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    And Gourgeist

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  1. Gourgeist

    Gaming Prepare your wallets for the arrival

    Ok I have a new deal. $20 steam money and I'll pay back the very start of July. I can pay back in steam, eShop card, or paypal.
  2. Gourgeist

    mega thread What is your sexuality ?

    I am a bi-trans mix. Male to female trans. Haven't been out though for too long, maybe about 2 weeks. Doing good though
  3. So I started thinking about getting into cosplaying. Right now I have these colors of materials to use: I also have many scraps of those colors, including black and white pieces. My main goal right now is to make simple pokemon gloves and hats, but I need suggestions on what pokemon to make using those colors and such. Also I wanna do some non pokemon cosplays but I have no idea what Nintendo characters to go for. Looking for mostly bad guys/enemies/bosses from Nintendo games
  4. Gourgeist

    Visual Art A Gourgeist's gallery

    Well I had to use a program and machine called shopbot in my woodshop class. Basically I had to draw it on a 3D piece of wood in the shopbot program, then tell it how deep to carve and where to carve and how
  5. Gourgeist here with a bunch of crap art I'm making more often. Flabebe made in Colors! 3D on Nintendo 3DS: Wood Carving of Espurr: 3D printed Companion Cube: I'll also draw you a pokemon if you want. Arceus THE GOD OF EVERYTHING KNOWN TO MAN Made another one this morning. I haven't made an anime person in forever and even when I did I sucked at it >~< Don't know if I'll make more pictures today. I feel my talent tiring out >~<
  6. Gourgeist

    Should the Internet have More Age Restrictions?

    Yeah, no. There's no stopping teens from watching porn, or playing rated M games under age. Plus I'm pretty sure the government would have to monitor a lot more, which would piss a lot of people off.
  7. Gourgeist

    Visual Art Gotta draw 'em all

    Oshawott <3 I love that pokemon so much that it was my original user name when I started here. Also Jolteon is one of the best Eeveelutions
  8. Gourgeist

    Gaming Favorite Free To Play Games?

    Team Fortress 2 (Which I'm premium now) and League of Legends. I used to play Runescape but it updated into a nice pile of poop
  9. Gourgeist

    An insect that you hate

    Bees and wasp. I'm severely allergic and they scare me crapless when I see one. Also stinkbugs. Those thinks just look disgusting.
  10. Gourgeist

    Anyone have Surgery before?

    I guess if you count gegtting and removing stitches surgery then yes I have. I was 4 and fell on some rocks and hit my forehead (Which explains a lot about me )
  11. There is this one ending that I nearly cry to every time (and I'm being serious too). It's the ending to The Nightmare Before Christmas ending where Jack and Sally sing and then finally get together. I love it so much :3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94-0SPivVvw
  12. Gourgeist

    Gaming Pokémon: Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

    The preorders are already here? Good thing my birthday is a month before released XD
  13. Gourgeist

    Movies/TV The Madoka Magica Thread

    I read the manga and now I'm on the show. I got 4 episodes left and the fact that I know what happens is KILLING ME.
  14. Gourgeist

    So..... Hi.

    Hi. I've been on and off many times. I like this place and hope you do too. (Not even a moderator) I've been a brony since the very beginning.
  15. Gourgeist

    Gaming Pokémon: Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

    I think they do the remakes 10 years after the original.But Ruby and Sapphire came out around 2003ish I think. Anyway these games are my second most played generation and now that it'll be updated I won't mind playing it again