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  1. its a blog Im doing on Tumblr and I will be accepting commision works now so anyone if you wanna ask me for something feel free cuz I could really use the money to help me pay for an even better tablet also Ill be doing a fanfiction about Blue and red fire let me know if you would like to read it
  2. No problem also just wanna let everyone know soon Ill be doing commision work as well, though not sure if people will wanna pay me for my work. This is a post I made on my Tumblr if you guys want be sure to check it out and follow me as I do post alot of my artwork there LOL
  3. hehe I cant help it I have a crush on Luna hehehe shes just so perfect in my eyes... I'm amazed no other stallions have tried to impress her, although I'm a little too embarrassed to approach her. Part 2 coming soon...this is basicly how blue fire got his scarf and red eye and this also tells what happened to his sister red fire
  4. Not all requests have to involve blue fire unless you want it to...other than that Ill just be doing pics you request, however if its a Really big picture with a background like canterlot it may take me a while to even do. thanks Ill be uploading more very soon today
  5. here ya go I think it would make a great comic book cover dont you LOL I am sorry it wasn't color but I haven't been feeling like coloring lately though I will upload more art work at a later time that has color on it...I like the way it came out thanks that means alot to me and I will be uploading more soon as well as other art, I even started a Tumblr where ponies can ask me anything so long as its not stupid LOL...
  6. no problem I was gonna draw another pony oc anyway for someone so I can do yours as well...hope you dont mind if its just black and white or do you preferr color?
  7. thank you for the complement its probably gonna take me a long while to even draw that since I can already imagine this pic would be for now maybe just well um small simple suggestions would be great
  8. Welcome one and all to my art corner...this is my OC pony Blue fire who is an elemental pony if you have any questions or just wanna see more artwork then by all means please ask away or tell me what you wanna see me draw and Ill draw it and post it. after all I like showing off my abilities as an Artist just dont ask me to draw cats...I seem to suck at drawing cats.
  9. sure thing welcome aboard if you know anyone who wants to join an interesting RP let them know about this...cuz I still need role players for princess celestia, Twilight, shining armor, and cadence nice welcome aboard my friend already added you I look forward to RPing with you of course you can...I look forward to RPing with you my friend
  10. Sure thing Ill add you to the list welcome aboard aside from having to change he was luna's student I see no problem with your OC I like it welcome aboard -brohoof- you do realize that i said there can be three roleplayers per element right? so you can be ice along with me...I just need an idea of what your pony will look like if your gonna be ice. sure you can do that but if he is going to be a companion to an elemental be sure the person RPing as that element lets me know first. I like the diving into shadows thing better since the plague kinda sounds ubber depressing and well kinda OP why not controll shadows as well as hide in them?
  11. there arent and I already put you in the spot for Luna since you requested it first so like I said its a first come first serve kinda yeah your now luna only if the person Rping as that element is actually part of the RP then yes you can do that but Id like to keep it to a minimum so I dont mind if one of the elementals has a companion of sorts Great glad to hear it
  12. It has been two years since Twilight became an Alicorn and now it is time she learned about a secret that has been hidden in the vaults of Celestia's deepest Vault. Calling her student and sister to her chambers Celestia began to explain something she regretted forgetting about for so long not because she wanted to but because her subjects would never be able to fully understand what she had hidden away. No no more was bad enough when the secret behind nightmare moon was kept hidden Celestia would no longer hold back anything from her student and her sister, it was time to reveal a power to them that even she cannot comprehend. The power of the elemental s ..many she knew were ponies though none of them were ever recorded in the history books, but she knew deep down that even the elements of harmony couldn't withstand the elemental powers. She can only hope that she along with Twilight and Luna can salvage an alliance with any of the elementals knowing full well that finding them was even harder than dealing with one. "For too long they have been forgotten and neglected by us my dear sister and twilight...for too long they have been hidden away in the dark away from us and now it is time we show them that times have changed and that they truly have a place along side us." Celestia says to them. "Twilight you along with Luna, Cadence and shining armor must find these Elementals and show them the power of friendship...but be careful as not all of them will be open to negotiations so be on your guard." The two nod and wait to begin their journey. Rules: No drama, no god modders, Romance is allowed but only if the two agree to it, cursing is allowed as this RP will probably be rated M for mature, you wanna cyber do it on your own time not in the RP. Role players needed for: Shining armor - Princess Cadence - Twilight Sparkle - Princess Luna - Sky airow Princess Celestia - Elemental RPer's can be any creature they desire so long as it makes sense for the RP and is relative to the MLP universe so no human characters please. Elemental Role players are allowed one magical item and only one and dont make it something over powered or stupid either. it has to have its limitations and not something only god can figure out be real and fair. Elements include: Ice, Fire, Earth, Energy (electricity), Wind, water, Light, and Darkness only three Role players per element. Ice - Blue Fire, Fire - Quilava, Earth - Rolle, Energy - Thunder-dash, Water - Card shark Wind - stainesbrony, Light - Luna Di Incubo, Civil Sunset, Darkness -DishonoredLuna, Plague Doctor, Please include what your character will look like along with which element you choose and the magical item, as well as a good back story for your personality. also note that your element must be seen some where on your characters body. also if your gonna be a unicorn you aren't allowed to use magic because that defeats the purpose of you even being an elemental, so if your a Unicorn the horn is just for attacking and that's it. I look forward to Rping with you all and remember the first people to respond for any of the characters or elements will get that spot so its a first come first serve kinda deal.
  13. nah not kill them but they will think the alicorn kingdom is trying to so they will mostly escape or evade the ponies, a few will be captured but will struggle...its more or less a round up of all the elementals so that Celestia and Luna as well as twilight can talk to them...however many elements such as my own character and maybe Lighting and a few others will be much harder to even catch since they are a little stronger than other elements.
  14. This will actually take place after season 3 when Princess Twilight will begin doing her thing, basically the story will go kinda like this...Celestia as well Luna get strange reports of Ponies and other creatures who can control elements only to realize that they are actually part of their world. Now since this story kinda goes in a different direction than the show my own Pony blue fire does not believe in the elements of harmony as he only believes in the actual elements of the earth. such as air, fire, water, ice and earth...if you have a pony or griffien or anything like that then by all means go for it... The only alicorns im accepting are celestia , Luna, and Twilight sparkle...but I will also allow the mane 6 ponies such as flutter shy and apple jack. Romance is allowed...however only if it makes sense I kinda wana avoid meaningless drama. the elementals will eventually begin making the scene when celestia, Luna, and twilight begin trying to hunt them down...however since their will be a huge mis understanding I kinda have the story based on the elementals thinking celestai and the whole canterlot kingdom are trying to hunt down the elementals to kill them. I dont mind meeting other elemental ponies since many things will deal with some characters interacting with each plan is to eventually gather all the elementals and form their own group however depending on how well the RP goes the elementals will either have an alliance with the alicorns or just straight up not like them because they are being treated differently for the powers they command.....also only elementals are allows so I dont mind if there are 5 different Fire users but nothing phsycic since thats more or lesss something that deals with the mind and not an actual element of the earth