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  1. Accepted, but maybe elaborate more on how Mason became Ikaru's Butler? Also, try to get more people to join. Ask your friends!
  2. You need to put the information requirements down so everyone else knows what they look like. No special treatment because you're my fiancée lol
  3. We need more than one person, though, so tell your friends about it and try getting people to join
  4. THIS IS A HUMAN RP Elizabeth (Liz) Ashburne grew up a wealthy child in 19th century London. Her parents died in a boat crash when she was just 7 years old. She was then sent off to her aunt uunttil she was old enough to take over the estate. However, her aunt hated her mother for becoming the heir to their parents' wealth, and hated Liz for being the next in line. She did terrible things to Liz. Unspeakable things. Liz lived like that for 5 years until one day, while putting up books for her aunt in the study, she came across a book. In this book, there was a legend that if you summoned a demon, you could make some kind of pact with them and they'd free you from anything. Looking for a way out, she tried it. That's when she met Alexander. She made a pact with him. Their deal: he become her loyal servant and he gets her soul when she dies. He agreed, sealing the deal with his mark in both her eyes. She then ordered him to kill her aunt and help her escape back to the manor. Upon arriving at the manor, she wasn't surprised to see that none of the servants had kept up with the house. She then ordered him to get new staff for the manor. This is where you all come in. I need at least two maids, a cook, two butlers, and any characters that know Liz somehow. Whether it be relatives, former friends, ect. I will also need someone to play the part of Ciel and Sebastian. This is after Ciel becomes a demon (sorry to have spoiled it if you haven't seen the whole anime), and they end up finding their way to her manor and maybe possibly her become his love interest? I will decide once the rp starts who will be playing Ciel and Sebastian. This is what you need to provide-- Name: Age: Gender: Role in the rp: Appearance (if pic not included): Personality: Blonde male - Alexander Blonde female - Liz Symbol - the seal in both her eyes
  5. I'm beginning to think people want to use this more as a social media site than an actual rp site... Either that or I just keep getting the jerks that never want to stay in an rp :/

    1. Streiben Bones

      Streiben Bones

      Well, since i'm not even interested in RP i use it for social media reasons.

      Like offering avatars, improving skills, exchange tips for programs and such.

      It's a forum after all ;3

  6. If anyone wants to rp Sword Art Online, pm me for my Kik. I'm dying to start one! X3

  7. Midnight nodded. "Alright, but I'm just waning you. You may be my stallionfriend,but she's basically been my mother my entire life. She means the world to me..." Midnight looked down at Astrid, smiling softly. Lunar blinked, sleepily looking up at Steel. Celestia continued reading, sighing.
  8. Celestia began reading her books, sighing. "I know, Hemoe." Midnight frowned. "I'm stepping in if you start going too far." Midnight smiled softly in her sleep at Astrid's movement. Luna mumbled something in her sleep. Lunar yawned, opening her eyes a little.
  9. Celestia sighed. "I suppose you're right... I just hate that I have to duel him..." She looked at Hemoe. "Thank you for the book and I will begin reading it now." She smiled, opening the book. Truthfully, she was scared. She hadn't dueled in ages, and Grell was extremely powerful. She hoped things wouldn't turn ugly.
  10. Midnight sighed. "She may be powerful, but she is not used to fighting. Please, reconsider this..." She looked at him. Celestia frowned. "Do you think I am some kind of foal? I know how strong he is. I am also strong. He's the one that decided to challange me. I tried talking him out of it, but he insisted. True, I am no fighter, but I will try my hardest." She looked at Hemoe. "Please do not treat me as though I am inferior to you two."
  11. Midnight sighed. "I don't understand why you want to duel her so bad... She's not a fighter, Grell... You know that... And if you use THAT magic, she'll get crushed... Even she doesn't know forbidden magic..." Celestia blinked, taking the book. "Thank you..." She smiled. -Although I highly doubt I'll need it...- she thought to herself.