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  1. Feather Spiral

    MCM Winners Announcement

    Guys pls stop spamming ...don't want a pointless convo to drag on
  2. Feather Spiral

    MCM Winners Announcement

    Nononono, I meant the thing I quoted about "events in the past month or so". I wanna know what happened, to see what makes Luna's exclusion so hilarious.
  3. Alright, I'll hide the "rambling on" part of my post to avoid too much cluttering (but I can't include a quote in spoilers for some reason) Rambling over, more to the point now: how's this gonna go? Roles for example - is there gonna be a poll, or a draw, to pick the soloists; assuming everyone sings the chorus? Or the recording - am I right to assume we'll be sending a voice clip each, singing on our own, and someone will edit them together? I don't presume it'll be possible to get all of us, living in different timezones with various schedules (and awkward family noises for some), together on the discord VC. I can presume, though, that when you set this prize for the stretch goal, you already knew who would be mixing the whole thing.
  4. Feather Spiral

    MCM Winners Announcement

    I wish I'd been present back then so I knew which events this was about~ 'Gratz everyone who got prizes, you earned 'em :3
  5. ...Wait, hold on, I'm confused by this bit. Is that something built into the poll's code, putting the second highest-voted option on top? Or do you mean, the voters' subconscious pushes them to (partially) "go against the herd", so to speak, and not vote for the most popular?
  6. Feather Spiral

    $750 Stretch Goals Unwrapped

    They also call it "feta"~ We have something similar in Turkey, which we just call "white cheese" (beyaz peynir). It's a little plainer and a tiny bit more... crumble-ish? than the French version. I've never tried Greek feta though
  7. I get that, there even was a charity collab of it already, if memory serves me right. What I meant is, Winter Wrap Up is both more (obviously) in theme with winter and was in the lead for a very long time just a day before. I wasn't surprised to see it win, I was flabbergasted to see it rush ahead within the last day of the vote after lagging behind for so long. This whole thing between Winter Wrap Up and Smile is like The Tortoise And The Hare, but in this case Mr Bunno wakes on time and beats Mr Shello... by a large margin. (if it'd been a narrow win, I would've said "by a hare's breadth" ...I am not sorry)
  8. Feather Spiral

    $2000 Stretch Goal - New Ranks Are Coming

    ...dern, I missed that. ;n;
  9. I can't be the only one who was shocked to see it take the lead to begin with, in no more than one day
  10. Feather Spiral

    New Years Eve Chat on Discord - COMPLETE

    Ye'v bin busy, my man. Dat ain't laziness.
  11. *cuddles @Thorax the cuddlebug king* *...also chases and hugs Pharynx*
  12. Feather Spiral

    Your favourite quotes.

    "One of the scary things about Terrans is they’re peaceful and still over half their power sources put out death rays as a byproduct." -Sam Starfall, from the webcomic Freefall
  13. ....Bruhhhhhh how did Smile rush right ahead by 20+ votes within literally a day? Winter Wrap Up was still in the lead when I last checked, just yesterday morning
  14. I think the choice is obvious, logical even - considering the theme of the event and the songs.
  15. Feather Spiral

    Making Christmas Merrier Trivia.

    Or you can be like me and bravely face the unknown, with nothing to help you but your wits and strength and search engines