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  1. Howdy! enjoy your stay, and consider yourself one of the herd!
  2. Anyone who would bash mudding obviously has never went with someone who knows how to mud for fun.
  3. i got yah, i used to airsoft until i was stabbed in my arm. as an OT, heres me n my favorite bear kill, not the biggest but the best tasting!
  4. correct me if im wrong, but is that an... airsoft gun?
  5. Crud theres a lot of socially awkward people in the forums... or is it just the awkward that post here? hmmm.... anyway, i think a lot of people here are the fluttershies of the world.
  6. Hows it going friend? noticed your fairly new here, so welcome to the herd!

    1. Virgil


      Thank you very much. I've been enjoying myself on the forums very much, everyone's so civil here. Heh, probably the best thing about being a brony is getting to communicate with other bronies.

    2. Virgil


      Here's a bit of divine Providence for you, this Charles Spurgeon just popped up on my facebook wall: "If you profess to be a Christian, yet find full satisfaction in worldly pleasures and pursuits, your profession is false."

  7. My biggest problem with making friends is when i get stressed or confused about something, i start using increasingly long words, and it starts to look like im trying to sound smart, at the same time my southern accent gets really think, and its a hilarious combination.
  8. Ehh... i have a hard time defining the word christian. i truly dont believe that the vast majority of people who say they are "christians" are in fact such. Im not saying we should have to make everything about Christ (but we should, actually) im saying that if a persons really been a christian for multiple years, should they begin to resemble Christ, at least a little bit? BC the vast majority of people i know irl and online who say they are "christians" dont act any different than another atheist, or more accurately humanist. Also, those who say the bible is up for "private interpretation" confuse me, much the same way as the people who say "shall not be infringed" is an unclear statement.
  9. Man, the forums feel dead tonite! is anyone out there?hello!!!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Redneck


      and restless hopeful engineering doing inventor drafting :(

    3. Wolfstanus


      That's ok. I'm listening to mlp music at work and now I'm "weird"


      Pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows" on a loop.

    4. Redneck


      hahah! well thats an amusing visual.thank you bro!

  10. What is pansexual? is it just a funny way of saying bi?
  11. I usually can strike up a convo rather easily, and if we get along i have a new friend. The main problem i see others having is trying once, failing, and thinking their failures from then on. I keep very few close friends, 2 atm.
  12. Dude, thats some sweet hypothesis you've made there! I'm not terribly skilled with the theoretical math, more so psychics than anything else, but good luck!
  13. I am a welder/machinist in a small town in NC, which means we get called to do anything from welding to installing drywall (that actually happened). I am also going for my BA's in engineering, and i can honestly say 16-18 credit hours + full time job is the hardest thing i have ever done.
  14. is this thread dead yet? i wasnt done saying hi to people. :'(