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  1. MyLittlePonyTales


    Hey, I put in an application months ago and didn't get so much as a confirmation email it went through. The con is in a couple months, so I need to start thinking about travel plans if I'm going to go. Can I get word about if my app went through, and if so, when I can expect a reply about whether or not I did or didn't make it in or if I need to reapply. Thanks!
  2. MyLittlePonyTales

    Poniverse Public Pony Relations is now HIRING!

    Poniverse has a Steam group. It's just not hiring at the moment.
  3. MyLittlePonyTales

    Poniverse Public Pony Relations is now HIRING!

    Thank you for posting that @Creativity! I am working to finish up interviews from new applicants. Poniverse PR Team should be complete in a couple weeks, hopefully sooner. There was a lot of interest, thank you very much to all that applied. Poniverse PR Applications are CLOSED, officially now. If you're reading this and realized you missed the deadline, don't worry. More positions may open up in the future, either on PR or some other Poniverse team. I am still around, life just gets hectic sometimes (for those of you waiting for a reply). I don't leave people by the wayside, sometimes I'm just a little slow. Thank you again to everypony that applied, this is going to be so awesome!
  4. MyLittlePonyTales

    Poniverse Public Pony Relations is now HIRING!

    Skype works over text, and that's how I chat most of the time.
  5. MyLittlePonyTales


    Hi there. I set in a staff application a couple weeks ago and I haven't heard back. What's the estimated time frame to know if I am needed to work the convention? I am debating between BABSCon and Sakura-Con that weekend, so I would like to know if there is a position for me at BABSCon. Thank you.
  6. MyLittlePonyTales

    Poniverse Public Pony Relations is now HIRING!

    Hi there! Sorry for the delay in answering your questions. I have been responding to private messages more rapidly, but I have been busy as of late and forgot to check this topic. Everyone is welcome to fill out whatever parts of the application they are comfortable with. Skype is not required, but it is encouraged. It is free and easy to sign up for, and it will be a useful communication hub for Poniverse staff members. Pixel Wavelength is the Poniverse mascot. Her page would be much like a fan page for any fictional character. (I can speak to you more about this position via PM if you wish.) Hello there! I am still trying to wrangle everyone to get interviews, and I keep receiving more applications. Speaking of getting more applications, Poniverse Public Relations applications will CLOSE Sunday March 9. That means if you haven't sent in an application yet and were thinking of doing so, get on it! If you have any questions, please feel free to send me a private message, or comment here.
  7. MyLittlePonyTales

    Looking for some Voice Actors - Mane 6, Celestia etc.

    Guys this thread has been dead for almost a year.
  8. MyLittlePonyTales

    Poniverse Public Pony Relations is now HIRING!

    Hey, maybe in the future there will be more positions when you're not busy, yeah? Hey, I'm sure there are positions open that don't require you to be on everyday! And I'm pretty sure everything we're going to do will be family friendly, so no worries on age. Just get to know you better! It's kind of like interviewing for a job, but hopefully not so uptight. Thank you very much! I didn't used to be a social butterfly, but I think being online and hiding behind a computer helped me to come out of that, both online and in real life! Of course! Just send a PM with the info requested in the first post!
  9. MyLittlePonyTales

    Poniverse Public Pony Relations is now HIRING!

    If there's a position you think you could fit in, but it's not listed, feel free to send me a PM with your ideas! Pixel Wavelength is the official Poniverse mascot. Its OC, if you will.
  10. MyLittlePonyTales

    Poniverse Public Pony Relations is now HIRING!

    Hey, feel free to send a message!
  11. Hey all! Just like the title says, Poniverse needs YOU! Poniverse is calling upon the fantastic members of the MLPForums community. We're looking to hire several members to create the Public Relations team. The Poniverse PR team focuses on getting the word out about Poniverse and its related events. Most jobs should not be overly time consuming, but they will require a good measure of responsibility and social skills. In addition, familiarity with social media is a must (though not everyone needs to be an expert in all fields). There will be plenty of interaction with pony fans and Poniverse users, so being a social butterfly is a great plus. We need several members that will play key roles in keeping the face of Poniverse alive and on good terms with the fandom. These jobs are all important, but they will also be lots of fun! Please don't apply for something you don't think you'll have fun doing. This is work, and we do need to be professional, but we're also talking about a media outlet relating to colorful cartoons ponies, so how serious can we really be? Without further ado, the open positions: Community Liaisons Twitter There are many Twitter accounts associated with Poniverse. This may be all run by one person, or they may each be run by a different person. There is flexibility with Poniverse PR, and room to work in several positions or just one, depending on the workload a person can handle. Ideally, we would have enough people to just have to worry about one account, but perhaps someone with a special talent for Twitter will pop up! @Poniverse @MLPForums @PonyFM @PixelWavelength The Twitter liaisons are responsible for posting news, updates, events, etc. for the different projects. Each Twitter account will be unique in its updates, as can be seen from the variety of subjects they cover. A lead would be responsible for keeping up to date with the media site related to the Twitter account, and receiving/sifting through news submissions. Facebook Just as there are many Twitter accounts, there are also just as many Facebook accounts! That's right, we need people to run these too! This person should be someone who already has a Facebook account and has a familiarity with this outlet. It would be awesome to have the same person running the Twitter account as the Facebook, but if you're only versed in one time of media, don't sweat it! Poniverse MLPForums PonyFM PixelWavelength DeviantArt But, these are not the only outlets that we use! Another is DeviantArt. I know that there are a TON of artsy people on MLPForums that would probably be awesome for this job! Unlike Twitter and Facebook, there is only need for one DeviantArt account that is related to MLPForums/Poniverse. The lead would be in charge of planning contests and events to spark activity on the page, as well as moderating submissions and members. It's pretty typical DeviantArt stuff, so anyone that has helped run a DA group before would be an ideal candidate. Social Media Outlet X But why aren't you hiring for [blank] site? Why didn't you list [blank] site? Is that social media site not important? Of course not! The thing is, the internet is so vast, we're bound to have forgotten something! If there's a site you think would be important for Poniverse to have a presence on, feel free to send me a message! Community input is awesome, and MLPForums wouldn't exist without all the people that hang out here! So please, if there's a place you want Poniverse to be, let us know! Business Relations As you all probably know, there are many facets of the pony community. There are writers, artists, animators, musicians, and more! So many different talents, spread all across the world (and who knows, maybe the universe)! Poniverse strives to bring pocket communities together, by cooperating with them and bringing them all to one common area where they can be accessed by all fans. The members of this team will be responsible for going out into the community and seeking out awesome pony fans to join Poniverse. Examples of this would be places like Celestia Radio, that could collaborate with Pony.FM. There are also DeviantArt groups that could likely be contacted and be encouraged to cross-promote contests and events with our DeviantArt group. There are lots of possibilities, since there are so many fans creating so many awesome works and running awesome projects out there. Poniverse wants to bring them all together, to maximize viewership and generally just spread the pony around! Convention Relations Another important job is Convention Relations. This team will work to build relationships with different pony conventions around the world. If you go to the front page of MLPForums right now, you'll notice two convention banners to the side. Poniverse wants to expand the conventions it has a presence at, and in doing so, bring more attendees to those conventions as well! Poniverse will also need to send representatives to roam the convention and spread the word about Poniverse, as well as running any panels or tables Poniverse has there. This will generally be on a volunteer basis. You don't have to be able to attend every convention to be on the team, but if you have one that's local and that you're planning to go to, working with this team could be where you fit in! At this time, there is not a set number of people that are needed for each position. In addition, a person can apply for and even moderate multiple positions, if they have the time and do the job well. If you wish to join the Poniverse Public Relations team, please send a message to MyLittlePonyTales with the following information: Name: Fan Name: Skype: Twitter: Other Social Media Sites: Position Desired: Relevant Experience: Favorite pony: All persons hired for Poniverse PR will be hired on a trial basis. This means that if you are hired and then we find out you're not really a good fit, we will reevaluate your position on Poniverse PR and you could face termination or simply movement to a new job. Make sure to put your best hoof forward when applying! Feel free to comment with any questions, or send me a message.
  12. MyLittlePonyTales

    Everfree Northwest wants you!

    Hey all! Everfree Northwest has now opened general applications! For those who didn't want to be in one of the higher up positions we were hiring for (although there are likely still some available for those who do), and prefer to be a general staff member, here is the link! Everfree Northwest is July 4-7, at the SeaTac Hilton in Seattle, Washington. For those who love pony, send in your application, or if you don't feel like staffing, buy your tickets today! It's cheaper the earlier you purchase!
  13. Hey there! I have some extra pony stuff I'm looking to sell. Is there a place I can put up an ad on the forum?
  14. MyLittlePonyTales

    Everfree Northwest wants you!

    Awesome! Everfree is a really great pony con, even better than BronyCon if I do say so myself.
  15. MyLittlePonyTales

    Everfree Northwest wants you!

    It's in Seattle, Washington. Ah fiddlesticks! As I said just above, it's in Seattle, Washington. But, it's all ages and family friendly, so everyone could come on down! Feel free to email, either of you, if you have any concerns.