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  1. I heard that the forums had a DDoS attack?

  2. The Jury Rigger perk in Fallout NV is sooo good.

  3. Nice avatar.

    1. Nuke87654


      Ty very much. It was a nice find.

  4. please do not watch

  5. I didn't mind it on GBA. I would only really play it on GBA when I was out or something, but I think I actually enjoyed it.

  7. I used to read fan fiction a lot, but I rarely do now.
  8. You'd probably just get used to it as you played it more. I don't think I was too bothered by it.
  9. Yeah, that's it. I looked up a Youtube video earlier as well. Here's a video of the Gameboy one I had mentioned as well:
  10. Wasn't there a Doom RPG on the phone at one point? I never played it, but I heard about it at one point. I also remember playing a gameboy version of Doom at one point.
  11. So last night I beat Doom 2 with the Brutal Doom mod. I must admit, I don't think I fully appreciated the levels in the game, even more so since when I would play it as a kid I would just choose a random level and use cheats all the time. The levels are truly amazing. How about Doom 3? We've talked about Doom 2 a lot, but not Doom 3. I know that a good amount of Doom fans didn't like Doom 3, but I personally enjoyed the game for what it was, and I enjoyed it even more when I got the Last Man Standing co-op mod for it. Without the mod though, I still enjoy the game for what it is. I can understand why some Doom fans wouldn't like it, but I still think it was a pretty fun game myself.