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  1. MC Ren saying "Nineteen-Ninety motherfucking one" at the beginning of the song "Alwayz Into Somethin" by N.W.A. 1969
  2. Hello. I am a user who last frequented this site nearly five years ago. Since then, it seems like a lot has changed around the forums. I myself have changed a lot. There are many unfamiliar faces; maybe some will remember me. For one reason or another, I have decided to return to the forums, which may seem strange considering I don't call myself a Brony anymore, or have any interest in watching the show or any of the new episodes. But... I just get the feeling that no matter what, this forum is my online home, regardless of what show it is centered around. I've tried other forums, but none of them give me the same feeling of community and friendship as this one. If anything, I'll probably be in the Everfree Forest part of the forums a lot, but who knows. Who knows how long I will stick around, either. I hope for a while. But at the very least, I want to get on the right track with everyone, and start anew. If you remember me, please say hello! And, know that I don't have any qualms with anyone that I might have had in the past. Hello old friends :')
  3. I say way too many curse words for my own good, it's pretty much an expletive thing now, and sometimes I even do it when it's not appropriate. Basically, the thing I saw most often when I'm pissed off is simply, "Awwww sh*t."
  4. Matthew. But everyone calls me Matt. Besides it being a very common name, it's time-tested, there's a lot of famous people with the name, and I like it. Now, my middle and last names, those are the exciting ones, makes me sound like I'm a viking.
  5. I would think that Equestria would have a police force, I think it would be silly for them not to. I also don't think that it's the royal guard, because, well... just imagine this, the British Royal Guard policing around Britian, driving police cars and using police gear and all that, in their not-so functional ceremonial dress.
  6. "I hate idiot fundies making me look bad by association." Pretty much that, except I don't believe in hate.
  7. Bioshock Infinite. It was ten dollars and twelve hours wasted. Luckily I got it during the Steam Winter Sale. Good game.
  8. Just listening to Leppard and saw this on the recommended bar.
  9. MLPForums Gmail Steam Skype Facebook Google + Youtube Xbox Live Ebay Amazon Photobucket Origin Minecraft Reddit WeLoveFine Intensedebate Nexus Fimfiction Tumblr Derpibooru Twitter Instagram Snapchat Edmodo If you want to know my Steam, or Skype, just ask. Don't even bother with the others, I either don't use them anymore, didn't use them in the first place, or won't respond to anything.
  10. Thank you! Honestly, I think the big snail is cuter than the littler ones. Especially this one
  11. Well, I do suffer from clinically-diagnosed OCD, so basically anything imaginable can be morphed into some sort of fear, but if I had to give some prevalent ones, I would say my fears of foul weather, lightning, natural disasters, and war.
  12. Hmm, I know all of my friends pretty well, and I haven't seen any of those signs from my acquaintances. I have, though, seen people wearing merchandise, which makes me happy. I have my fingers crossed that I'll be able to convert some of the people I meet, like I did at my previous school.
  13. Definitely! Socal Bronies is a meetup group, by the way. You should join!