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  1. Someone showed me this video a few days ago, it was extremely powerful. Made me do an about-face. To count, this is a man who: - Had nearly every bone in his body broken as he was being born - Never grew to over three feet tall - Is wheel chair bound - Has no teeth - Has to be washed and taken care of And he's VERY successful. In life AND with women (well he's a one woman man now, since he's married ) If he can do all that, and your only excuse is "Bah I'm in my upper 20s"...then you have no real excuse. Watch the video. Shut the fuck up. Stop being a little bitch. Put your big boy pants on. And suck it up and just go date.
  2. Yo furry and brony checking in! Fursona is a...*drumroll*...anthro pegasus. I go to LAFF meetings in Chicago...when I'm in Chicago at least. We rock. :3
  3. I agree with the sentiment in this thread, for other reasons (on top of the mentioned ones). One of the reasons I think having relationships in your formative years is beneficial is because it teaches you how to have healthy dependence on others. Contrary to popular opinion, YES, there is such a thing as being too independent of a person. If you're too independent of a person it causes you to put up walls around your own heart, it teaches you to carry only your own (emotional) weight and yours alone, and it keeps you from letting others in in a healthy way. Healthy, well adjusted people depend on others in a healthy way. We're social creatures after all, and being a social creature involves a certain level of dependence and vulnerability. Over independence makes you shut yourself out from others. This is a problem I have. I grew up relatively alone (no siblings, no romantic partner, few friends, etc), and I basically had to teach myself to carry my own life totally by myself, because so few people were there to help me carry it. And today I've got caught so much in that mindset that now when I try to let others in, I just can't. I end up being emotionally distant and unable to form deep connections with people I try to form those connections with. TL;DR - Going so long without love makes you too independent to let others in. And if anyone has any ideas how I can break those walls around my heart down, please say them.
  4. I currently don't go to any school, will likely be going to community college in the fall. McHenry County College in Woodstock, IL. They teach trade classes and I'm going to learn welding. Not my first choice but it's just the way life circumstances went. It's kind of a dark story. I used to go to Lewis University in Romeoville, IL, and was studying to become a pilot. But my family got hit by a pretty bad financial problem, and I had to drop out completely. In fact it went from that, to barely being able to afford community college. But that's life. Shit happens, then you die. My tip to all high school age members. Yes, sports, extracurriculars, and clubs matter. Even if you think they don't, they do. Find a few to join and do it. Even if there is nothing you like, learn to like it. It matters these days. I thought I could ride through on grades, but I was wrong. In hindsight a few clubs or ECs might've been enough to get me a few more scholarships that would have allowed me to stay in school.
  5. I'm going to be going to BronyCon as Shadowbolt Soarin. Pics will come. :3
  6. MOM! Where's my hay sandwich again?

  7. Happy birthday, Button Mash!

  8. Adenoids, wisdom teeth, and a lingual frenectomy. I have a surgery coming up, not sure when yet, but I have it planned. My most serious yet. Orthognatic surgery. They're gonna basically cut my jaw into pieces and realign it.
  9. I went stag both years. Basically wandered around nervously and didn't dance. Not good for self esteem. Then afterwards I drank a Monster and mixed it with two Five Hour Energies and tweaked out on that all night.
  10. Anyone done DMT? Honestly, I'm tempted to do it due to the spiritual possibilities. I've done LSD several times (well, 2 times LSD, one time 25i) and each time it was a transformative experience. DMT is kinda the holy grain in terms of transformative trips, and I have connections and I'm tempted to try it.
  11. For people with social awkwardness or social anxiety, they can be a godsend.