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    "I've never told anyone before.But I always thought they were lighthouses."
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    Naturally I enjoy watching My little pony.I also enjoy Adventure time and a selection of Anime including Naruto(from time to time)Ginga Densetsu Weed(I watched this when I was 10)Chobits,DearS,Pokemon,Gantz ect.

    As for live action TV I enjoy the medical dramas 'Casualty' and 'Holby city'.I also enjoy Call the midwife,That Mitchell and Webb look,Little Britain,Prisoners wives and The Walking Dead.Documentaries are also my thing.

    As for video games I enjoy playing Pokemon,Mario,Portal,The Legend of Zelda,Deadspace,Kirby and several others.
    My favourite video game would have to be 'To the moon'though it isn't really a video game in it's own right.
    I also spend time playing the MMO 'Runescape'.

    For reading I enjoy Manga such as Chobits,DearS and Deathnote.For comic books it would easily have to be The Walking Dead,Mylo Xyloto and Adventure time.I also find factual books(about firefighters ect)interesting.
    My favourite Manga would have to be Tetragrammaton Labyrinth,I reccomend it to anyone.

    My hobbies include reading,writing,singing,drawing,playing video games,spending time with my best friends,watching MLP and generally being a lazy bum.

    My favourite thing about MLP would have to be the artwork that is spawned from it and of course the show itself.I love nothing more than settling down with cheesey poofs to watch MLP or seeing someones renedition of one of my many OC's.

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  1. Sorry guys.Been pretty ill for a while now.XD Getting a post in before I get kicked or something.D: ) Chatterbox was almost asleep,bored from study.She only just caught a glimpse of a group of ponies that had gathered close to sight of her window before she almost dozed off.They seemed to be heading off somewhere together..Only..They didn't seem insane.'That's a surprise' she thought,closing one of her study books with her mouth and pressing her head against the glass to get a better look.'Wonder what they're up to..Doesn't look like studying..'
  2. Deathflame, is it okay if I message you? ;)

    1. Deathflame



    2. Scootalove


      Cool, as long as it is okay with you. ;)

  3. Chatterbox had somehow remained calm with the madness that was occuring around her and was sat at her writing desk,busy studying.'Everypony in Equestria seems to have gone insane but that doesn't excuse getting this done'.She thought,moving a quill around in her mouth boredly.She stood up for a moment to look out of the window from her lodgings,her room being a good few floors above the ground,and could only spot a few ponies running around;mumbling from what she could see.'Better go on a raid tonight'She thought,eyeing up the almost diminished food on her beside table as her stomache was begi
  4. 1.Poisoning Pidgeons in the park - Tom Lehrer. 2.Wizard of OZ - Toybox(Aqua). 3.Most things from Lazytown that can be remixed.*Shot* 4.Megabaet from Latibaer. I also enjoyed a lot of odd songs before they rose to what they are today.These include Numa Numa,Caramelldansen & Ievan Polka(before Hatsune Miku took it over: Holly Dolly's version).Now that they are insanely popular I feel as if they have rose above the oddity completely. I'm assuming the other songs I occasionally also listen to aren't odd..Though they probably are. Deathflame. Oh and this..I'll just leave this
  5. Clock Town theme.(All three days) Elegy of Emptiness. Medli & Makar's prayers.(Including the opening to The Windwaker) Gerudo Valley. Koume & Kotake. Ballad of the Windfish. Vaati's lament-type-music. And others. Don't make me choose! Deathflame.
  6. Deathflame

    Movies/TV WITCH and Winx?

    I absolutely adored W.I.T.C.H and still do!I never watched Winx past the first season.(Which was just a trial mind you)It just seemed like too much of a copy of the same format I was enjoying at the time(W.I.T.C.H). I didn't have time for both and just chose my preferred of the two,which was W.I.T.C.H.I think my reasoning for this was that Winx was hellishly girly and tedious.I didn't sympathise with the characters like I did in W.I.TC.H and the storyline and lore just wasn't as compelling nor interesting.I loved that the group of W.I.T.C.H had powers that others had in the past..I have ot
  7. It would be a close call between Medli(If she counts) and Fi. SPOILER ALERT I know you only get a couple of moments with Medli as a companion and she isn't technically your main one but..She's so adorable and was by far my favourite character in that game.I sailed around a lot with her inside my boat,refusing stubbornly to let her go.Why god WHY..Oh and the temple was epic.Say no more. SPOILER OVER ALERT Moving onto Fi..I never found her annoying.I guess that's how she's easily one of my favourite companions in the series.I loved her dialogue,her reason for existan
  8. The best game I've ever played and by far my favourite would be 'To The Moon' (That's an actual game,NOT the kind Trollestia plays on people) however,it isn't technically a Video game so I'll move on.. My favourite Video games would definately have to be 'The Legend Of Zelda: Majora's Mask','Nights Into Dreams' and the entire Pokemon game series.Majora's mask has a fantastically tragic story that really grips onto you..Especially if you're extremely sensetive.Nights is exciting and unique.(Also barely heard of - I reccomend it to you all!)Pokemon is just..Epic.Do I even need to get started
  9. *Raises hoof* Is mayonaise an instrument? Moving on..Voice has and always has been my only instrument.Unless you count an app on the iphone where you pretend you're playing the keyboard.*Shot* It's always been my dream to learn how to play the Violin. Deathflame.
  10. I highly reccomend you get The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. As an old fan of this game since it's first release on the N64 I think that this reboot is absolutely fantastic..And if you've never played Zelda before it's a great introduction to the series.The world & lore is fantastic and I don't think you'll be able to put it down.. Ocarina of Time has so many good traits that I'm not sure I know where to begin. The dungeons are fantastic,the storyline is fantastic,the characters?Are fantastic!You will feel like you're trapped in the very world of the character you're controlli
  11. Deathflame

    Movies/TV Dragon Tales

    I remember this!Though I watched it as Dragan Sgeul.(That's Gaelic by the way!) It was fun whilst it lasted though I remember being frustrated as a child that the episodes kept repeating..I remember that I adored the pink dragon with blonde hair.Cassie,I believe. Deathflame.
  12. Lilo,Stitch & Angel - Lilo and Stitch. Raphael - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.DANANANANANANA. Ice King & Lady Rainicorn - Adventure time. Zim & Dib - Invader Zim. Turranga Leela,Nibbler & Zoidberg - Futurama. Kenny(Mysterion mostly) & Butters - South park. The Doctor & Romana - Doctor who.Note: Romana is from the older seasons.I've been watching it for over 18 years. Darrel,Carol & Michonne - The Walking Dead. Daisy Duck - Disney. Henrik Hanssen,Chantelle,Freida. - Holby City. Big Mac,Yuki Reid,Ruth & Jay - Casualty. Ryuk & Rem - Deathnote. Amy,K
  13. ..And I got myself thinking I was the only one. When I was little(I was born in 1995) my father raised me on 60's-80's music tapes and the fact that he took me out for trips in the car so much probably aided me in becoming addicted to those years.(Car tape player) I absolutely ADORE 80's music.So many epics were sung in those years that can never be replaced by todays music.Although I find some music of today challenging,it could never step up to that plate. I'm so glad I could have met fellow bronies whom share my same music taste.Brohoof. Deathflame
  14. I started this series a LONG time ago and I absolutely love it! The world and lore in which it takes place is so expansive and interesting.I get the sense that anything could happen and it makes for some interesting OC's/fancanon's I've seen. I adore the Ice King and Lady Rainicorn so much..All the characters are so creative and interesting that you're always left wanting to find out more.*Sigh* Adventure time is second only to MLP for me as far as cartoons are concerned..Invader Zim still kicking closely behind. Deathflame.
  15. Deathflame

    Gaming Super Smash Bros. Thread

    I've been playing Super smash bro's since Melee and I absolutely love it! For Melee I always played as blue kirby and since Brawl I shifted to Blue Kirby,Sir Metaknight and Samus.(Only moved onto Samus's moveset because my friends told me I looked like her one day and got curious to testing her out.XD) I can't give you my friendcode (or brawlcode for that matter) as I don't have internet set up on my wii..However,I do wish you all luck on your own battles. SSB is such a fun game to play! Deathflame
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