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  1. So according to a totally legitimate source that I overheard the other night, crazyness isn't actually among Masked Panzy's specialties. The fact that my source and their companion broke into giggles after making that statement is irrelevant.
  2. Often times when I need a video guide for, say, a mod download or troubleshooting. I look up the problem, click the search result that seems the most relevant. Usually it's correct but, it's some prepubescent-sounding kid droning the explanations into a shitty mic. Worse still, they launch into a long-winded narration of each step, as if we didn't have the picture to show it already. I end up praying that I reach the important part, and successfully integrate key points, before the dull voice puts me to sleep.
  3. Hey guys! did you know... the poster above me is secretly a bodybuilder's adoptive daughter! It's true, I have proof! this was on their Twitter feed
  4. I had several last night, but only recall like four of them? and two aren't exactly appropriate for a family-friendly server~ One was... strangely ordinary, to be frank... relatively speaking. I went to the bathroom, my dad was sitting at the computer and my mom on the couch behind it. After I got out, I lingered nearby but not too close. My dad turned around, and was startled so bad he jumped and screamed. In another, a giant tyrannosaur squatted my home and kept chomping the body off of my head. I pretended to enjoy it, brought him tea and even talked like a proper butler serving him. But when my parents arrived, I had to ask him to stop and act a little more civilized, which he refused though. As he began assaulting me, I anchored myself to the ceiling with tentacles from an alien symbiote to stay out of reach. Then after an intense chase, where I learned I could do a little move to change my size, I performed a ritual dance to shrink him down to my level. He was still rather large, but little humanoids (who were "my people" I guess) could restrain him. Meanwhile the ritual was really draining, so I passed "out" into the real world (in other words, I woke up).
  5. Woke up from another dream this morning, a little less action-packed but still thrilling. I suspect the story was influenced by A Heist With Markiplier, and the last location reminded me of Sidereal Plexus office from Don't Escape 4 (which he played half a year ago). I was in the middle of a plain or yard of sorts, surrounded by buildings (looked like the Versailles castle in the far side), with people from various brony Discords I am in (mainly Poniverse and Ponyville FM). Someone told us it was a treasure hunt, then explained the principles - look for clues, seek out prizes (there may be several by player), and "NPC" people will keep players out of the buildings. Then the entire group split up into teams, but for some reason I got left out (maybe I didn't wanna have to choose between friends?) and set off to search alone. I started off by trying to go into a half-cylinder shaped building with a restaurant inside, but naturally the waiters wouldn't let me in. Then I found a paper with this scribbled on it: "Look for the middle of: I III IIIII" (Roman numerals, even tho the '5' was incorrect) with the middle 'I's bolded like that. Somehow I knew it was about the castle in the back, which actually was a bundle of office buildings with those 'numbers' on the back near the top. So I snuck into the middle one but got quickly found out, then I scaled the building from outside (probably limited Spiderman powers) and snuck in through the roof. Eventually, I went down a couple floors to where the 'I's were - at the same level as the middle 'I's top, there was a sort of cupboard or locker with shelves above it. On the top shelf were two framed pictures stacked onto one another, along with an empty carton box; that prize was for me, so I put the pictures in the box and closed its lid. (Apparently the pictures were mementos from my IRL autistic sister, so I found that a strange coincidence.) Think I kinda began waking up at that point, but I didn't wanna come out of it, so I forced myself to calm down. For the last stage, I ended up near a building half-buried in a grassy hill (thinking back after I woke up, it reminds me of the dune that goes up to Sidereal Plexus office in Don't Escape 4). There I was joined by Markiplier himself, who looked at a paper in my hand that said something like: "either 1st or 7th floor" - since the structure's bottom was buried in dirt, we assumed it had to be the seventh. After we walked up the hill, we slipped in through a window and popped into a corridor, very pristine white walls and squeaky-clean floor, assumed to be a medical lab. Markiplier pointed to a trash can full of syringes, and said this was where "they" dumped used syringes after injecting something (just like how he commented on stuff in his Heist series). We then walked up to a double-door, peeked through the window to the next corridor... Unfortunately that was the end of the dream.
  6. I went from going through a maze of doors, to chilling in a paradisiac greenhouse with some young people and two dogs with strange growths on their bellies (parasites?), then defending a bunch of kids from either the maze's designers or the older victims, and having a Geisha samurai come to kill me for it. I began waking up, but decided to go back in for some reason - and then I kicked ass. First I fought the samurai and stabbed her, took her sword with her own blood to a "class/conference" of sorts with the maze designers (who'd formed a cult by that point it seems), left a few of em covered in cuts. Then I went around swinging the bloodied sword at the cultists, with help from my newfound telekinetic skill on knives, overall stirring trouble in search of the main antagonist (the one who'd called the Geisha on me). Eventually I found him attending a brainwashing session for the new maze victims, he grabbed a child (I think his own kid?) thinking it'd deter me from attacking and began to back off to the door, so I simply tossed a knife that sailed past his shoulder... He asked: "you missed. is that the best you can do?" I grinned, and smugly answered: "I'm not finished yet." ...with my fingers extended I recalled the knife, it planted right into his shoulder making him gasp in shock. And then I woke up for good - can't imagine what could've happened afterwards, or if I hadn't emerged from the dream once before.
  7. Guys, guys guysguysGUYS. I got breaking news! A friend of @YellowHornBrony let it slip - his horn actually isn't yellow, but brown. Turns out he dyes his horn to match his coat! Can you believe that guy? What's Equestria comin to if you can't even trust a unicorn to be honest about his horn! smh
  8. So guys, apparently... TBD is sometimes seen UwU'ing at random passersby to try and turn them furry?
  9. Hey, birthday and Ween at the same time? I hope you had an exceptional (and spoopy) one!

    So uhh, I baked you some pumpkin cake... but Trollestia ate it, sowwehhhh~

    1. TBD


      Thanks! Hearing people scream is all I asked for :orly:.  One cannot resist devouring their own creation that's what I always say. Happy Halloween!

  10. I got from reliable(ish) sources that Tropical Melody doesn't actually like Disney classics. He just watches them for family meetings, when he needs a topic to break awkward silences. Oh, also because he thinks every modern movie is full of classic Disney throwbacks.
  11. Update: it's not "Terrible Blunderbuss Dream", his full nickname is Teasing Bearded Dweeb.
  12. The ^above^ can be generalized to all apps. Companies used to have alpha- and beta-testers to ensure their programs would run smoothly and customers got their money's worth. Now they're using us customers as beta-testers instead, so we have to download update after patch after bugfix. Plus, unnecessary "features" literally nobody even asked for, which just take up memory (and HD) space. Sometimes the "addition" can even make the program unstable, so now they have to fix that too, when no one's gonna even benefit from the extra load. I know you wanna save money to be a successful business; but can't you do that without making users pay for unfinished work, then forcing them to spend ten minutes updating?
  13. I bet you were booted out for trying to shoehorn that joke in there.
  14. The fact that I need Nitro in order to use animated emoji in Discord. I'm a server co-admin and have been uploading lots of nice emoji, but I can't use some of them since they're GIFs.