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  1. General

    What is this "job" people keep talking about? j/k j/k Closest thing I had to a "real" (read: with a contract and wage) job was when I replaced a teacher part-time for just four weeks. Obviously education personnel are expected to dress properly, no bags with cartoon stuff or shirts with "rebellious" captions. I haven't worked anywhere since... I'm really not sure what I'm supposed to do anymore, at my age of 28. Anything I look into is either not suitable for me, or just not wanted much.
  2. When my sister polishes her nails... one color for each finger. Literally, she grabs ten different colors and paints one on each fingernail. All because she saw one of her teachers do it 30 years ago. It wouldn't bother me that much if she had any sense of what goes with what. Instead, every time she does it (thankfully not often), it's an aesthetic abomination. Bright red right next to dark green right next to yellow, and so forth.
  3. I've been playing a lot of Star Trek Online the last couple years and the environment is sometimes breathtaking. If you're curious to know what they are, you could just look up the STO wiki for information. :3 (All screenshots are mine, except one which will be specified.) Just check out the Badlands ...the inside of the Bajoran Wormhole ...and the universe known as "fluidic space"! The colony in the Dranuur system Last but not least, the sky of the Winter Wonderland that runs from December to mid-January of every year: (this one is not by me)
  4. Here's a couple pieces of advice I have for anyone in the same situation... 1) Start with making a summary of all the things you can and like to do. Even everyday things, like cooking or sewing or driving, might be helpful in landing a job (household service or delivery, for example). But it's still best to focus on what makes you stand out from the crowd; meaning skills you're very good at and/or that're uncommon. 2) Then look for whatever jobs are most in need of those things. You're bound to find several of them, each one more or less suitable for you, so be ready for some extensive selection work. (Uhh, I gotta confess, I'm stumped at this stage. I did extensive studies and traineeships in molecular biology, but nobody seems to be looking for someone as inexperienced as I am. Every job offer that seems to suit my background, is either asking for 2+ years experience or requires semi-related skills I don't have.) 3) For some careers, you may need to learn new skills or knowledge. Don't hesitate to do that - look for schools or universities that teach things you don't know. Even if you don't get the particular position you're aiming for, it'll provide you ammo to tackle other jobs later. (Then again, I've tried this and got turned down without an accurate explanation, so be mindful about that.) 4) I'm assuming you know how to get an interview, but one tip I've read in an article (could've been via LinkedIn, I forgot) is to treat your job interview like a professional reunion. Whichever company or small group you're looking to join, act as if you were already an employee. Present them with practical solutions to problems, for example, or suggest an improvement. Make them realize you're a good asset and they'll take you as seriously as you took them.
  5. ATTENTION: 100% Christmas-themed decoration inbound! Otherwise, here's what we did for xmas 2014 (had to do some digging through my folders to find the photos)
  6. I'm mildly sensitive to it (not allergic or anything, it just irritates my throat and nasal cavity), but as long as you wear a little bit (say, a couple presses on the spray head), that's fine. I remember when I was in college, students on campus and other people in public transit (both sexes, both products) practically invading the entire room/bus/train car with the stuff. A bit like those who wear high heels, the metal points of their shoes resonate from one corridor all the way through the next one, it's just... URGH.
  7. General

    1m85 I think, forgot the last time I measured it but I'm quite sure it was long after I stopped growing. That's just a little over 6 feet, for you 'Murricanos. *discreetly scribbles phone number and slides it into your pocket*
  8. That's why I prefer watching others play, so I can chuckle at their mistakes and only mildly sympathize with their anger. Oh yeah, reading books helps too... particularly Star Trek books. Or popping some corn (I have quite a lot of that in stock here) and plopping down on the couch to watch a DVD.
  9. Beware if you decide that, you'll need to be awake for the operation. I was told to stare at the laser machine's diode during burning stage; I got stressed out that my eyeball might twitch and mess up the geometry of the correction, or something. Also, things may be painful once the anesthetic drop's effects wear off. Though most of my suffering was due to protective contacts they put over my cornea to prevent wrinkling for a day, which I found out was completely unnecessary.
  10. Oh well, if surgery counts, then I could talk about the series of 1-hour-long operations I went through at the dentist, about a year back. I called it a dental overhaul because it was essentially repair/replacement work on pretty much my entire dentition. I got more fillings than I care to keep count of, several root canals and crowns. It was terrible to have your jaw be numb for hours afterwards, and then begin to pound like a fucker. There's also that time when I had a swallowing reflex and he drilled the base of my tongue, so he had to stitch it up and I spent a couple weeks with something that felt like a pimple in my mouth.
  11. Usually just one, though sometimes if a page has several links I'm interested in (YouTube homepage with a few interesting videos, these forums with several topics I wanna post in...) then I may open up to 4 "alternate" tabs at a time.
  12. The main issue with the form of CAPTCHA relying on warped characters is, it alienates users with poor vision (or trouble in the brain affecting recognition of characters somehow). If I already have trouble making out regular-looking letters, but can use text-to-speech (or other tricks) to read posts, I sure as hell won't feel like going through the pain of trying to read warped letters. It's also a pain when one or more characters have look-alikes. Like "is that an uppercase 'i' or a lowercase 'L'? uppercase or lowercase 'O', or '0'? uppercase or lowercase 'p' and 's'?" You can be a legit fan of MLP who wants to join the community, but be unable to if you have no fucking idea what's even on the screen. As for reCAPTCHA, we run into the same problem if it says "select all pictures with a sign" and 1+ of the pictures has a tiny piece of a sign. Or if it says "select all photos with a house" and some of the buildings look like they might be houses. Assuming it's a human who determines which photos are "right", it's all very subjectively defined. The custom CAPTCHA with MLP trivia questions (I'm assuming legible?) is a brilliant idea though. The only spammers/trolls you get would be those who know their pony stuff, easy enough to handle.
  13. Awh, thanks for the invite... but I gotta level up my character in Star Trek Online. Another time, maybe?
  14. The machine sings It is not easy being green as sung by Kermit from the Muppet Show. *tosses in a dragonfruit*
  15. (wtf is wrong with the forum not letting me post shorter stuff)