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  1. @Blitz Boom KARMIC FATE & ATZY "Right, sorry," Karmic replied and gave the bag to Atzy before taking the scrolls and placing them in the bag Enzo had fashioned for her. She was taken aback though by how well-made the bag was despite being made entirely out of parchment. "The bag is lovely, Enzo. It feels amazingly silky smooth to the touch. I'll go and see what's what and try to find you two later," she told them both, deciding to leave out Atzy's and Enzo's scrolls for them. She left them on the table and walked out the way she saw the Ambassador go. She took it upon herself to keep calm, and remind herself that she was not a fugitive having broken out with Zio, she was a 'sister' to a Gemling Princess and hopefully she can act as such if she finds a general along the way. "So why are you looking all gargoyle like, Enzy?" Atzy asked in a slightly disinterested tone, wrapping her hoof around the pouch while placing the gems within her magic inside it. Her blue glow of her magic pulled out a string from the bag and had it wrap around her neck so it was sitting against her torso. She shook her head so her mane flopped about and then sat down on her haunches beside the doorway leading onto the balcony. She peeked out around the wooden frame and looked at the world past Enzo's wings. @Blitz Boom TWILIGHT SPARKLE Twilight sucked in a deep breath and forcibly erected a shield around all four of them, her magic either blasting away or through the tendrils, making the ground they stood upon the only thing not to be engulfed by the fungi. "We need to get out of here. I can tell we're close but I need a direction if any of you bickering idiots would care to help," Twilight said in an angered and tired tone while glaring at the Manetid and Last. "I am tired, scared, and all I want to do is get what we came for and leave. Is that too much to ask!?" @Blitz Boom AURORA LIGHTS "Like Happy said, I'm a new changeling Queen. Happened earlier on today, actually," Aurora admitted with a slight shake of her head. She was interested in the changeling that flew up to her, especially with the relationship between her and the Diamond Dog. She did largely ignore Flaxxy in favour of explaining herself to the new changeling. "I don't have a hive at all, actually. I was never in a hive, well, I was taken away from my hive when I was a nymph which was," she obviously hesitated before sighing heavily and looked the other changeling directly into her eyes. "Chrysalis' hive. I was taken away from Chrysalis when I was a nymph." @Blitz Boom & @Widdershins DAZZLE GLEAM "I only got here today, how would I know what's local or not here!?" Dazzle asked, promptly exploding and adding to the chaos as she stared at Blither. She didn't even think today was going to end up as chaotic as her time in the Everfree but hey, here she is, in the middle of some more chaos. "All I know is these toads are not normal and need to be dealt with immediately!" she cried, blue electricity sparking all over her body - sending some static into the air to send everypony's hairs on end that were near her - as she prepared for a fight, be it magical or physical. @Widdershins DAWN STREAK "You never mentioned a bridge. Only caves and dragons doing this and that," Dawn said, poking her hooves into the air before smirking. A hilarious thought occurred to her and doesn't exactly care if Kaltrops found it offensive or not. "You must be the troll under the bridge foals are told about."
  2. @Blitz Boom I only just realised while going through my reply that you missed Aurora's latest part when you last responded to Twilight, Karmic and Atzy. It was this one in case you forgot. And I also forgot what Karmic is meant to be doing because it's been a hot minute since I last thought about it. Is she trying to let a guard know her, Atzy, and Enzo are free to roam around Canterlot?
  3. @Blitz Boom KARMIC FATE & ATZY "I take it this is for the scrolls?" Karmic asked Enzo as she grabbed the cloth bag with her hoof and looked within it. "Or did you do something else to this?" "I don't know what the things was, but it rubbed me the wrong way and I'd much rather be out there than stuck in here with it," Atzy mumbled with a violent shiver and looked from where the shadow disappeared and over to the balcony. @Blitz Boom TWILIGHT SPARKLE "Whatever is happening is at the heart of this forest," Twilight muttered as she looked at each of the taken creatures with sadness but a determined expression. She knew Last didn't care for working with her enemy but at the moment, no one had a choice but to fight together. Or that would be the case if she hadn't spotted a clearing up ahead that didn't have any trees within it. "If I can get us from clearing to clearing, we should be able to get out of this," she told them. "Cherish, you may want to prepare yourself," she warned as she lit up her horn in a bright purple light. There was a white flash and the Manetid, Last, Cherish, and herself all got teleported down the way into the clearing she had spotted. Looking even further ahead, she grinned and teleported them again and again, hopping through the many clearings in the forest that appeared to permeate its structure, acting like holes they could dip and jump out of. Her stamina and endurance did run short before she could hop them to the last clearing where a tower could be seen through the trees. "I ... I can do this once more. Just ... just need a breath. I don't ... don't think we lost anyone but ... I don't hear anything from whatever those creatures are." @Blitz Boom AURORA LIGHTS "Those boars look happy," Aurora smiled, largely ignoring Happy. She purely thought of his babble as him having drunk too much of his own 'happy juice' and shook her head a small. She did hear running hooves along with a what sounded like a large boulder coming from their left. She turned her head and her eyes widened before taking flight to hover within the treetops. "What the heck is happening here!?" @Blitz Boom, @Widdershins DAZZLE GLEAM "These aren't normal," Dazzle said cautiously as she eyed the frog-like creature still standing. She flicked her gaze between the frog and Shortstack and inwardly groaned at the possibility of actually saving him. The kind of frogs she was used to dealing with staying in Boggy Bottom Swamp and like to stay within the murky depths. Maybe some yelling would work? "Oi Froggy, I'm talking to you! That pony you're eyeing up tastes like spoiled meat and rotten wood! Come and get me instead!" Or maybe some taunting, throw that in too as well. @Widdershins DAWN STREAK "Fighting ... banging ... sounds pretty much the same to me," Dawn hummed in thought, swaying her head from side to side as she weighed up the words in her mind. A sentence he spoke did resonate with her, bringing her outo f them. "A wanted man? This is the first I've heard of it. Please do tell more," she gasped dramatically. Maybe that was a bit much but she was interested in why he was on the run. Or maybe this was a ruse? Something to get her to sympathise with him? "Scaring travelling merchants sounds fun but I at least know it's against the law."
  4. @Blitz Boom KARMIC FATE & ATZY "I don't know what that shadow pony was," Karmic said, staring at the place the onlooker had vanished too. It didn't sit right with her and she shuddered in thought at what it may have overheard. "I can go look for the guards to let them know about our new status." "I'll stay with Enzo then to see if I can get some more fresh air. Being stuck in a tightly confined space for who knows how long kinda got old very fast," Atzy admitted as she summoned her magic and then realised the food was still around. "I suppose ... well. At the very least we can take some things with us when leave, I think," she added in confusion, her horn powering down as she studied the different items. @Blitz Boom TWILIGHT SPARKLE "Gah!" Twilight cried out at the sudden psychokinetic push. She performed a quick shield spell and had it cover herself and Last before the latter could get too far away. Once she was sure she wasn't going anywhere, Twilight looked up and out of the shield, quickly surveying the situation. She ignored the ragdoll-like bodies of the manetid, the fungal creature, and Last's mother in favour of spying Cherish. Twilight gritted her teeth and looked at Last before back at Cherish. "Last, get behind me," she said firmly and trusting the guard would do the right thing, shrunk the shield into a more portable shape. It extended a foot out of either side of her front and above and curved around to stop most, if not all, of the debris and branches from cutting her and Last. The psychokinetic push from Cherish was basically non-existent when it encountered the bright purple shield, so using this to her advantage, Twilight stepped forward. She breathed slowly through keeping up the spell and had to even strengthen it a couple of times the closer she got to Cherish, however, upon getting in close proximity, she threw her shield around Last at the same time she leaped forward and attempted to hug the ghost pony. @Blitz Boom AURORA LIGHTS "Somehow, I don't believe you," Aurora giggled as she successfully stood up. Keeping her balance, slightly kept her wings extended, and began to walk towards the location where the ball had been thrown from, and went out of the ruined area. She wasn't sure what they were going to find, and it was probably a better idea to at least grab Happy's cart from the hive before investigating further, but the glitterbomb was a bit of a priority at the moment. Maybe there were more lying in wait, ready to get thrown at the pair at a moment's notice! "You are very soft for a hoomin, Happy." @Blitz Boom, @Widdershins DAZZLE GLEAM "Someone is sounding defensive," Dazzle commented as she looked up at Sunny and Shortstack, nodding in time with Stare's words. "So Alonsus is who I spoke to. I don't think I see him around here, although with so many ponies around, he probably is still here and I just haven't noticed." She was thoughtful as she perused the crowded area and then her gaze landed back on Sunny when a phrase caught her attention. Or at the very least a word of that phrase. "Friends ... I don't think I even know what the word means." @Widdershins DAWN STREAK "And now someone is sounding prideful about banging ponies," Dawn smirked across the table and smirked with a fake high laughter; her next few words obviously dripping with sarcasm. "I never thought you would have had it in you, Kaltrops. Banging ponies as a pasttime, I mean really! I thought you were a gentledrake after all we've talked about!"
  5. @Widdershins DAWN STREAK "Ultimately?" Dawn sighed softly and cast her gaze down at the kitchen table. "I just want to see if she's even alive or not. Me actually wanting her here is another story entirely. I don't think I want her back. I've been on my own for so long I've forgotten what it's like to even have her around." @Blitz Boom KARMIC FATE & ATZY "Fine, whatever," Atzy muttered and huffed with a glare towards the scroll in front of her. "At least I can walk around freely now and not really on a host." "We'll keep it to ourselves. Sorry, Enzo. Is there a plan for what we do now?" Karmic asked quietly, looking away from her own scroll and up at Enzo to look for a response. @Blitz Boom TWILIGHT SPARKLE Twilight was unsure of what to feel. Horror? Disgust? Compassion? All these emotions felt like they had a right for her to feel but slipping off of Last to stand on her own two feet, she looked between the fungal pony and Last herself. Pity is what she settled on and slowly turned her gaze to what appeared to be Last's mother. "I ..." Twilight tried to speak but shook her head to get the words right. "I wish to help everypony I can, ma'am," she eventually said and coughed a couple of times as she looked to Last and spoke softly. "As far as I can tell, whatever is left of her, wants help. I'm sure I'll be able to at least make it so she's not feeling any pain." @Blitz Boom AURORA LIGHTS Aurora sighed and wasn't able to believe she was about to say this. "Happy, get on my back. We're walking in that direction the glitterbomb was thrown," she told him in a commanding voice. She hoped it wasn't too harsh or demanding of him but with the way he looked and swayed, she wasn't exactly taking any chances in leaving him alone. So she laid and spread her wings out to either side so Happy could comfortably lie on her back. @Blitz Boom & @Widdershins DAZZLE GLEAM "I don't want to alarm you, but I'm pretty sure everypony that saw you two in this room knows," Dazzle said quietly, leaning in so she wasn't overheard. "But still, I'll keep my lips zipped as best as I can." Dazzle did notice Shortstack's awkward stance and couldn't help but laugh. "You were successful in making Shortstack look awkward though!" she looked away from Shortstack and over at the other members of the family that were currently around. "The other members look really interesting though. Did I speak with one earlier or was that somepony else? It wasn't Scarcity, it was a stallion that acted like a gentlestallion."
  6. @Blitz Boom KARMIC FATE & ATZY "In two weeks ... an audience with Princess Celestia and Queen Dia'Thiz?" Atzy asked in surprise. She picked up the scroll with her name on it and looked from it to Enzo. "It will most likely be fine but I get the feeling things won't be quite as ... smooth as things went today." "That is most likely because of what we did in those caverns," Karmic muttered under her breath, loud enough for both Enzo and Atzy to hear but still quiet enough in case the ambassador and his assistant were still in ear shot. "You've still got the sense of unease and frightened idioticness about you." "Idioticness!?" Atzy exclaimed in shock. "It was idioticness that may have saved me from a fate worse than death but idioticness all the same," Karmic replied in the same quiet tone as she grabbed her own scroll and nudged it open with her muzzle to unfurl to have a proper look at its contents. @Blitz Boom TWILIGHT SPARKLE "Sorry!" Was all Twilight could squeak out and immediately stopped her magic laser firing. She kept an eye on Cherish and let Last carry her into the forest. She immediately ducked despite nothing having come past them and she shivered. "This forest feels awful." @Blitz Boom AURORA LIGHTS Aurora stared at the lines of text and managed to commit them to memory before they faded completely. She shook her head to get the light flashes out of her eyes and raised a claw to press against the bump on Happy's head. "I'm fine, Happy. That bump looks nasty though. Maybe we should go get your cart first after all and get you patched or," she gulped and looked to where she remembered the object being thrown. She sounded a lot more confident than she did in her mind and that may have been in part to her newly recognised status as queen. "Maybe we can go investigate the direction of wherever the object was thrown from." @Blitz Boom & @Widdershins DAZZLE GLEAM "Aww, that's cute, you being having a pony. With the way you've come across to me, I thought you would've been single," Dazzle said with a smile. It may have been a bit harsh, considering what she's seen Long Stare act like, but she didn't exactly have a filter of her own. "All shy and talking quietly. Maybe you should announce it to the whole world."
  7. @Blitz Boom KARMIC FATE & ATZY "No, nothing else at all," Atzy replied with a quick shake of her head. "At least for now. If we do have anything else, I think we can find you here at the castle?" Karmic wasn't sure what to think and only nodded dumbly, stirring at her empty tea cup. "For what it's worth," Karmic said quietly, swallowing a bit. "The scorpion tea was nice, Ambassador." @Blitz Boom TWILIGHT SPARKLE "Wh- Manetids!? Those things you've been trying to find!?" Twilight yelped in a panic, unable to stop Last from running with her on her back. She looked behind them and seeing the bug creatures, she lit her horn up and attempted to zap a couple of them with purple beams of pure magic to try and get them to stop following. "What does magic do to the Manetids!? Wait, is Cherish following us!?" @Blitz Boom AURORA LIGHTS Aurora jumped to the side and flared her wings, hovering a bit with a couple of flaps before touching back down. She squawked in fear and her first instinct was to hide under her wings but she couldn't exactly do that when a friend was in trouble. She took a breath and let it out slowly, doing her absolute best to keep fear from clouding her mind. Aurora took stock and looked from Happy and to where the ball had been thrown from. Not seeing anything left behind, she quickly ran to Happy. "Are you alright? Did you see what threw that?" Aurora asked quickly in concern. @Blitz Boom & @Widdershins DAZZLE GLEAM "You'd think I would have retained that information," Dazzle smirked at Long Stare and chuckled. "Nobles sound boring enough to not even give them the time of day, honestly. But hopefully whatever is happening here will happen soon. It's really really strange to me to stand around and do nothing." She added and shifted her stance from hoof to hoof before sitting down and wrapped her tail around her hooves. Looking at the strange assortment of ponies, she wasn't sure what to make of them other than that Shortstack was related to them in some fashion or other. "Shortstack! Why in Tartarus do you have so many siblings here!?" @Widdershins DAWN STREAK "That sounds very specific," Dawn said quietly. "I .. well. I don't have anything better to do with my life. I think I can help you find the filly ... or well mare now. Yeah. She'd be a mare now if she's still around here somewhere," Dawn told him with a quick nod. She was confident she could help him and if not, then well, at the very least they'll have each other, right? "I don't know any of my family other than my mum and that turned out to be a flop because she left as soon as I could fend for myself. I don't know if I have siblings, or even if my parents are still alive. So we could help each other find our family. What do you say?"
  8. @Blitz Boom KARMIC FATE & ATZY "Well ..." Karmic hesitated and decided to drink the rest of her tea to stop from answering for a while. "Zhu sounds like a pony. A pony can't be centuries old unless they're one of the Princesses," Atzy commented as she looked between Karmic and Golden. @Blitz Boom TWILIGHT SPARKLE "It all feels horrible. So much death ... I think I need a bit," Twilight said as she climbed onto the tree stump and sat down on her haunches. She was visibly shaking despite simply teleporting across the field so obviously something from it had affected her. "Maybe five minutes but ... Marepunzel's tower should be here, right?" @Blitz Boom AURORA LIGHTS Aurora visibly relaxed once she realised they were both alone and she smield at Happy. "Of course a wander ... where to, exactly? The only destinations I know of are King THorax's hive, your cart thingy, and Queen Onache. So it'll either be one of those three or Queen Onache will send some changelings after you." @Blitz Boom & @Widdershins DAZZLE GLEAM "That all depends on if I'm needed here for whatever is happening," Dazzle said as she glanced around at the crowded room. "It looks like everything is fine though .... I don't know ... maybe - wait. What in Tartarus are nobles?" she questioned in abject confusion and swivelled around to face Scarcity and Long Stare. She may have forgotten some things her parents had told her but at the very least she would remember what nobles were if her parents had told her about them. @Blitz Boom & @Widdershins DAWN STREAK "Yet you were raised by both so some of those pony values had to get ingrained into you," Dawn said haughtily, scrunching up her muzzle in a cute glare as she stared up at Kaltrops. "Go on, say what we prissy Princess ponies taught you!"
  9. @Blitz Boom ATZY & KARMIC FATE "Then is it possible to explain this to us, Enzo?" Atzy wondered, trying to get away from the train of thought she had in potentially revealing herself. "Did you hear anything about a breakout sometime ago?" Karmic asked, leaning over to the Ambassador. "Something to do with a cloaked pony?" @Blitz Boom TWILIGHT SPARKLE Twilight swallowed and nodded. After she had given Cherish's stick to Last, she went off to the left and began climbing up the spiral staircase. It was falling in places and was a bit too tight for her to spread her wings far enough to get decent lift. She avoided looking out through the gaps in the barricades and kept focus on every step she was taking. It was hard, and slow, and half an hour had passed when she finally arrived at the rooftop. She looked out at the battlefield to orient herself and her face went white. She couldn't help it. She was frozen and everything about the battlefield, all that had happened and everypony that had died, assaulted her mind when she picked up on the latent magical energy in the air. A quick flash of a white light snapped her out of things and she immediately teleported to Last's location, arriving with a gasp and her eyes screwed shut. @Blitz Boom AURORA LIGHTS "Mmm, more than ready," Aurora sighed softly and nodded at Happy. She ignored his inebriated state and rolled her neck before using a claw to rub the back of it. "Are we going to retrieve your cart before heading back to Onache with Thorax's answer?" @Blitz Boom, @Widdershins DAZZLE GLEAM "That's what it looks like," Dazzle smiled and humemd in thought. It did strike her odd that Scarcity thought up of a solution to her living situation on the spot rather than asking around for help. "Either way, Scarcity is a wonderful pony to help out a nobody like me. As for the rest of everypony here, are we all waiting for some other ponies to join?"
  10. @Blitz Boom KARMIC FATE & ATZY "Cursed items? Like what, if you don't mind me asking?" Atzy asked. She was still nervous but for the moment her voice was clear and steady. It was a bit of a shock to hear the guards searching through her previous but at the very least, she's going to keep quiet about her true origins for the moment. "By element wearers you mean the Elements of Harmony?" Karmic guessed, looking between both Enzo and Golden. However, she didn't think they meant the Harmony Elements. She sighed softly and shut her eyes for a quick second. "You don't. You mean a different set of Elements. Alright. If it's fine, then hit us with what you two know." @Blitz Boom TWILIGHT SPARKLE Twilight stepped back a bit from Last's sudden face appear in hers. She felt her backside bump against the shrine and she breathed out slowly. "I don't want to look at that battlefield again, much less walk through it. I can place a beacon on you and I'll teleport after you," Twilight told Last with a quick shake of her head. She was still fairly shaken from what she experienced and didn't plan on going through it again. As much as she wanted to study the runes in the shrine, she knew she had to get away from this place even quicker. "The sooner we leave and get some of Marepunzel's hair, the sooner we can get Cherish planted at my castle." Having said this, she checked on the ghost pony with a small smile. "Now Cherish, do you want to have Last take you with her through the battlefield, or will you be prepared to teleport with me?" @Blitz Boom AURORA LIGHTS Aurora coughed into her claw. "I don't know where that came from," Aurora mumbled. "I didn't even think about using an authoritative tone. It slipped. Oh Celestia, I didn't want you to cower, King Thorax," she added in a hurt tone while she stared at the changeling king. It came out. It's not like she exactly had control over that yet. She stepped from side to side and then shook her head before bowing it. "I would like to visit again, King Thorax." @Blitz Boom & @Widdershins DAZZLE GLEAM "I don't even remember why I wanted to come to Ponyville in the first place, I'd rather simply meet up with my parents again. If this pony you know agrees to it, it'd be a big help," Dazzle smiled at Scarcity and looked back to Long Stare, ignoring Shortstack and his fiery anger. She tilted her head in curiosity and gently tapped Long Stare's shoulder with her hoof, although with how much strength she was used to exerting, it was more like a small shove. Dazzle smiled nervously and looked away and out at the rest of the crowd while she talked to her. "Sorry. You looked like you wanted to say something. Is there anything I can help with?"
  11. @Blitz Boom KARMIC FATE & ATZY "Chariot?" Karmic echoed in confusion. The name kind of sounded familiar to her but she couldn't place it at all. It was lost to her memory so she had opted to ask outright. "Who would Chariot be?" "Um, I want to know about Chariot too but are you talking about the armory the royal guards have when you mentioned a locker?" Atzy asked the Ambassador in slight nervousness. @Blitz Boom TWILIGHT SPARKLE Twilight gulped and stepped up to the shrine itself to study the inscriptions. She did recognise most of them being negation spells and sealing charms but what caught her eye was the inscription on the door. She'd seen it before in old spell books and looked over at Last, keeping an eye on Cherish out of the corner of her eye. She was confident when she talked about spells. It helped to quell her sickness of seeing the intense battlefield by a fair bit after all. "All of these are negation spells and sealing charms," Twilight pointed to the words and pictograms scrawled on the walls of the shrine. "However, on the door, I believe it to be the symbol of Nightmare Moon however I'm not completely sure. I only saw it once before in an old spellbook." @Blitz Boom AURORA LIGHTS "Other than Onache, the only other royal member I've met is you, King Thorax and I think Onache has more experience in ruling than you do," Aurora told Thorax quietly as she looked at the changeling king. Without meaning to, her voice had gained an authoritative edge to it and she was completely oblivious of the fact. "I'm completely new to being royal. You don't have a lot of experience from what I've seen in the time Happy and I have spent with you. I'd rather go to a changeling with experience, even if that changeling has done bad things in the past. Do you understand me?" @Blitz Boom & @Widdershins DAZZLE GLEAM "You're calming. I like that. It's a far cry from what I've been getting up," Dazzle told Long Stare happily. She gazed around the room and noticed how cramped it was with so many ponies in it at once. She snorted a giggle at seeing Shortstack comforted like a pet from Sunny's giant hoof and smiled warmly. "At least, far more calming than my first encounter upon arriving. You know, I highly doubt we'll be able to fit any more ponies in this place. It's a bit too cramped for my liking. As for finding my parents ... they're most likely still living on the edge of the Everfree on where it meets up with Bone Dry Desert in the south. I thought going through the forest would be the quickest way to get to Ponyville." @Widdershins DAWN STREAK "You make it sound like you don't belong with the dragons either," Dawn said, looking up at him with a tentative stare and snorted. "Ever heard of Spike the Dragon? He's Princess Twilight's assistant and is very much a 'ponified' dragon. Maybe you can learn a thing or two from him about fitting in."
  12. @Blitz Boom KARMIC FATE & ATZY "Princess ... Twilight? I'm sorry, I was only aware of Princess Celestia and Princess Luna," Atzy said in confusion. This caused Karmic to inwardly groan and rubbed her temple. "Let me interrupt. Atzy did live with us but she didn't get out much. She was only exposed to what our parents knew and that wasn't exactly much," Karmic said immediately before either Enzo or Golden had a chance to respond. "I really should have paid more attention," Atzy sighed softly only for her reveries to be interrupted by the calling of pie and cake. "What the heck is this stuff?" "These are different cakes and pies by the looks of things," Karmic commented with wide eyes at the foodstuff. @Blitz Boom TWILIGHT SPARKLE Twilight felt herself tugged along by a coldness and realising it was coming from Cherish, let herself be sent back down to ground level. SHe had no words and the paleness on her face persisted while they rejoined up with Last. It took a few minutes to swallow and wet her lips but she eventually spoke out to her guard. "I ... you ... were right. T-This place is t-too much for me," Twilight told Last with a quick shake of her head. "I d-didn't ... wasn't prepared for the sheer weight of the battlefield when I saw it." @Blitz Boom AURORA LIGHTS "My parents mentioned a cult once and what they tend to do with ponies and griffins and yaks ... it sounded a bit like what Queen Dia'Thiz was saying," Aurora said with a violent shake of ruffled feathers. "I want to leave and talk with Onache. She'll give some insight on what I should possibly do as a new queen but ... I ... um. I'm leaning towards actually attempting to be Queen of the griffins?" she said with an extremely nervous expression and shook it off. "I can't do that! I'm too young for that!" @Blitz Boom, @Widdershins "Uh no, I don't need anything like that," Dazzle shook her head at the suggestion. She'd gotten by sleeping on rocks and leaves in the Everfree so it's not like she was complaining. "An actual bed would definitely be a nice change of pace, Miss. I'm sorry, I don't think I got your name and you're being so kind to me." She instinctively ducked though when Shortstack began and she sighed softly. "Shortstack is not to be trifled with. I know. I can't help it, it's how I've gone against some of the monsters in the Everfree simply because I was bored." @Widdershins DAWN STREAK "I definitely have," Dawn said in a dark tone and decided to sit down on the floor next to Kaltrops. "The pony I once called mother. She left when I was a filly and I haven't seen her since. No parents around and no family so I had to figure out how to take care of myself and not get this home taken away from me in the process."