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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Happy Birthday :P

  3. Merry Birthiversary! 

  4. Merry Birthiversary!

  5. hey guys im not dead message me

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  6. i see you haven't been on in a while

    i don't suppose youve had contact with dashie recently have you? 

  7. i read this quietly in the dark of the night, this my first roleplay my longest one. i formed a connection with dashie we became good friends then one day she stopped getting on here its been over two years since i last spoke with her, so here i sit in my room reading this as i remember the good times we had tears fall as i read the last lines realizing that our little story will never have a proper end so much for all the stuff we had planned so much for the time we spent i come back some times just to read and remember my first roleplay a good friend a great story and all the good times we shared it hurts i miss her i never thought when i started id make such a friend and never did i expect to lose her either i never expected this i never would have guessed that not seeing her replies would cause such a feeling.....
  8. Steel looked down both paths and thought although he missed his old friends they didn't need him right now and his new ones did he walked down the path with his new friends "let's go beat twilight" he said ready for anything that may happen after he made his choice
  9. Steel approached his portal for his trial as much as he to tear into demon blood and kill him he knew that now wants the time the other ponies where counting on him to complete his trial he sighed and calmed his nerves and stepped through the portal unsure of what to expect
  10. Demon heart smiled "I don't try to be scary sir I just do what I want nothing more nothing less" he said then he looked at sombra "what's the fun in ruling if no one can even try to stop you don't tell me that your scared of them why not just show them where is at since none of them can forge it" he said Steel stayed quite the history between him and demon blood wasn't good by any means
  11. Yes chaos has a limit but rember he was strong enough to easily break and replace celestia's spell that only she could do ao the reading of a minds isn't a far stretch
  12. Well he is a master of chaos so he can do what he wants and do things that don't make sense
  13. Demon blood stepped out form behind sombra with a wicked smile "ohh I new kingdom full of ponies would be lovely" he said "plus I'd love to see this lovely bunch of ponies go and fail maybe even die" he said locking eyes with steel Steel had been turned to the dragon and bat pony but as soon as he heard a voice form the last he turned staring daggers his sword raised hand his armor forming on his body