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  1. @Blitz Boom & @Widdershins Sorry about the lack of posts. I've been focusing on finishing my course. One more week and it'll be finished so I should be relatively back on schedule after that.
  2. @Blitz Boom KARMIC FATE & ATZY KARMIC "I don't exactly know where I am so help would be appreciated, thank you," Karmic told the general with a nod. "Although, I'm surprised the ambassador can move around at all base on what I've seen." Atzy "Never heard of King Thorax," Atzy shrugged. She didn't move much from her place on Enzo's shoulder but regarded the changeling curiously. "I thought there were only two variants myself. Gemlings and Changelings. I'll have to tell Queen Dia'Thiz if we meet up again about this council thing. She wants to let all the changelings know we come in peace mainly because we mostly eat gemstones like dragons do. As for what we do ... find gems and eat them? I've never really thought about it beyond the daily ins and outs of it." She has never talked this much before, not even with Karmic. What was it about Mind Reaper that made her speak so much? Probably the inquisitive and innocent mind Atzy saw behind the changeling's eyes. @Blitz Boom TWILIGHT SPARKLE "I wish to gain some of Marepunzel's hair so I can perform a ritual that will get Cherish unbound from her stick and to the castle I reside in," Twilight told Madame Macabre without hesitation although she probably should have done so, considering this is a creepy pony within a creepy location. "We're just missing this and one other ingredient and then Cherish can switch where she is bound to. Hopefully." @Blitz Boom AURORA LIGHTS "Hide in a bush and wait for it to be over," Aurora told Happy, looking over her shoulder at him before facing the front and let out a shaky breath. She shook her head and regarded both Lulu and Flaaxy. "A-Anyway, where are we even going to find the thing that threw the glitterbomb at us?" @Widdershins DAWN STREAK "That's all well and good but when you say match, you mean, match as in 'friendship' match or match as in 'something more' match?" Dawn smirked, her tail swishing from side to side. She intended it as a joke but it could very well go either way. She's not used to how Kaltrops thinks yet and was honestly liking the thought of him staying by her side. "You put it out there, so it's either one or the other. How am I meant to take it?"
  3. @Blitz Boom & @Widdershins Finally got around to replying! I'm in the last stretch of online schooling so I'm sorry I haven't had a chance to reply before now. I've been mostly focusing on that.
  4. @Blitz Boom KARMIC FATE & ATZY KARMIC "I feel like I'm intruding," Karmic admitted after a few minutes of thought and staring at the Ambassador. "But, from the meeting you had with my sister, Enzo, and myself, it looked like you were doing fine, Ambassador," she didn't exactly know what to do or say in this situation at the moment. Nothing was coming to her and no visions were happening either. Maybe that was for the best. She had no inclination of seeing a death in one of her random visions. ATZY Atzy leaned backwards a small bit, only enough to look at the buzzing changeling properly, and lightly pushed the reformed changeling back with a hoof. "I have a thing about personal space with strangers but ... yes, I'm a third variant of changeling. A gemling princess, in fact. Um, Mind Reaper? Maybe it's best to change that name to get into the ponies' good graces. I don't actually what a 'Council of Queens' is. Is it where different changeling queens sit around a table and bicker? I do believe I'm an outsider, however. " Atzy honestly had no idea what this changeling was talking about but it seemed like it was in her best interest to go along with it. @Blitz Boom TWILIGHT SPARKLE "How did you know I came here for a bit of Marepunzel's hair?" Twilight couldn't stop herself from asking and rubbed her nose; she placed her hoof in front of her muzzle and sneezed from the amount of dust that had been kicked up from all their walking. "Excuse me," she blushed lightly in embarrassment as they made their way up and looked at either side to Last and the Manetid. "It's ... strange. We all happen to run into each other just to get at this tower. Maybe something drew us all to it for a reason?" @Blitz Boom AURORA LIGHTS "No, those are terrifying things! Are you mad!?" Aurora couldn't stop herself from shouting at Flaxx in a terrified tone. She was standing in place and shaking like a leaf from the brief encounter. She didn't like violence one bit and even though she only witnessed it, it still made her scared and frankly, sick to her stomach. @Blitz Boom DAZZLE GLEAM "Basically, I'm hanging in there," Dazzle admitted. Now that they were away from that crowded place, she can breathe a bit easier. She plodded along with Scarcity, Long Stare, and Chop Chop, warily looking around them for signs of any danger. "I'm in no way used to ponies and just how crowded everything is. I, uh, I lived on my own for a long time. Before the Everfree I lived with my parents and the three of us basically lived on the edge of the Everfree and the desert that contains Appleloosa. But ... as for questions ... I ... want to know if I can even live here after all my time in the Everfree. I think i may have gotten a bit paranoid." @Widdershins DAWN STREAK "Eccentric? You? Puh-lease, that's not you!" Dawn laughed in a sarcastic manner he would understand she was joking. She placed her hoof back on the floor and even cracked a smile at him. "You are a really fascinating dragon, Kaltrops."
  5. @Blitz Boom KARMIC FATE & ATZY KARMIC Karmic was listening while she stuffed the papers back in her satchel. Her ears flicked in response and when she looked back up, the general was gone. She blinked a couple of times and quickly looked around before turning to run and catch up to the general. "Sorry, I'll come with. I feel like you'll need more than yourself to get the ambassador back under suitable care." ATZY "I was not expecting the Ambassador to speak so highly of us. I guess Karmic made it to the correct pony relatively quickly," Atzy told Enzo in a stunned tone. Not only wasn't she expecting the Ambassador to speak out for them, but for herself and Enzo to be cheered at the same time. "Maybe there's some merit to this friendship thing the ponies go on about?" @Blitz Boom TWILIGHT SPARKLE "This tower is suprisingly tall," Twilight commented. She was satisfied the Manetid and Last had made up for the time being. However, when it came to Madame Macabre when they caught up, she was no less scared of her. She did not show fear though. It could possibly harm her judgement along with causing Last some paranoia as well. However, she did clear her throat to try and speak to the tall mare. "Why are you here for Marepunzel, Madame Macabre? She's meant to be an old mare's tale about dangerous stepmothers." @Blitz Boom AURORA LIGHTS "All this is going over my head, Lulu," Aurora admitted in complete confusion. "All I wanted to do was some sightseeing and then head back home. Now I discover I'm a royal changeling and we're off to discover whoever threw that glitter bomb," she added, looking around them. She was searching for some kind of danger to rear its head. It usually does at some point and in a dark forest with only a few companions? Definitely a recipe for some disaster to strike. @Widdershins DAWN STREAK Dawn was blushing furiously despite all Kaltrops did was talk about her hoof and what it was all about. Maybe it was the sudden close proximity to the dragon? Who knows but what she did figure out, was that he truly cared about hooves. "Maybe," Dawn said before coughing to clear her throat and kept her leg within Kaltrops' grip. "Maybe you should go into hooficure yourself. You certainly have a mind for this sort of thing," she ended up mumbling, unsure of what to say in this situation.
  6. @Blitz Boom & @Widdershins Yes, Dazzle Gleam is the character in this section. If you are having a hard time with this multi-part character you've created Widders, it's fine if you want to shelve them for a while Dazzle, Long Stare. and possibly Scarcity can continue on just fine. Dazzle was simply trying to get Sunny's attention to talk with your characters more, Widders.
  7. @Blitz Boom KARMIC FATE & ATZY KARMIC "Um, General Dew, was it?" Karmic asked in slight confusion, having not heard his name properly when she walked in. Upon him turning if he registered her voice, she quikly bowed and chuckled. She hoped he wasn't one of the generals who may have possibly discovered her escape with Zhu. If so, things would get awkward fast. "Um, Ambassador Golden .. he uh, he gave me this to give to you to let me and my companions wander around Canterlot at our leisure," she said quickly while turning her head to fumble with the messenger back around her barrel. ATZY The gemling quickly followed Enzo and landed on top of his back almost out of instinct before trotting up to his shoulder. "All that memory stuff? I'll figure it all out eventually. But. You're chatting with an ex-parsitic Changeling turned Princess Gemling. I think you're well past the point of madness," Atzy smirked at him, looking across to view his face. "Unless I'm an apparition and all this is inside your head and your stuck back in that mine. Alone. With your thoughts. And everything in between to do with loneliness and isolation." @Blitz Boom TWILIGHT SPARKLE "I once read something long ago that might have mentioned this Madame Macabre," Twilight said nervously, the Manetid's fear and Last's sudden pushiness affecting her mood. Not to mention Cherish's sudden reappearance. "I don't remember much but I do believe she is a part of a family of guards out in Somber Heights. Twilight then shook her head and swallowed thickly. She gazed at the open door before looking at both Last and the Manetid. She spoke to them while checking on the stick within her saddlebags to make sure Cherish was still around. "You two ... please, please play nice until we are away from this place. We need to hopefully find Marepunzel before Madame Macabre does. Is that clear?" @Blitz Boom AURORA LIGHTS "Um ... it might be? I just don't like fighting. I want no part of it. I saw too much of it back home," Aurora said in complete confusion, staring at Lulu. She had no idea what Lulu was going on about and attempted to understand some more. "Traits ...? Hives have those? Hives are like ponies and griffins with personalities?" @Widdershins DAWN STREAK "... hooves?" Dawn blinked at this, not really sure why Kaltrops would ask for hooves in payment for crossing a bridge. Her excitement did dwindle a bit at the mention of it and she leaned forward to better hear him, not really thinking about it when she asked, "Why their hooves? All the metal in them? The studs? The horseshoes? The bone marrow?"
  8. @Blitz Boom KARMIC FATE & ATZY KARMIC "I don't know about the slave-keeping, honestly. The one we're travelling with is ... different as far as he tells us anyway," Karmic told the bat pony. She had no idea that sphinxes kept ponies as slaves. Now she was glad Enzo wasn't like that. Although, now she has to think of something to sate the guard's curiosity. Here's hoping Atzy can stick to this story when Karmic gets back. "My sister and I were exploring one of those abandoned mines. We stumbled across a large pile of fur and feathers which turned out to be Enzo down one of the many passageways. We all came to an agreement and decided to explore places together. But settling in Canterlot for a bit wasn't something my sister and I had planned," she explained to the bat pony. Hopefully that would be enough to sate her curiosity for a while. ATZY "Never would have picked you for a philosopher," Atzy giggled, stepping out from behind Enzo once the foal had gone back down. Upon reflex she had hid behind him so the foal wouldn't get too scared but now she was back and looking down at the gardens with him. "But I think I get what you're saying. Try to do things your own way, I guess. I ... want to know why I have a memory blocker, why my memories aren't there, what actually happened but, forcing them ... that will only hurt me more, I think." @Blitz Boom TWILIGHT SPARKLE Twilight's own eyes darted between the strange mare, the skulls over her body, and the tower behind her itself before settling on the mare. It was strange to look at a pony with odd decorations, despite being used to seeing it with Zecora. The manetid's screech and Last's decoration got her out of her thinking though and she shook her head a bit. She observed the barrier and figured the four of them were safe for the moment dsespite the terrifying forest directly behind them. "Yes, Madame Macabre, we are looking for Marepunzel. We figured her tower would be here with hopes of her still being alive if she proved real. How do you know about that though? Not even this flying friend of ours knew about it," she spoke loud and clearly to be heard, gesturing to the manetid beside her. @Blitz Boom AURORA LIGHTS "O-Oh, you fight," Aurora said nervously, her feathers turning paler than they already were. "U-Um ... I-I d-don't think I n-n-need to hear more of that," she stammered, looking away from Flaxx and Lulu to stare at the forest they were walking towards. She knew that lots of creatures fought. She didn't think to meet two of them who did it so lovingly and carefree. It made her feel slightly queasy but not enough to show any sort of visual feedback for it. @Blitz Boom, @Widdershins DAZZLE GLEAM "Sunny is the big mare isn't she?" Dazzle guessed as she looked towards the sun-yellow giant of a mare. "Okay, if I get squished I'm blaming you," she told Stare with a couple of chuckles before wandering up to the giant mare. "Hey, uh, Sunny, right? You helped stop the fight between Shorty and I, remember?"
  9. @Blitz Boom KARMIC FATE & ATZY KARMIC "Oh," Karmic said as she looked down at her satchel. She hadn't reaised Enzo had put a symbol on it but looking back, it's probably for the better. "I guess I kind of am? I'm travelling with him but we decided to get approval to actually be in the city and not get pursued by guards. I've actually got a certificate saying as such in here and Enzo and my sister, who is with him, have identical ones," she told the guard pony. Her ears flicked a bit and for a couple of seconds, thought on what she had just called Atzy. She supposed it's apt, considering what they've both been through, but to do it so quickly? It's strange to think of but it's also a comforting thought. She nudged open the saddle bag with her muzzle before pulling out the scroll of parchment with her teeth and showed it to the night guard. "Beer ib id." ATZY "I'm sure there's a reason I don't have them. Maybe I was simply born a parasitic goop thing but ... well. Maybe forcing it is a bad thing like you said," Atzy sighed softly. She stepped forward before sitting back down beside Enzo, looking over the banister and down to the gardens below. Her expression was unreadable and she liked to keep it that way for as long as possible. After having shared Karmic's head for a bit, she'd rather keep her thoughts to herself and not have anyone read them "Although ... I don't think I was. Karmic did see a young changeling nymph that I found very familiar in those mines. The one we followed through the different tunnels." @Blitz Boom TWILIGHT SPARKLE "We're out of the woods," Twilight huffed, not caring at the moment how Last and the manetid were bickering. She breathed in deeply and continued to wheeze for a bit but she looked from the forest and to the grassy fields. "Do ..." she trailed off. She noticed Cherish was gone and hoped that meant she had retreated to the stick that lay in her saddlebags, and judging by the ectoplasm that's been left behind, she most likely did. "Cherish is resting ... as much as a ghost can, I guess. But, do any of you know what this area is?" Twilight asked them both. She blinked a couple times when she looked between the creatures and narrowed her eyes slightly at a shimmer over the entire area in front of them. She recognised the shimmer as an illusion and hoping to be right, Twilight swallowed and lit her horn to cast a rudimentary illusion lifting spell to see if it was in fact an illusion. @Blitz Boom AURORA LIGHTS "I don't think you know what courting is," Aurora sighed at him before flying down to the ground. She laid down beside the pair and let Happy off of her back. "From what I can tell, Happy here has had something he calls 'happy juice'. Or, from the smell of it, alcohol. Griffins in the village back home tend to drink a lot," she told Flaxx and Lulu. "Where have you two come from anyway? And you in particular," she unfurled a wing and pointed it at Flaxx out of curiosity and looked excited at meeting the diamond dog. "I have never seen something like you before, its kinda cool!" @Blitz Boom, @Widdershins DAZZLE GLEAM "This dragon scholar sounds like someone I can actually talk with," Dazzle admitted, looking between both Stare and Scarcity before looking over to Shortstack. She didn't know why she kept getting drawn to him or complaining about something she obviously couldn't control but here it goes. "Despite what I've been yelling at Shorty he doesn't seem to answer. Or react." @Widdershins DAWN STREAK "You sounded pretty sketchy just then. I like it," Dawn grinned at him before remembering how he said his explanation of being a troll under a bridge. "I thought you would have gotten that reference however, what was it you actually stopped them for? Gold? Fame? Riddles?" Dawn the gasped dramatically and leaned towards him from across the table. "Was it for gem cupcakes!?"
  10. @Blitz Boom I'm honestly confused at what's happening with @Widdershins's characters with the Hydra. Besides, it doesn't look like Shortstack is interested in even talking to Dazzle despite her constantly trying to goad him into a fight. What else is there about the character? That's all i know he does!
  11. @Blitz Boom & @Widdershins It's been a hot minute since I last posted here because online schooling (blegh) took my time. Last thing I remember was Dazzle trying to get the frog's attention but I think one of Widders characters took it out? What are you, Boom, trying to do with the monsters that invaded the area all these characters are in?
  12. @Blitz Boom KARMIC FATE & ATZY KARMIC "Oh, a bat pony? In the daylight?" Karmic asked in complete surprise. She had done a one-eighty and come face to face with the guard pony. Karmic's eyes had widened in surprise because she wasn't all that used to seeing bat ponies in the Royal Guard. She gulped and attempted not to imitate a fish and spoke after clearing her throat. "You ... why? Shouldn't bat ponies, you know, be guarding the night time with Princess Luna?" ATZY Atzy was content to sit slightly behind him, looking out through the gap his wing made between the left side of the doorframe. She took this time to look at her legs and idly poke at the gems that filled the holes regular changelings would otherwise have. "I don't remember much about why I was a parasitic goop. I hope to regain those memories but something tells me they were blocked off for a reason and I'm honestly a bit scared to find out why," she said with a quick shot of nervous laughter and looking, continued on while speaking to his back. "Although I'm sure they don't compare to what you must have gone through on that island." @Blitz Boom TWILIGHT SPARKLE "Okay, one more jump and then I really need to recharge," Twilight nodded firmly at the directions the flying, buzzing creature gave her. She didn't exactly trust it because Last didn't but what choice did they have to get out of this current situation alive? "Sorry, Cherish, but you'll need to hold it in for one more teleport," she told her ghostly assistant and breathed out while she lit up her horn. The magenta magic swirled around the manetid, Last, Twilight, and all their belongings. At the same moment her magic shield collapsed, there was a bright flash and they were all out of the forest, exactly where the Manetid said would be the edge. Twilight huffed, quickly shaking her head, and coughed a couple of times. "Did ... I hope ... I hope that's ... the last ... for now." @Blitz Boom AURORA LIGHTS "I need to get used to this 'Queen' business fast," Aurora sighed heavily. "I know I look like a griffin at the moment, but I am most definitely a Changeling Queen," she told Lulu and smiled at her. Her voice was confident than it normally and that could potentially be attributed to her mind settling into the fact that she was a queen and had an image to maintain, rather than continue to be the meek little changeling she always has been. "My name is Aurora Lights. Just ... Just call me Aurora though, please. I'm still not used to being Queen of anything. I never knew about Chrysalis doing all these evil things until I met King Thorax a little while ago. Far as I'm aware, there's only three hives I know of. Your former one, whichever hive Happy is from, and King Thorax's. You and your friend are definitely interesting but for the moment, Happy and I want to find out what threw the glitter bomb. Do you two want to join us?" @Blitz Boom & @Widdershins DAZZLE GLEAM "Guh, sorry," Dazzle groaned with a shake of her head. "I just don't like it when ponies assume you know what's happening and expect answers!" she shot off, an errant spark of electricity shooting off through the open door. Dazzle shook her head again and laid down on the floor. With a concerning amount of effort, the electricity ceased almost immediately and the blue lines under her fur disappeared. "It's ... maybe? I never really looked into dragon magic. It's always been a part of me so I didn't really think of it as 'magic' or something that can be used to help others."
  13. @Blitz Boom KARMIC FATE & ATZY "Right, sorry," Karmic replied and gave the bag to Atzy before taking the scrolls and placing them in the bag Enzo had fashioned for her. She was taken aback though by how well-made the bag was despite being made entirely out of parchment. "The bag is lovely, Enzo. It feels amazingly silky smooth to the touch. I'll go and see what's what and try to find you two later," she told them both, deciding to leave out Atzy's and Enzo's scrolls for them. She left them on the table and walked out the way she saw the Ambassador go. She took it upon herself to keep calm, and remind herself that she was not a fugitive having broken out with Zio, she was a 'sister' to a Gemling Princess and hopefully she can act as such if she finds a general along the way. "So why are you looking all gargoyle like, Enzy?" Atzy asked in a slightly disinterested tone, wrapping her hoof around the pouch while placing the gems within her magic inside it. Her blue glow of her magic pulled out a string from the bag and had it wrap around her neck so it was sitting against her torso. She shook her head so her mane flopped about and then sat down on her haunches beside the doorway leading onto the balcony. She peeked out around the wooden frame and looked at the world past Enzo's wings. @Blitz Boom TWILIGHT SPARKLE Twilight sucked in a deep breath and forcibly erected a shield around all four of them, her magic either blasting away or through the tendrils, making the ground they stood upon the only thing not to be engulfed by the fungi. "We need to get out of here. I can tell we're close but I need a direction if any of you bickering idiots would care to help," Twilight said in an angered and tired tone while glaring at the Manetid and Last. "I am tired, scared, and all I want to do is get what we came for and leave. Is that too much to ask!?" @Blitz Boom AURORA LIGHTS "Like Happy said, I'm a new changeling Queen. Happened earlier on today, actually," Aurora admitted with a slight shake of her head. She was interested in the changeling that flew up to her, especially with the relationship between her and the Diamond Dog. She did largely ignore Flaxxy in favour of explaining herself to the new changeling. "I don't have a hive at all, actually. I was never in a hive, well, I was taken away from my hive when I was a nymph which was," she obviously hesitated before sighing heavily and looked the other changeling directly into her eyes. "Chrysalis' hive. I was taken away from Chrysalis when I was a nymph." @Blitz Boom & @Widdershins DAZZLE GLEAM "I only got here today, how would I know what's local or not here!?" Dazzle asked, promptly exploding and adding to the chaos as she stared at Blither. She didn't even think today was going to end up as chaotic as her time in the Everfree but hey, here she is, in the middle of some more chaos. "All I know is these toads are not normal and need to be dealt with immediately!" she cried, blue electricity sparking all over her body - sending some static into the air to send everypony's hairs on end that were near her - as she prepared for a fight, be it magical or physical. @Widdershins DAWN STREAK "You never mentioned a bridge. Only caves and dragons doing this and that," Dawn said, poking her hooves into the air before smirking. A hilarious thought occurred to her and doesn't exactly care if Kaltrops found it offensive or not. "You must be the troll under the bridge foals are told about."
  14. @Blitz Boom I only just realised while going through my reply that you missed Aurora's latest part when you last responded to Twilight, Karmic and Atzy. It was this one in case you forgot. And I also forgot what Karmic is meant to be doing because it's been a hot minute since I last thought about it. Is she trying to let a guard know her, Atzy, and Enzo are free to roam around Canterlot?