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  1. Hi all, just a short story to start. I’m working on a longer one featuring my OC but for now, here’s this little one. I couldn’t think up a better title, so I’m just calling it “Thunderstorm” Enjoy! ……………….. Croomsh Button Mash jumped, startled fully awake by the ominous crack of thunder in the distance. Eyes wide, he stared around the room, his hooves shaking. “Mom…” Hearing no response, he jumped up, crossing the cluttered room to the hall. Down the hall he scampered, on edge for another crack of thunder or flash of lightening. It was just the two of them that night, his dad having
  2. Hi all, Great to see everyone again. Looking foreword to the new season this winter. These are the things I believe to be true or at least are not contradicted by the show. Equestria possesses airplane technology. Jet Set’s name had to come from somewhere, and it would make sense to have military planes, if not for their powered flight capabilities, than as armor for pegasi in warfare, powered by magic and possessing heavy cannons and missiles. Scratch42’s picture of Rainbow Dash in a plane is one of my favorites and is currently my desktop background. Furclothing: a term I came up
  3. Chamber Check

    Hi Everypony

    Hi all, Chamber Check here. One of Ponyville's resident writers and a devout gun enthusiast. Looking foreword to posting here. Cheers.
  4. I have a Kelpie character, Arklight, the leader of a famous Equestrian PMC, Watchlight Tactical Solutions. All black coat, grey/green mane, very thin, and can morph their faces into a more frightening form and possess illusion magic. The race is not native to Equestria.
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