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  1. Might be a bit gross, but... My feet sweat a lot when I wear socks, and feel cold when I don't. What the actual fuck is wrong with me?
  2. Staying active in online communities (particularly one where I am co-admin) whilst keeping up with IRL business is rough. I don't know how I'll manage if I eventually get a regular, 9to5 day job.
  3. Sooo, is this a request for voice actors? cause, Thorax's personality suits me, and... well, you see where I'm going
  4. Naw... now that I found the board, I'll check in when I can. Thanks for the suggestion though. <3
  5. I'm interested in playing JB, but what's he like? also, hope you don't mind him sounding a bit Middle-Eastern
  6. *votes and checks results* No love for Pathfinder. Oh deer.
  7. What's Hitler's favorite Star Trek series? Deep Space NEIN NEIN NEIN NEIN NEIN NEIN
  8. Ah, I didn't know where to look for these things. Sadly all the male roles are taken, and I doubt my deep rumble can be mistaken for a filly's or young mare's. Unless it can be pitch-corrected somehow? but that sounds like cheating to me
  9. Sorry for double post, but I wanted to talk about this last one... it was very theatrical, with camera view changes and stuff. Know the USS Enterprise from the JJ Abrams reboot Star Trek? I dreamed that McCoy was in command, Kirk inquires where Spock is, so Bones explains he had to leave to get help from another race. The ship is chased by a huge Klingon battlecruiser, I think Negh'var is the name of that class? From here onward, the first-person POV is replaced with alternating views of the two ships and the Enterprise bridge. Both vessels go top-speed through a narrow corridor between torn-up buildings, with protruding metal poles and such, offering no escape from the sides or top. The Enterprise vents some warp plasma to blind the battlecruiser, so it can't shoot for a brief moment but continues chasing. Then sensors show that the end of the corridor is open space but dangerously close to a wall, so McCoy makes a plan. The Enterprise vents plasma again just before the opening, then veers upwards hard with engines in full reverse. The blinded battlecruiser wooshes right below them and slams into the wall, as predicted.
  10. Oh, well... I remember I had a very cool dream, but I forgot the details. I'm such an idiot for not immediately writing it down this morning. Now a whole day has passed and I don't even remember a single image.
  11. I had three weird dreams, early this morning... first two took place in a school, last two were basically openings of The Good Doctor episodes. First one: We were in class and there was an awkward helicopter "model" made of paper: a drawing of the body, with a tail rotor cutout pinned to it. But the main rotor was really weird, it had a pair of flat blades (regular paper strips) and a pair of looping ones (Moebius strips). Even weirder was the way we supposedly had to make those loops... because the shape you obtained didn't even make a loop. There was a machine of sorts, with kind of electrodes on each side, making short segments of a road made of paper; which went on straight for a while. Then it encountered a rock, where the electrodes split apart and widened the last two segments to go around that rock. Afterwards, the electrodes progressively got closer again and narrowed back to normal, making the last few segments of the road. I was really late to realizing we were supposed to be making the same "model", and only had two big bloc-notes to provide the paper I needed. Eventually I managed to make it I think, but the teacher who was touring the room grading our works, decided to skip me for some reason. Second one: A young man is sitting in a large exam room trying to finish his answers, when suddenly everything around him turns colorful. He begins to sweat, the hallucinations increase in intensity, until he eventually becomes nauseous and tries to get up. Third one: A middle-aged woman is rambling in a cheap coffee place, one barista comments about (for some odd reason) her not having a diploma. The woman tries to correct her by saying: "I do have a diploma, it's... it's..." but she can't finish it. She gets dizzy, stumbles, clings to the counter, and finally falls to the floor. (Now you understand why I brought up The Good Doctor for these last two.)
  12. I wanted to make a killer joke ...but I'm sure those have been done to death.
  13. Let me in! LEMME IIINNNNNNNN~ So we're voicing characters, right? or whole fanfic readings, like we've had on Discord before? Either way, write me down.
  14. Night In The Woods and The Lost Constellation soundtracks. Also, winter/snow background musics in most games.