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  1. While i have no particular interest here anymore, it's fun to check back every once in a while. Fun times uvu~

  2. All these Sylveons.

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    2. ignore pls

      ignore pls

      I kinda know you, of course there isn't for you.

    3. Jonke


      I know... i'm too obvious here. D:

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      ignore pls

      There's never too much Water for me.

  3. Just passing by... but i like to add that i approve of Pokemon trends~ x3 Feels like it was not long ago since the other ones.
  4. Jonke

    I logged in just for you! Happy Birthday! :D <3

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  5. Don't think so... i just saw you and Haven talking... so i got "dragged" in here~
  6. If you say so... x3 I just came here from your profile for some reason i forgot... hmm.
  7. Jonke


    *Jonke is pounced and accepts defeat* And so it ended... <3 ^ w ^*
  8. Jonke


    I came here by accident, don't push me. :< **Google'd Jonke <insert Vee> brought me through an image** I just thought it would be silly and goofy to randomly appear here since it's the only thread i cared to come back here and post this. Ehehe. ^w^ <333
  9. Jonke


    Ehehe... ^ w ^* <333 *Appears from its deep slumber* Just a little but you're in good hands... paws now~ =w=
  10. No, you're definitely not the only one who thinks that. The Mario franchise is after all one of the first franchises that has survived this long due to the variety of games in it that provides its own niche. I don't see that changing or becoming worse. I personally don't want any franchise to die, all of them have a chance to provide something new/better in an already existing universe. Some do it right, some do not. How boring it would be if every character/story/universe just disappears after the "initial hype period" because people demanding new IPs all the time. Why put all effort building it up to waste?
  11. I've technically already dropped out of this for many reasons but i'll post a final thing to conclude this Merry Christmas~ Day 19/31 - Favorite Eeveelution/All-Time Favorite