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    And of course watching a nice orderly mind slip into madness and mania.

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  1. Wise words of the day! Two apples a night keeps you ready for a fight.

  2. When you look at the pony, you see heart shape on their faces thanks to the mohawk pony mane, and on their butts thanks to the anatomy of their plot. So in a way heart to ponies might just be a simplistic presentation of activity, you see them come and go!. Or it is because a bunch of humans are animating the series and think hearts makes cute theme. But t couldn't be that!
  3. Huh, I think I am getting an idea for a new twist on my staff of everscamp! i'll make it ponies instead.

  4. Once or twice is enough, then you need to start considering a membership.

  5. That avatar, OMG XD

    1. Sheogorath


      It's fabulous isn't it?

    2. snom


      XD Yes, yes it is. :3

  6. I have managed to dodge all those kind of things and events my whole life it seems. Day and night. And I live in really old city, with really old buildings, in a really old building. And lived in a building older than the establishment of United States even. And never a ghost! Not that I fully exclude the possibility, it never just has been demonstrated in ways that are conclusive evidence and personal anecdotes and testimonies do not really hold water, of course I always hear them out because maybe some day someone has some actual proof to show to support their testimonies
  7. @, Huh, So this always happened only after dark? Nothing peculiar took place in daylight?
  8. Hello locomotive enthusiast! Care for a sweetroll?
  9. Would you share your ghastly encounters details with us?
  10. Look deep into my avatars eyes, and when he winks at you, you know you have gained the madgods favors.
  11. Here is how you become ambidextrous: Tie your left hand behind your back and live like that for a month. Then untie your hand, peel it off your back skin and from then on always use right hand for everything and if you instinctively go for left hand, slap yourself with a dead frozen salmon or trout or other large sweet water fish. After such efforts you should be adequately mentally confused to forget why you are even slapping yourself with a fish and can start your new happy life as a beloved patient in a mental ward! ...What was I offering advice for again? Oh yes! The perfect muffin
  12. Apologies do not make justice to my satin sheets like a bed would. Or do they? Let me try that! *tosses sheets over your naked form* Hm, marked improvement but not something I can exactly rest on top of. Peh, I'll just have Haskill to sleep on you in my stead, not like I need sleep anyway, I am a Daedric prince!
  13. Ooh baby! Things are heating up now! *lights bed on fire* And now I need a new bed, thanks a lot!
  14. I just thought you kept breaking pen tips and continuing line a few pixels past that due superstitious reasons. Anyway, thanks for explanation!
  15. Stop drawing, start drawing, keep drawing, that's up to you! You draw for yourself, that's how you can keep drawing until you are good at it enough to make others pay you to continue drawing. Or you link your pen to a bunch of explosives which will blow up as you stop drawing, that's a good way to motivate yourself too. There is some progress in your pony form. I would recommend you pull up some pony images and draw from examples a little, just to get a good idea of pony proportions. There's already generous quantities of how to draw guides on ponies and many other subjects! Looking those
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