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  1. So, I was thinking of using this plot again. I was hoping to try and improve my skills in the group RP scene. So, here we go. As you can see from the title, this is an Avatar the last airbender crossover with our favorite pony folk. The mane six will be in this as well as a bunch more, but not as you know them. But I need to get some things out of the way first. Instead of magic, ponies use bending except for those who have committed great crimes against the nations. This time, bending is genetic in what type of pony(at times creature) they are as such: Earth pony/Minotaur: Earth Unicorn/changeling: Fire or Water(You only get one) Pegasus/gryphon: Air Alicorn: All four(Don't get your hopes folks, no alicorns in this one. Speaking of which...) Rules: -No alicorns. They are seen as gods that walk among ponies and so we can keep things simple. This goes for changelings as well. They only get one element each, regardless of wings. -Weapons are allowed. But no guns, heavy artillery, or modern earth weapons. Only bows, swords, spears, or others. -You're free to play as one of the mane six if you want, except Twilight. I'll be taking that role. Instead you all will have one role, which I will divulge later. The remaining five + Sunset Shimmer are free game. Any empty roles will be filled by me. -Show me your OC first. I'll see if its acceptable or not. -Don't bother asking for the ability to bend Shadows or Hellfire. Just... no. > Plot: The plot is basically your OC's and Twilight are basically team Avatar of this world and must try to bring peace to the lands while both sides try to get Twilight on the side of The Celestial Empire or the Lunar Republic which have been armed in conflict for years. However, you all will learn of a plot to exterminate the alicorns as a shadowie organization. (I haven't thought of how I want to start this off. But until then, I want to see who actually wants to be in this)
  2. @@Snow Mark, Hey, just a heads up. I'm going to be gone for a bit. Moving to a new house and all that stuff. Hopefully we can get our characters on their journey.
  3. Highlight the text from someone's post, a small window will appear with the mention option as well as two others. It will put the name of that person on your next post as well as anyone else you choose.
  4. Okay then. When you are having them talk to the character's, do the mentioning command for us so we know it's time for them to act.
  5. Hey, where are the brother's speaking? Is it in Equestria or somewhere else?
  6. The films were awful, more than awful. Demo Reel exited the theater rubbing his temple as he left the doors, wanting to get back home as fast as possible to shut himself in for the rest of the week. Just as he left he felt a slight sprinkle on his head. Looking up he saw the clouds begin to darken as the local weather mare tried to ring it in. "Hm. Looks like the weather factory has a new recruit again." He sighed to himself and began walking home, letting his mane and coat get soaked as he began to walk through the streets. Seeing all the town's ponies run for their homes and move out of the way from Demo to get home. Opening his home he walked in and crashed on his couch, rubbing his head as he tried to recover his day. "I swear, Applewood keeps making these films just to spite me." After taking a small breather he looked outside and saw the darkened skies and torrent of rain. He wasn't going anywhere for a while so he might as well get some work done. A crack of thunder struck and he felt a strong tingle go through his spine. "Huh... That's some strange lightning."
  7. Sort of the same. Changeling=Unicorn, Griffon=Pegasi, Minotaur=Earth pony. I should also meantion that this is an anthro RP as well. @@dusk shade,
  8. I know I'm opening a bit of a pandora's box with this RP idea, but lets see just how many people are interested in this. So lets go over the rules before I tell you guys the story. -Basic site rules. Because I'm too lazy to put them here myself. -Now, this is a DBZ kind of RP so, I'm going to be a little more lenient with the power sort of thing. Keep it realistic here guys, come on. Just don't make them be able to train to the point of planet destruction over a week. Speaking of which. -No destroying the planet levels. When things rocket fan-wards, don't go all Frieza on us. Srsly, don't be Frieza. We don't want another jockstrap incident. -Keep the Ki attack arsenal simple. Don't have 47 versions of the Kamehameha at once. Keep it at like two, with one last resort move like the Spirit ball. -Have fun, don't get into a fan-war over who could kick who's ass. We all can agree that Goku was basically the love child of Jackie Chan and Chuck Norris of anime... with lasers, but even I know he isn't invincible. And we all agree not to mention the spin off that shall not be named. *Terrified shiver* -Describe your moves. If its a rename of an existing move, provide us with a visual aid please. If its your own creation, please describe it. -No fusions. If you don't know how that can work, then don't do it. Unless you feel like relinquishing the player to the other guy. So unless you know how it could work out fairly, don't do it. -No Saiyans. I know you're all gonna want a super pony 7 with silver mane and a power level that can fart on the level of the big bang, but NO. Instead you all get the Rainbow power from the season 4 finale(Spoiler alert.) No image needed unless you have it. So here is the story_ The world is safely protected by the Celestial Sisters in the Look out where they oversee the world and try to keep the balance, seeing to it that both human and ponies coexist in harmony. Though, after a prophetic dream, a warrior of incredible power would soon be returning to earth. Celestia and Luna seek out the strongest warriors and bring them together to tell them of the coming doom and that they have a year to train to get their strength high enough for them all to combat this threat. But unbeknownst to them, a few scout ships were sent to the world to scout it out to weaken their defenses and remove the Celestial Sisters. *Notes_ -I should point out that the mane six doesn't exist in this world. However, if you want, you can play as them and give them their own backstory. The same would also go to any background ponies. So if you want to play as Vinyl Scratch to unleash the power of her Dubstep Bomber move, you go right on ahead. -There are also the factors of species, buffs. Each race has their own advantages. _Pegasi and Griffons move and fly faster, as well have better reflexes. _Unicrons and changelings can use more powerful Ki attacks. _Earth ponies and minotaurs have better defenses and hit much harder. _Human's are allowed to choose one of the above.(Because Mr. Popo said I had to) If there's anything else, just ask.
  9. Sorry if you guys were waiting for me. I've been out today and I didn't know it began. Sorry if you guys were waiting for me. I've been out today and I didn't know it began.
  10. Awaking to his usual sites of his home, Demo Reel began his usual routine. Getting his things together for the day, getting his breakfast together. If he was correct, he would be reviewing about two movies today. He couldn't remember what they were, usually that meant he wasn't looking forward to the films themselves or that they were indie films. Either way he found that he would not be enjoying the day today. Quickly finishing his breakfast, he made his way out to the newspaper office to meet his boss, Ink Well. His walk was the same as always and he wasn't a difficult to notice pony. He was taller than most earth ponies, almost reaching Princess Celestia's Height from what some ponies have told him. Opening the office doors, Demo Reel went in to receive his assignment for the day. All around him he could see that ponies were starting to wake up in their office spaces as they typed up their stories. Approaching the editor in chief's office, he found a note for him with his movies he had to watch today. She was probably out stallion hunting again, that or she was late from doing such a thing. Taking the list, he left to do his job. Speculating that he would either be making fun of them or raging against the films he was about to sit through.
  11. @@Snow Mark, Interesting. I suspect that these ponies would look different from Equestrian equines in some way? Also, I suspect that the Crystal Empire would be getting involved as well?
  12. Ah, damnation why must you tease us so? Very well then. What kind of enemies will we be facing?