released soon.