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  1. It's been middling to low for me. Not quite season 6 level bad, but definitely lower tier. I loved the Horse Play Episode, and a couple others were mostly solid, but it's mostly been forgettable and a bit frustrating.
  2. I've grown to like this one more with time. The wonderbolts definitely came across as douchebags, but RD's predicament actually makes more sense to me now than it did at the time. I kinda don't blame her for doing what she did. She could've seen it as a chance to make more of an impact with the wonderbolts and potentially further her career with them, and I think her friends wouldn't want to hold her back from that. Plus sticking her with two of the weakest flyers in Ponyville was kind of a shitty thing to do to her since this clearly meant a lot to her.
  3. Sorry but Rainbow Dash still holds that title, and likely always will.
  4. No way. Starlight doesn't so much have character as she has a lot of serious mental issues. They don't give her much depth, they just make me wonder why the hell she isn't locked up. But I guess that's what happens when a great villain character is given a forced redemption.
  5. That's how I feel about Sunset Shimmer. Her pony form does nothing for me honestly, but her human form is just pure sexy.
  6. I'm still team Rainbow Dash. Poor Applejack's definitely up there too.
  7. 1. Scootaloo flies. 2. Scootaloo flies. 3. Scootaloo flies. 4. Scootaloo flies. 5. Scootaloo flies 6. Scootaloo flies. 7. Scootaloo flies. 8. Scootaloo flies. 9. Scootaloo flies. 10. Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo become alicorns.
  8. Incoming Chrysalis reformation. I don't know for sure, but I've got that feeling.
  9. I like Applejack a lot, but she can really be a little shit sometimes. Especially if it turns out she was just messing with RD here.
  10. No. Applejack was being a total asswipe. She made Dash paraniod either for her own petty amusement or because she legit doesn't understand elderly folks. Don't pin this on Rainbow Dash for being responsible and loyal to a fault. Even the grannies blamed Applejack so there's really nothing to argue.
  11. The most enjoyable episode this season so far. Good Rainbow Dash characterization. Applejack kinda sucked though.
  12. I think that will be the true conclusion o her character arc.
  13. Rainbow Dash gets one extra for doing the Sonic Rainboom that prevented multiple destructive wars and apocalypse's. Woot woot!
  14. I think she'd have gotten over it and bounced back in later competition. She and Rarity might be at odds for a while though. The other four would be pretty upset with Rarity too I bet.
  15. Beccause she banished her sister to the moon in order to stop her from killing everyone and that somehow makes her a horrible pony in the eyes of the mostly idiotic Luna fanbase. No offense but "willfully ignorant" is to nice a term for some of those Luna fanatics.
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