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  1. @Blitz Boom TWILIGHT SPARKLE Twilight had her ears pinned back and simply let Last explain. When she had finished, the Alicorn had an unreadable expression on her face but that soon gave way to calm when she breathed in and out a few times. "That sounds horrible, Last. You and the other shrine maidens going through that? I ... I can't even imagine what it must have been like," she told the mare and looked at Last with a concerned expression. "While horrible to, well for lack of a better word, harvest these Manetids for parts, I'm sure you had a very good reason ... right?" @Blitz Boom KARMIC FATE Karmic felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand up and she turned around, being careful not to fall off of Enzo. She narrowed her eyes and the cloudiness in them gave way to more normal-looking pupils, even if the white sclera surrounding them had more green than white. "Who's there!?" Karmic called out despite not seeing anything within the shadows. @Blitz Boom AURORA LIGHTS Aurora shivered at feeling the nymph travel her hoof over her exoskeleton. It was an odd feeling and something she hasn't felt before. "I .. uh ... oh," Aurora breathed out to try and reassert her attention but once Happy mentioned something about voices up ahead, she coughed to clear her throat. "I'll um, let's see what happens," she mumbled in a small voice, obviously scared and made sure to go back and walk behind the cart properly.
  2. @Blitz Boom AURORA LIGHTS "T-Touch me?" Aurora questioned in a shocked tone. She was woefully unprepared for that reaction. Fear? Yes. Confuusion? Absolutely. Asking to be touched? That was far from her mind as it could get. She shifted her stance slightly in worry and a bit of fear before gulping and taking a breath. "Y-Yeah ... you can touch. As long as you're um, careful.. O-Okay?" @Blitz Boom TWILIGHT SPARKLE "What's a Manetid?" Twilight questioned out of curiosity more than anything else. It was something new she hadn't heard of. Her ears had pricked up at the name and couldn't recall ever reading about them. She nodded her head at hearing the possible destruction and gained a thoughtful expression. "I've read a lot of books on monsters in the Everfree and around Equestria as a whole, including the ones I've come up against personally." @Blitz Boom KARMIC FATE "That doesn't sound normal," Karmic commented before hopping onto Enzo's paw. She didn't sound too concerned about the roar but she was mildly interested in it. "At the very least we should check it out. It could be the reason both the dragons and Changelings abandoned this place after all."
  3. @Blitz Boom Le gasp! Family wanting you to pay attention to them!? How horrible! That aside, hope you have fun!
  4. @Blitz Boom Oh no. Oh no. That. I thought it was a small wagon cart! Whoops! I'm going to change it now. EDIT: And after a quick edit, Aurora is back to normal size being half as tall as the cart.
  5. @Blitz Boom AURORA LIGHTS Aurora was at a loss as to what to do so she gave a small smile before thinking of it. "Ah. My magic trick is ..." Aurora sighed and nodded to herself. "Alright, focus on me. I may not seem like I'm able to, but I'm going to change. Like the adults do." she said and in a burst of green-coloured fire, transformed into her usual changeling self. She was the old kind of changeling, with black chitinous armor, green membranous wings, but her mane was a reddish-orange colour instead of a blue-green variety. Her size shrunk to be about half as tall as the size of the cart too but she could still walk and see just fine. She had no idea on how the nymph would react, and didn't remember if Happy has seen her like this either. @Blitz Boom TWILIGHT SPARKLE "You're already proving your worth, Last," Twilight said happily. She nodded to Cherish to acknowledge what she said but didn't elaborate further on it, in favour of conversing with Last for a bit. She did know that these were weaknesses of her and her friends but for whatever reason, they haven't been exploited. At least as far as she could remember. "I already know about how much we rely on friendship and magic to get us through the battles. It's a wonder none of the villains we've fought have thought of that before. I guess I just never really thought too hard about it until you mentioned just how big of a weakness it really is." @Blitz Boom KARMIC FATE "These tunnels go on forever!" Karmic whined and sat down at a junction, rubbing her hooves. "That filly is nowhere to be seen and there hasn't been any sign of anyone living here! GAH! IT FEELS LIKE WE'VE BEEN WANDERING IN CIRCLES!"
  6. @Widdershins DAWN STREAK "You, you did all that?" Dawn asked in a surprised tone. There may have even been a bit of awe in her voice too if the drake listened close enough. She moved to sit in front of the dragon and curled her tail around her hooves ."I, uh, don't think you have to worry about that when I'm letting you live here." @Blitz Boom AURORA LIGHTS "It's a good thing," Aurora repeated quietly. She took a bit of time to recollect herself and watched the changeling nymph for a few seconds. "Do you want to see a magic trick?" she asked tentatively, following beside Happy and a little behind him once she realised the nymph hadn’t moved from his back. @Blitz Boom KARMIC FATE "The path is marked, let's head down," Karmic replied with a smile, seemingly unconcerned and hadn't noticed the changes of her eyes reflected in Enzo's own. She turned on a dime and even hummed a happy tune as she followed the path through the tunnel. Along the walls, the diamonds grew in various clusters, with most of them growing where paths intersected along the way. @Blitz Boom TWILIGHT SPARKLE "But Ponyville has trained fighters. Me and my friends. If that's what you suggested though, I'll need to talk with you properly about this, you're right," Twilight sighed with a nod. She looked at Last and peered at Cherish before chuckling to herself. "What you probably know about me doesn't match up with what I've been saying, hasn't it?"
  7. Is there any way to see all the pictures of the different ranks that we have?
  8. @Blitz Boom, @Widdershins Hey, thanks! We don’t even know what we’re doing with the characters other than them being romantically involved. We’re just winging it, I guess.
  9. @Blitz Boom KARMIC FATE "Um, uh, everything, everything is fine," Atzy replied in a high-pitched tone, all bravado and confidence having fled from her voice. "Everything is ... fine. I just, um ... Karmic? Help?" "What?" Karmic answered out loud in confusion before she shook her head. She put a hoof to it as she suffered a migraine and took in deep breaths. "Seeing those Changelings walk around terrifies Atzy," she said slowly and took a couple of steps forward. She then turned and looked up at Enzo. Her eyes, no longer looking pure white, now had edges of green to her sclera. "She's not willing to come out but the filly Atzy was following went down this way," she then pointed to the tunnel behind her, looking like the middle one of the many paths branching off from the current one they were in. "We should mark this tunnel so we know how to get back out." @Blitz Boom AURORA LIGHTS "Um ... I ... I don't look like one of you," Aurora said nervously, not even noticing the Changeling nymph in Happy's arms. She pawed at the ground before demurely looking back the way they came out of fear. "You know I don't. H-How are they going to react to m-me? M-M-Maybe I sh-should stay as a griffin and just, uh, wait out here?" @Blitz Boom TWILIGHT SPARKLE The Alicorn nodded her head at Cherish's words and regarded Last in the same friendly light she attempted to give all ponies. "While I know it will take some getting used to how, urm, intense you are, I believe I wouldn't trade you for any other guard. You've already done so much to help, it would be an honour for you to help out even more. Serving, um, under me as you put it, and I don't think Princess Luna would mind if she saw you as my main guard ... pony." She then breathed out with a nervous expression and added, "that sounded a lot better in my head." @Widdershins DAWN STREAK "No, I don't know the old saying," Dawn said in a deadpan, merely staring at the drake blankly. His other words, however, did resonate with her a bit so she spoke her next few sentences in a quiet but firm voice. "I've also had to live on my own, you know. Ponies normally don't just up and leave a filly in a house on their own one day. Bad and abusive parents do, but normal ones don't. That happened to me. From a young age. I'm not a normal pony in that respect, having lived a happy sweet and sugar filled life. I've had to work hard to get to where I am, which is most likely something you wouldn't understand."
  10. @Blitz Boom KARMIC FATE & ATZY Atzy took a bit of time to process what Enzo had told her. She had no words on what to say to him, and before she could even begin thinking about formulating a response, her eyes flashed white for a couple of seconds. "K-Karmic? Wh-wha..." Atzy trailed off as a terrified expression overcame her face. 'I don't know why we're seeing this, Atzy,' Karmic breathed within Atzy's mind. Atzy stopped walking suddenly, forcing Enzo to bump into her if he hadn't been watching where they were going. Atzy saw in front of them a whole maze of tunnels that had multiple entrances at the path ahead. But that wasn't what she was focused on. She was focused on the spirits of the past, with that being Changelings walking in and out of the tunnels. "Wh ... that ... why? So ... So many changelings ..." @Blitz Boom AURORA LIGHTS Aurora was silent once more. She digested the lengthy explanation, and took in a few deep breaths. She opted to just stare straight ahead without saying anything and ruffled her feathers some. At least she wasn't yelling at him or fighting him while she found out about how Changelings operated. @Blitz Boom TWILIGHT SPARKLE "That seemed a bit ... intense, did it not?" Twilight asked nervously, unsure of how to respond otherwise. She made sure Cherish's stick was within her saddlebags along with the vials of plant juice from that curious plant monster, and made after Last. "You seem happier than before. Why would that be?"
  11. @Blitz Boom KARMIC FATE & ATZY "I'm not sure if I consider you a 'friend', per say. Maybe more of an acquaintance?" Atzy guessed before shrugging. She wasn't sure how to feel about Enzo at the moment. Sure, he was helping her and Karmic along but at what cost? What was Enzo getting out of all this? She did sigh though when Karmic butted in. 'Hey! I do! He hasn't left me yet or thrown me in jail!' Karmic interjected within Atzy's mind. She took a breath and shut her eyes briefly, almost impaling herself on a stalagmite that was jutting out of the ground at head height. "Karmic considers you a friend. You're the first one to not leave or throw her in jail," Atzy repeated. @Blitz Boom AURORA LIGHTS "I ... I just have two questions," Aurora managed to say with a few gulps of air and asked her question in a wavery tone. She had no idea on the answer, and was scared to even think it, but she had to ask anyway. "Why do all this? Why should I give second chances to a species I don't even know about?" @Blitz Boom TWILIGHT SPARKLE Twilight gave a small nod and managed to look back ahead of her, ignoring the plant creature behind her. "You are right, Last. We should focus on letting Cherish roam around free. Or at least transfer her rooted soul to something in my castle," she told Last and glanced in her direction. She offered a smile and a slight head tilt to the right. "You're like Spike, in a way. You help keep me focus. I think it would be best if you stuck around, Last Stand." @Widdershins DAWN STREAK "For years? Don't make me laugh!" Dawn replied before laughing haughtily. "You barely look older than me! And on top of that, you haven't scared me one bit!!"
  12. @Blitz Boom KARMIC FATE & ATZY "Wha-wait!" Atzy called after Enzo and ran to catch up to him. SHe didn't get too far behind him and ended up bumping into his back leg. She stumbled around him and shook her head to get her mind right. "The filly went this way," she eventually said and began walking in front of Enzo and down the corridor where the patches of diamond clusters began to intermittently show. With some appearing while others didn't. @Blitz Boom AURORA LIGHTS Aurora was silent while she listened to Happy. It didn't take much to figure out why she was initially shunned by her griffonic peers. She didn't speak, and merely let it all run through her head so she could process the new information. @Blitz Boom TWILIGHT SPARKLE "Cherish and I are not two half-finished messes," Twilight said when she looked back to her front. "Cherish and I are merely concerned for whatever this plant creature is. It's clearly not a plant, and it's clearly not a pony by what I could see of its behind. It's a mixture of those two and it's tough to figure out if it was a plant first or a pony before whatever chaotic magic fused them together." @Widdershins DAWN STREAK "You're certainly acting like one," Dawn smiled mischievously. She stepped away from the drake and stepped into the kitchen. A couple moments later, she had a glass balanced on her hoof and offered it to him. "Would the pet like some water?"
  13. @Blitz Boom, @Widdershins Just posted. Sickness is over. My sporadic posting is back to normal.
  14. @Blitz Boom KARMIC FATE & ATZY "She was running away ... she was happy ... I d-don't know if we should follow though," Atzy admitted, looking further down the tunnel. She did stay where she was though and was staring with incredibly wide eyes. She didn't know what to make of seeing that filly and it shook her enough to act like a leaf caught in the wind. @Blitz Boom AURORA LIGHTS "So ... there are others. Other changelings ... wh-who are, um, slaves?" Aurora asked nervously. "Th-They do the labour because Queens are lazy? They just d-do things without question?" @Blitz Boom & @Widdershins TWILIGHT SPARKLE Twilight was unable to move for a good couple of seconds, seemingly frozen as she stared at Cherish retrieving the plant ooze. She was shocked to walking though when Last's voice floated away and she hurried to meet her, deep in thought. She wasn't sure of what to say and looked over her shoulder, noticed it had tilted it's head, and almost felt sorry for leaving it behind. She did quickly look back to her front so she could watch where she was going after a bit. @Widdershins DAWN STREAK "Curl up at my hooves, eh?" Dawn smirked. She could get used to having a dragon around for company. It beat the loneliness she always had. "If you want, you can. I'm not stopping you. Although with your size, I doubt you'd be able to fit into my bedroom."