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  1. what does "banished" mean on this site?

  2. hey alex! you probably don't remember me but we met on here 5 years ago :) time flies! hope you're living an amazing life :ooh:

  3. These mods are on a banning spree

  4. Saw you visit my page, hehe. xD

  5. I have noticed that and sure I'm not a Trump supporter or not very involved with an interest in politics, but sometimes you have to know when to distance yourself from controversial topics.
  6. I am but I never really noticed I had it until I was older, can't diagnosis it at a young age until you get a very good understanding of the spectrum.
  7. I have borked!

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    2. Scootalove


      How are you doing? xD

    3. Lady Kiriness

      Lady Kiriness

      Pretty well, you?

    4. Scootalove


      I'm good! Sorry if I'm quiet on Discord, don't want to disturb your work and such. :)

  8. The beauty is back, you of course! :)

  9. Saw you visit my page, just here to drop on by! :)

    1. Lucky Bolt

      Lucky Bolt

      Thank you! ^^

    2. Scootalove


      You're welcome, you are beautiful! Muah!

  10. Stella! How goes scholarship and other things? :)

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    2. Scootalove


      Haha, sometimes I wonder about what I say daily. :P Marvel is still on a roll with Logan being an actually good Wolverine movie, and the debut of his daughter: X-23. :D

    3. Stellafera


      So I've heard. I'm reading Batman: No Man's Land. Ridiculous setup but I understood that it was mostly just fluff to get to the "POST-APOCALYPTIC BATMAN" good stuff

    4. Scootalove


      Bruce can now be more broody and not to confuse No Man's Land with No Man's Sky. xD Sounds like good stuff, you nerd! :3

  11. I don't really talk much and don't go out a lot like I used to when I was younger, add the shyness and mostly staying inside unless I am going out somewhere then you got yourself an introvert like myself. Can't say I am a social person but I don't mind if someone talks to me.
  12. Cake portal. :P

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    2. Lunarpalette


      That's cool. I usually dress as a renaissance princess. But I can pull of a good dwarf look too.

    3. Scootalove


      A pretty princess look is so you! :) But never afraid to get down and dirty.

    4. Scootalove


      Any of those costumes would look so great on you, can pull anything off with your beauty. ^_^

  13. Hey Tealeaf! :)

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    2. Scootalove


      Congrats on a staff promotion, well deserved! :D

    3. Tealeaf


      Thank you! I'm very happy to be able to help.

    4. Scootalove


      Helping is the best thing to do when we have someone like you, maybe you get a medieval sword as well. c:

  14. Did someone say shovel & burial? This calls for the burier himself. the man of three H's!
  15. How are you holding up?