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  1. Glitch blushed. As much as he hated to admit it, she had a point: she had broken a lot of stuff for the time they had spent together. "C'mon, let's go." He picked her up off the ground and led her out of the ball room. He looked around for somewhere quiet, finding a dark room illuminated by a single light. Glitch led her in and sat with her on a crate, putting a hoof over her shoulder.
  2. Glitch's expresssion turned from one of relief to one of sadness. "Oh, no, no, no, you're okay, Derpy. Really, you are," he said, kneeling down to her level. Glitch tilted her head up and gave her a small smile. "You're just fine the way you are." Glitch pulled Derpy into a tight hug.
  3. (OOC: Damn, now I really am late. Sorry, on vacation at the moment) Glitch gasped. As Derpy fell forward, he used his telekinesis to grab her. A green aura enveloped her as he brought her back on to the floor. Glitch wiped his forehead. "Oh, man! That was close." He looked at the broken railing. "If I see Meta, I'm gonna tell him to get that fixed. Fast."
  4. Glitch turned his head away from the window to Derpy, tears still in his eyes. "Wha-? Oh, no, I-I'm fine," he said before clearing his throat and wiping his eyes. "It's just that..." Glitch sighed and looked out the window. "I don't think I've ever seen anything this beautiful before."
  5. Straightening himself up, Glitch trotted over to Derpy. "What?" he asked. "Oh, the stars. Yeah, they are quite... beautiful..." Glitch went silent as he stared out the airship windows. He had never seen anything quite as beautiful. They way the twinkled brightly in the sky against the black backdrop of space struck a chord within him. He couldn't quite place his hoof on why they resonated so deeply with him, they just did. As he gazed out, Glitch felt a lump in his throat and warm tears began to stream down his face. He made small noises in the back of his mouth. Glitch tried to shut himself up, but he decided he didn't want to.
  6. Glitch looked at her with a puzzled look on his face. "Huh?" He began to walk towards Derpy while everyone on the dance floor watched them in awkward silence. "I never said tha-WOAH!" As if on cue, he slipped on a fallen streamer and his behind was now sticking up in the air, hovering over his head. "I didn't know the dance floor had a sense of irony," he muttered to himself.
  7. Glitch mentally breathed a sigh of relief and smiled. "Good." He pulled her in for a hug. Suddenly, he realized they were somehow on the dance floor, the spotlight trained on them. Oh crap, he thought. Glitch gulped. "Uh, Derpy, you wouldn't happen to have learned to dance in the past few minutes, have you?" The kicked in. They were really in trouble now.
  8. (Oh shit, I am really sorry. I forgot about this again.) A concerned look flashed on Glitch's face. He helped her up off the ground dusted off her dress. "Hey, hey, don't cry now," he said as he looked into Derpy's wet eyes. "Nothing's wrong." Glitch stared into Derpy's eyes for a moment, then kissed her for a long, long time. He pulled away and asked, "You good?"
  9. (Oops, my bad. Sorry, legitimately forgot about this.) Glitch wiped his brow, letting out a relieved "Phew!" Crisis averted, he thought. "Oh, about that straight line thing, well, one hoof at a time, look straight ahead, and focus." He then thought about what Derpy had said. Romanticky things. Glitch raised an eyebrow at the thought. "Hey, Derpy, about those romanticky things... well, what did you mean by that?"
  10. (In the words of the immortal Nathan Drake, ah crap.) Glitch panicked. "Uh, I'm not very thirsty right now, Derpy. Besides, it's... uh..." His eyes darted around the ballroom, trying to come up with a lie convincing enough to stop Derpy from drinking. The first thing he saw was a clock on the wall that read 7:00. He frantically looked around for something else, his eyes resting on a couple kissing. Glitch had a eureka moment and returned his eyes to Derpy. "It's, uh, kissing time!" Glitch then planted his lips firmly on Derpy's, suppressing any protest from her and hoping it would stall her enough to make her forget about the drinks.
  11. Glitch's eyes shrank to the size of atoms. Oh boy, he frightednedly thought. He ran over to Derpy, bumping into a few ponies along the way. "Uh, hey, Derpy," he said, giving her an awkward hug. "Listen, why don't we go..." Glitch looked around the ballroom, trying to find someplace where Derpy wouldn't smash things to pieces in her drunken nature. There was the window on the side of the ship, but Glitch was afraid that she'd destroy that. There was the dance floor, but he was scared Derpy would punch a hole in the ground. Plus, Glitch really didn't want to dance. That left the bar, and Glitch mentally punched himself in the face for thinking of such a stupid idea. "Uh, actually, why don't we stand right here," he said. "And not sit. Just stand here. Absolutely still. Okay?" Glitch blew air out his nostrils. This is not going how I expected it to go, he thought.
  12. Glitch breathed out a relieved sighed, feeling as if he narrowly avoided disaster. "Sure," he said. He turned to the bartender a third time and asked for a Dr. Muffin. The bartender shot his head under the bar and produced a can of the soda. Glitch took it from the bartender's hooves and gave it to Derpy. There was some static over the intercom, and a voice Glitch recognized as Meta's girlfriend rang throughout the ship. She said that the Halberd has accidentally ran into Applejack's barn, but the ship would be able to proceed as planned. How did she miss that? he thought, looking at Derpy. For that matter, how did I miss that? He moved towards the window and tried to get a glance at what had transpired. He could barely get a look at it, but he winced at the damage done to Applejack's barn. Seems that thing gets destroyed on a regular basis, he thought. Glitch tore his eyes away from the window and tried to focus on the party, returning to Derpy and taking another sip of his whiskey.
  13. Glitch blinked in disbelief. He had always known that Derpy was a bit more innocent than other ponies, her condition notwithstanding. But this was just a bit weird. Any colt in middle school knew about alcohol. "Um, no, Derpy," he said after a moment's pause, "I meant a drink as in... Hurm..." Glitch paused for a bit, wondering how to explain alcohol to her. "Well, y'know those things a lot of high society ponies drink? I meant something like that. Here, I'll get you one." Glitch put a hoof to his chin, studying Derpy. After a few moments, he said, "You seem like a martini lady." He turned to the bartender. "A vodka martini for the lady, please," he requested. After a few seconds of prep work, the bartender hoofed the drink over to Glitch, who hoofed it to Derpy. "Try it, but be warned: don't drink too much, or you'll go a little crazy." He took a sip of his whiskey and waited to see how Derpy would react.
  14. "Uh, follow me," Glitch said, beginning to walk to the bar. 'This was a baaaaad idea', he thought to himself. 'Well, I'm in too far now. Gotta follow through with this.' He trotted up to the bar. "One whiskey, on the rocks, please," he said to the bartender. Within a moment, the bartender brought out a bottle of whiskey and a lowball glass with a few ice cubes in it. He poured the whiskey in the glass and handed it to Glitch. Glitch thanked the bartender and took a sip. Nice and smooth, just the way he liked it. He looked over at Derpy. "What'll you have?" he asked, silently regretting the fact that he did.
  15. "Well," Glitch said, "I was thinking that we should-" He was cut off as the ground began to shake. Glitch peered out the window. "Oh, we must be taking off." The Halberd began to lift off the ground, making way for a lovely view of the sky. "Ooh, pretty," Glitch said. He then turned to Derpy. "Right, as I was saying, since I am the gentlecolt here, would you allow me to get you a drink?"