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  1. Feather Spiral

    What Are Your Thoughts On Snow?

    Man, that's ...damned rough. I'll show myself out the door now.
  2. Feather Spiral

    Do you think people are too impatient?

    I immediately clicked this thread cause I didn't wanna wait until I had something relevant to say~ ...ok but really. You wanna see impatience, come to Turkey and try idling five nanoseconds after the light turns green. The first horn will be blaring continuously in less than a Planck time. Apparently it's the same in Germany, but only because they're so narrowly focused on the rules. I remember it happening when visiting Cologne; the light turned red for us but my mother's bad knee prevented us from hurrying, a bus practically run us over immediately when the light went green for them.
  3. There really isn't much fanfare about it but, happy Men's Day to my fellow males, who often don't get the recognition they deserve for their hard work and sometimes lose a lot of well-being (even life) to very high expectations.

  4. Feather Spiral

    Boop a snoot, any snoot

    @Lord Valtasar@Yoshi89@Steve Piranha
  5. Feather Spiral

    What Are Your Thoughts On Snow?

    It snow big deal, overall it's nice; Unless you must go, then you pay a price. As OP so adroitly expresses; Snow is fun but ice sure ain', Nor are frostbite or sickness; Though it can be worth the pain. (I just realized that "ain't" and "pain" partly rhymed, so I decided halfway through the post to do something with it-) Also sometimes, salt makes it worse - it melts the snow, but then the water re-freezes into ice.
  6. Starlight might've been captured, and Discord idk maybe he was off somewhere hanging out with space lizards from Andromeda... Actually, thinking back, Discord might've been discreetly feeding off of the chaos Storm King created. Once he saw Fluttershy was doing alright with her friends, he would've let the plot run its course.
  7. Feather Spiral


    IGN: Fissy_Quill Would like my cliffside house transferred~ from: -71225 97 -19854 (coords inside, you'll see the wool when you come out) to: x y z I wanna keep the following heads (the Halloween candies can go) 1-4/ food: burger, soda, hotdog, iced tea 5/ microwave 6/ popcorn 7/ Earth globe 8/ 2018 Valentine's bear head 9/ slime head 10/ Lucario head Also question: will entities transfer? tamed wolves and cats for example? Thanks~<3
  8. Feather Spiral

    General What did you dream about last night?

    I had two dreams last night, unfortunately I completely forgot the first one by the time I woke up. The second one, I was Spider-Man meeting some obscure historical person, whom I knew well for some reason. Anyway, I held him against me with one arm and used the other to web-swing around; the sensation was first scary, then exhilarating. The city was full of huge structures, some new (mostly towers) and some old (like a bridge with beautiful carvings beneath it and on the pylons). The man commented on how big everything was, and I replied with "yep, gigantism is trendy again nowadays~" or something similar. We ended up in some sorta racetrack, upside-down with water flowing thru (think Aquatic Capitol in Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity), where I struggled to go against the current a bit. Afterwards, I tried swinging across a lake mottled with small wooded islands, but it was tough to stay up with nothing to attach my webs to, tho somehow I kept going slowly. Someone was making huge waves there, we had no idea why, until I spotted some of the islands were burning. The waves struck the closest ones and put out the fires there, but there were more further down my path. After a narrow doorway (or two cliffs facing each other very close?), I saw why; there was a volcano erupting, and sending out half-molten boulders. It actually seemed very controlled; some sort of searchlight illuminated me, then the volcano hurled one of its burning rocks. I put the historical man somewhere safe, then started a boss battle where I'd use my web to sling those rocks back to the volcano. Sadly I woke up before I could find out whether my technique had been successful.
  9. Feather Spiral

    Complain About Something

    People are still referencing my MLP avatar when sending anon hate or insulting me publicly simply because of a disagreement. Believe it or not, it's usually "tumblr feminist" girls - I'd expect feminists to appreciate people watching this show, with strong female leads countering hate with sympathy.
  10. Feather Spiral

    Have You Ever Had Surgery?

    Well I had one, uhhh, down there cuz we lived in a Muslim-majority country before moving to France. Many years later, there was a long series of operations to restore my dentition (I called it "dental overhaul" on my tumblr) because I took pretty shit care of my teeth. On the plus side, we took that opportunity to readjust some of my teeth which, despite years of orthodontic therapy, were starting to shuffle around again. Finally, I had LASIK on my eyes because, frankly, my glasses were getting pretty T H I C C and lenses only wrecked my cornea. I wanted to leave all of those struggles behind, for the small price of complete non-stop ocular agony for 24 hours.
  11. Feather Spiral

    General Have you ever gotten stung by bees?

    A few times as an infant... like that time when I reached for my action figure without looking, felt something on my finger and spotted a tiny black speck right before it fell off. Luckily for me, I have a mother with a background in medicine capable of tending to various injuries.
  12. Feather Spiral

    Any oldies left? :/

    I joined in the very early days of MLP Forums, before the whole Poniverse thing... IIRC I was one of the folks Feld0 invited over to his forum in the days following its creation. Then, at some point, I decided to leave because the place was taking up too much of my time and I had several IRL commitments. Now, after a few years of absence, I've returned to lurk for the most part, but also post once in a while.
  13. Feather Spiral

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    I'll admit I sometimes forgot about the show itself, and haven't brought myself to watching an episode in months now. But it helped me discover a whole new community, where I can feel like I belong, as well as inspire me to write and draw. The show and its fanbase have always had a special place in my heart ever since I discovered it on a yoshi fan forum. What did you last eat for lunch?
  14. Feather Spiral

    The Rhyming Game

    Thinking up good rhymes can be a grind; But when artblock puts me in a bind And I have pent-up stress to unwind, Poetry can be medicine, I find. Inspiration can be quite the struggle; Sometimes, I just wait for it to bubble. Though the words are difficult to juggle, When I succeed, it makes the fun double! By being creative, I no longer see red Or feel too blue to enjoy life; instead, I will happily munch on gingerbread Until it's time for me to go to bed.
  15. Feather Spiral

    The Rhyming Game

    Your rhymes are something this pegasus commends! While common, to the point of ubiquity, Tales of friends saving the world in equity Are extremely inspiring stories indeed; Something many modern citizens need. Nowadays, it's trendy to just live alone; Working yourself all day to the bone, Only to work more once you're home, Until your mouth is frothing with foam. We should accept your social needs, Which our nature inherently breeds; Your family, and friendships you build, Exist to help; they would be thrilled! I want to write more, but it's late; my energy runs low. Let me call this a day, and rest until I regain my glow.