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  1. Killian Jones

    New forum Theme

    Looking at the new elements in the new theme, it seems very much like it's going nearer to a look akin to the interface formerly known as Metro. That may or may not be a good thing, I dunno what is going to happen in next iterations. Secondly, the new theme has not improved page load times or truly made large scale changes other than the top banner. I don't see it as much different.
  2. Killian Jones

    Do you think there something faster then Light?

    Electrons in the water at a nuclear reactor as opposed to the light in water. This is actually a real thing. Look up Cherenkov radiation.
  3. Killian Jones

    My Newest OC: Fernando (NEEDS FEEDBACK)

    Brickley x Fernando, hawt.
  4. Killian Jones

    Phone/Tablet OS Preferences?

    I have a Samsung Note II, which technically speaking isn't in the Samsung Galaxy Series. But Samsung anyway. The Samsung series was majorly considered when getting my new phone, stepping away from my old HTC Desire S. I also have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (10.1 inch) and a Windows Surface RT. I use the Galaxy Tab as a main second tablet, the Surface is to play around with.
  5. Killian Jones

    Like script Format?

    Scripts are a difficult thing to read. Scripts are really just meant to give dialogue pointers, establish locations, and positions. Usually a script alone is too bare in places.
  6. Killian Jones

    Music CHIGENS!

    This is the greatest thing in the universe. Perhaps even the multiverse. I will sing this all day and every day. This is what everything is about.
  7. Killian Jones

    Life needs to be readjusted! (resignation post) untz untz untz, and another one bits the dust. GOODBYE AARAMUS WE LIKE NEVER TALKED MAYBE ILL MISS YOU MAYBE I WONT ILL SEE HOW I FEEL TOMORROW
  8. Killian Jones

    I'm Leaving the Forums

    D'awww <3
  9. Killian Jones

    Childhood Trauma

    When I was a kid, about 6 or 7. After I came home from school and was left alone I heard a noise from the garage. My cat had been run over and managed to make it's way back inside. It was crying out in pain, but I was just too scared to do anything, I just stood there and watched my cat die. I can still remember it to this day.
  10. Killian Jones

    Court Adjourned

    You can now spread your wings and be free of the shackles this place, this staff and everyone around has wrought to you. You can go wherever and do whatever you please. You answer to no one and no one should be your master. This was only a volunteer position, and even if you poured your heart and soul into it. The act is not enough, we must all be selfish sometimes, especially to please ourselves. Poniverse will have lost another valuable member of staff due to it's own bureaucracy. But it's their loss not yours.
  11. Killian Jones

    Do you have any special nicknames for your parents?

    Father and Mother. Something Mother can be pronounced as Mudder instead. Which just sounds incredibly funny. And she never notices. That is the best part.
  12. Killian Jones

    Mobile App

    That sounds like a lot of work if you ask me. and dev kits for iOS are not cheap, and by not cheap I mean you basically need to own the devices and a MacBook. Just use the mobile website.
  13. Killian Jones

    Peter Died

    Goodnight sweet prince
  14. Killian Jones

    General Questions Using Foreign Languages

    This is already a rule
  15. Killian Jones

    Brock 'brick' Brickley

    All the epicness, condensed to a brick.