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  1. Homework Help

    Shorten these words to their initials: Sine, Cosine, Tangent, Adjacent side, Opposite side Write down this "word": SOCATOA Separate first part into pairs, leave the last three letters together: SO-CA-TOA Add H for 'Hypotenuse' at the end of pairs: SOH-CAH-TOA Expand into: SOH -> sin = Opposite/Hypotenuse CAH -> cos = Adjacent/Hypotenuse TOA -> tan = Opposite/Adjacent If that don't work, then idk... but generally reducing things to single words/phrases/sentences can help, like our German teacher did by turning a list of German adverbs into a coherent French sentence. In any case, I wish you the best on your math exam, because if you're having as much trouble learning as it sounds, you'll need every bit of support and courage you can get.
  2. Has anybody here actually ridden a Horse and/or Pony before?

    OMFG this so much. I didn't care much for the yelling bit, they kinda have to be heard; but being talked down at every failure was just shit. When I took the exam and my bullheaded mare needed over a dozen tries to jump over one obstacle, the tutor said I was "lucky" the horse had jumped at all and "if I were her, I wouldn't even have jumped". Keep in mind, I was riding the only for recreation - whereas many others (mainly girls about my age) were training for competitions and stuff. But I find it hard to believe she flat-out forgot, because I sure wasn't the only leisure rider in the club. I'd missed the previous year's exam, too, and the tutor knew that - she was the one who'd decided to let it slide and allow me into the next level. I think she was saying those shitty things to take out the embarrassment at her own terrible decision.
  3. General Why did you choose your username?

    Awwh, I was hoping you were Turkish yourself. Don't come across many of 'em on English-speaking websites. Owl just turn the page though, beakause I don't wanna ruffle any feathers~ Without accent though, "recherche" just means "research". So, connecting the dots, here's your favorite pony:
  4. Merry Birthiversary!

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      I should check on this place more often~ owo

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      I'd recommend it. 


  5. Complain About Something

    Oh my lord, this. I complain because it makes me feel better, it does not mean you are a terrible person. Yet I can't comfortably joke or complain (even about ongoing stuff), too worried I'll hurt their feelings and they'll get defensive or correct me over it. Happened with my mom, people and staff on previous forums, on social media, even the Discord server staff; several times. Strangely enough, the same people see no problem doing those things to me; make fun of every small mistake or take offense to something that wasn't even about them. It's only when I joke or complain that I'm being "rude" and "overreacting" and "causing drama".
  6. Complain About Something

    When someone doesn't provide info I need/want, and I forget to ask until the very second we're parting. It happened just yesterday, as a matter of fact several times throughout the day. After my mom had a minor intervention, they had to keep her overnight due to unexpected circumstances. My dad called home several times to tell us about it, and to say he was staying there for the night. But every single time, he didn't say what the exact problem was, and by the time I remembered to ask, he'd hung up. I had no idea it was an infection, until one of our friends mentioned it when asking for news this morning.
  7. I don't see why you felt the need to address that, because that's not what I was talking about at all. Being an inspiration to others is very different from being content the way you are. I never said it was only people with ailments who show the example, I know there are plenty of able-bodied role models. But one can always say: "they were just born smarter/stronger and more skilled, I can't do that". Seeing someone with a disability achieve great things, just shows how much it pays to work towards it. I'm not sure why people disagree to arguments I never made, it's become somewhat of a habit recently.
  8. I understand that, I never meant to say those people don't suffer from their ailments (or that disease and handicap are good things). All I'm saying is, such people can be role models to inspire regular people; it shows anything is possible if you work hard to find a way. Anyway, it occurred to me that my previous reply was a bit unclear, especially on the "permanent vs once" part, so here's what I meant. If I could end all currently existing diseases once, I wouldn't; something new could emerge at a later date, when our bodies have lost the ability to fight back, and the effects would be devastating. If I could end all disease for the rest of time, I think I would do it; there's really not much reason to allow people (and other beings) to suffer if there are no benefits to it.
  9. Complain About Something

    LMAO timezones make total sense. Take for example the various studies that specify a certain optimal meal and sleep schedule. Things like exposure to sunlight are a major factor, life will feel different depending on how far into the day you are. If everyone shared the same hour, we'd have to find a way to translate that into "local optimal" hours or something. Those who're having trouble with them, just remember things are much easier than if they hadn't existed, and find solace. - You know what's complete bullshit though? Daylight Savings Time (which was also brought up). It's meant to improve the amount of daylight you benefit from, and prevent you from going out in the dark, or something. But guess what, that fucks up everything about a healthy lifestyle. You mastered food and work and sleep, congratz; now everything is off by one hour, good luck kbai~ I mean, shit, it doesn't even meet the goals it's supposed to achieve. With summer time, you get up one hour earlier, but you also must go to bed earlier unless you wanna be sleep-deprived. In winter, you go out one hour later, but you also come back one hour later in the pitch-black night. I think there were actual studies that proved the harm of DST... Just... keep things fucking coherent so people don't have to fight their own biology during work days. As for vacations, you do whatever you want anyway; sleep in late in a summer morning or go party all night in winter.
  10. Complain About Something

    When people openly say it's "good" or "hot" or "cute" that someone got abused, mutilated, beaten, raped, stalked... Sometimes it's because the victim is said to be a bad person and there's a sense of justice. But you have no right to judge them; you don't have all the facts, you don't even know if the accusations are true. But sometimes, it's for no valid reason; I mean there surely are reasons, but they're not valid. Maybe it's your kink, I won't judge you; or the abuser and victim are married, or it's a woman doing it to a man, or the abuser is too shy to properly ask their crush out. Doesn't change the fact that it's still wrong, and it's not a fictional fucking story. It's an actual event that happened to somebody, who'll likely remember it and suffer for a while, possibly the rest of their life. (This obviously does not apply to roleplays where 2+ people collectively agreed to act out an abusive scenario.)
  11. Complain About Something

    People sending someone hate mail and suggestion suicide... for saying shit they didn't like on social media. Also
  12. General What if Dragons were real and tameable

    I'd say at least some cultures would've tried to tame them, possibly starting with a simple commensalist relationship (eating their trash, sharing their campfire...). Success would've been just a matter of time, since OP specified they'd be tameable. From then on, we can draw some parallels with other, real tamed animals. Over time, different breeds would've emerged for specific purposes, all selected to be obedient but autonomous. Some with larger wingspan and more stamina for patrols/recon, small ones for hovering, sharp fangs and/or claws and strong fire for fighting, thick muscular limbs to demolish buildings... Eventually, as technology took over some of these tasks and demand for companions grew, smaller dragon breeds without fire breath could've been made. Depending on how early the taming process began and how quickly it progressed, we'd have a more or less wide variety of dragons in the present time. Wolves and wild cats are two of the earliest tamed animals (not sure about how I phrased that one but I hope you get me) which happen to be predators. I'm also sure Ancient Egyptians worshiped certain animals, including predators (like crocodile or lion), which represented deities. That's all way before the time of scientific enlightenment you mentioned, too. It really depends on culture, and it's a safe bet that some animist peoples, for example, would simply fear and worship dragons from a distance. Others surely would've tried taming them and eventually found success, as I explained above.
  13. General Which holiday defines your country best?

    For my birth country Turkey, I would have to say Ramadan. It has its own "pita" bread for the occasion, you may even get a free (not necessarily wanted) drum performance. As for France, not too sure but, I guess Easter qualifies? Even if it's not all that specific to the country itself.
  14. Post your Desktop

    Here's my current one: and here's more about the ship.
  15. Complain About Something

    I think there's a thread with a title like "What's Your Pet Peeve" or something like that. Either way, I wanna complain about this neverending respiratory disease I've been having for, what, a year? maybe longer. I already tend to have frequent sinusitis, both in winter and in spring-summer due to allergies. At some point it evolved into bronchitis, and believe me the coughing was just horrible. Now the doctors think there's a vicious circle going: The coughing itself is maintaining the irritation, which in turn keeps the cough going.