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  1. Am I... Alive?

    1. A Black Circle
    2. Sanctified Absence

      Sanctified Absence

      Heh, here I was thinking I'd be inactive from this place for good, if not for much longer...

  2. Probably freak out a bit before realizing the unbelievable power I now have. Every secret of every pony in the show is now known to me, I know exactly what they've done in situations that were either meant to be private or covered up. Add a hint of deception and the admittedly present gullibility of the Equestians and well... The possibilities are endless, I'd probably end up not using them for anything particularly malicious but I can't deny how I'd relish the feeling just a tiny bit.
  3. Magic is a name given to science one does not understand yet. Anything possible is within reality, it is therefore under the domain of science by definition.
  4. My repeated absences appear to reflect my username quite well. This is a disturbing trend.

  5. Stealthy, subtle and extremely deadly when used in the right way, rather easy to outclass when not applied with thought and intelligence.
  6. What I'm slowly coming to terms with is the loss of my mind as I grow older. Right now I'm not sure what's worse, to die younger or old with a broken memory.
  7. The smell of a new deck of MTG cards. As far as I can tell most other Magic: The Gathering players would agree.
  8. Alright, I have a rather... Interesting post to lead to an interesting situation which could end in a variety of ways depending on what I decide to do when it comes to attendance. Adrass in particular would love this if he saw it. However it's for a similar reason I need Torrent's approval beforehand.
  9. Discord has consistently shown an unparalleled ability to manipulate people against their own moral code and desires, so that might count for one sort of "smarts." (Damn it Celesitia, I know you're trying to reform him but he's really not living up to his potential caged like this.) Of course there are two ways to determine intelligence, raw cognitive processing power and skill. The latter has so many variations it's hard to list them all, the former is very hard to classify and compare.
  10. Fighting an activated combine harvester to the death with a wrench.
  11. Any, I guess. So long as they're paradoxical enough and at least one is theoretically impossible.
  12. It's a pseudo-Utopia. It therefore does not promote inherent evolution or the strengthening of a species. It's morally perfect, it's practically inferior to a harsher environment.
  13. A blue ruby. A married bachelor. A sharp sphere.
  14. To answer your questions, a mix of a two week long course, a few small problems and a little bit of occasional laziness I have not signed in for a long long while. It's becoming a worrying pattern and I fear that, despite how much I'm enjoying this RP, my inability to be ever present may negatively effect the storytelling of the GM's. I am deeply sorry for this. The way I see it there are two plausible ways to go from here. Either I turn Zaddion into a character that appears only rarely, make a new character that only occasionally turns up or just quit from this RP all together.
  15. That this Magick-science needs more... Something. Can't have a top-grade fiction without the Magic being more like a science than a plot-convenience device.