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  1. Lavo

    Slightly increase avatar size in posts

    There is a great amount of pain involved in that. IPS Crop images in a square format on upload, and to achieve such a thing might require re-implementing everything about the avatar system... Hence why it hasn't been restored as fast as I (and others) want it to be.
  2. Lavo

    Slightly increase avatar size in posts

    Let me know what you think.
  3. This should be resolved now. There was an inefficiency in the software when dealing with PM's with a very large amount of replies, I was only able to reproduce the issue consistently today thanks to a report sent in by a member. I can't really explain why but apparently asking our database to limit the amount of results returned made it slower than not limiting the amount return. But I've added something in the database that deals with this.
  4. With the way IPS handle notification counts now, I don't think this will be an issue any longer. I do believe there is a limit on amount of people one can follow now though, don't recall what it is atm.
  5. Lavo

    On Community Engagement

    Hey Jeric, I wanna follow up on you 1-1 re: this, though it's like 2:30 AM for me and I need sleep. So I'll shoot off some messages to you tomorrow. (Also helps to let others know that we're not ignoring this thread )
  6. @C. Thunder Dash I need you to provide me with screenshots of what's going on.
  7. Lavo

    Rarity Forums For You

    Well, the emoticon list is still organised Rarity ascending.
  8. Lavo

    Rarity Forums For You

    Thought I dealt with that already, but apparently not!
  9. Lavo

    Is rarity forums a troll for april fools

    I forgot we dankified the background for that. Haha.
  10. That's because this website is now responsive. Unfortunately there isn't an easy way to force a responsive website to show a its desktop layout I'll take a gander to see if there's something I can do.
  11. Whoops. I'll fix that so people aren't broofing each other.
  12. Lavo

    Suggestion: The Boop System

    Hah, you're eerily accurate. Check out this feature making its way into the next version of IPB.
  13. This is not going to go back in. The previous system was more facebook like, and this one is now more twitter like. In places like these, I'd rather not fight the forum software. What you're essentially asking is that you want to give permission out to who can receive notifications to new topics and status updates you do. In the old forum, this made sense because you'd receive theirs in return, but in this one you do not, they follow you and you would never receive their activity notifications unless you followed them.