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  1. Roger Boyd


    rainbow dash has to be my favorite all the way but i also like doctor whooves:)
  2. actually i can see alot of originality in your drawings plus i think you can draw very well and have great skills in the art of ponies
  3. Roger Boyd


    i have an acoustic too if you want to jam out to that too btw do u write?
  4. Roger Boyd


    welcome im new to the forum aswell so whos your favorite pony?
  5. i personally think its great i think it also adds more to the show to see characters like discord and trixie from a differant perspective what do you all think
  6. honestly i think we should trust the writers i honestlydidnt se anything wrong with the change i think the show will be the same just twilight will have wings
  7. hey man my ex treated me horrible i know that feel to care about someone that much but in a realationship you should get back what you put in an if that doesnt work shes not the one and you can move on to the right one
  8. hey man ive been bullied my whole life my dad even called me gay and a pedo for watching my little pony dont worry about what they think it doesnt define you if you think my little pony is cool and you think your cool thats what matters it matters what you think not anyone else all that matters is how you see yourself and if you think youre cool then thats what you are bro
  9. Roger Boyd


    alright awsome lol guess ill be going to best buy to get a mic to use
  10. Roger Boyd


    im sorry i dont have a mike to use i tried everything i could im sorry
  11. hello there welcome im new too lol so whos your favorite pony?
  12. hey good job you were fine before but you improved a lot great work honestly i dont think i could draw anything near as good as that
  13. Roger Boyd


    hi im new aswell welcome so whos your favorite? mine has got to be rainbow dash
  14. Roger Boyd


    cool but how do i record and send it to you or can we do it through a webcam?
  15. Roger Boyd

    Hi Everypony

    hey there so im guessing you love guns lol me too i like to go to the range
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