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  1. "I don't even know these 'talismans' you constantly tell me about... and stop calling me Shadow Shendu!"
  2. Banned cause I haven't checked many threads in fickin' forever~
  3. If I were frozen in time for 100 years, I couldn't react because I'd be frozen in time ._.
  4. I was trying to avoid... something, not sure what it was... and I could only crawl on all fours very slowly. Despite the slowness though, I slipped into a house and snuck into an empty office of sorts, while the house folk were having a party or whatever in the main room. I tried the light switches to look around without disturbing everyone, but for some reason the only two switches both controlled the main room's lights. I crawled out and away as fast as I could in the corridor, when I heard a female voice call out another guy name gently saying he can come back(?). Quickly I tried slipping into another room further away, and the one behind that when the woman was still catching up, to no avail. Eventually in that third room, a somewhat-aged Asian woman (60s-70s? I'm not good at guesstimating age) entered holding a candle, as I froze against the wall. She turned the opposite way to close the door behind her, continued turning and eventually faced me, where she jumped and gasped... She was questioning me as an intruder when I woke up, essentially forced out of the dream state through sheer anxiety.
  5. Wuh... people sent you threats for that? ...Honestly, I suspect they must've been some hardcore trolls. Also, can I still do this? I'm gonna try, at least... Hope my brain is up to the task of writing a letter, it hasn't really been good lately. Not too confident to show my face, but I'll try to record a video as well.
  6. @SheremYou may use elevators, but personally? I don't trust them. Too easy to get high. I will take steps to avoid them. Hope you people find this... uplifting. Been at a low point lately, myself.
  7. I hope your therapist Will Guide you in understanding your problem to solve it. If it's too expensive, I can lend a few bits; you can keep the Change
  8. I wanted to think of more Trek jokes... but all the good ones are Gorn
  9. The ideal night would be snuggling a hot dude while playing Minecraft or Star Trek Online... or just reading a book together. What follows may not be appropriate for the forums, however~
  10. I remember I once placed the plastic cup of butter upside-down on the toaster to soften the butter's surface, since it was cold after comin out of the fridge. Except I forgot I'd put it there, and the plastic melted as well and little holes opened up in the cup's sides. (I say cup because I don't know what to call it, it's the boat-shaped box the butter came in, with a proper lid and all.)
  11. Data: "Sir, there is a priority message from Starfleet." Picard: *puts down teacup after taking a sip* "Onscreen." Data: "I can't, sir. It's a priori-tea message. It can only be watched before you drink your tea." Picard: "F*** off, you b****." Deanna: "I'm glad they censored that." Just a little Trek shitpost that came to me early this morning.
  12. Look at this little thing and tell me it's not the cutest little shit. I dare you.
  13. Don't forget antivax... unlike flat-earthers, antivax "philosophy" is physically harming children and other people who want nothing to do with it. I've also been facing a problem, people who put words in my mouth because they can't find anything wrong with my actual words and behavior. They pick shit with me, and when I try to help them realize their error, they play it off as me "playing the victim card". But when they're the ones being salty and saying horrible things, it's always just "criticism" and "just a joke" or whatever. Somehow, from their point of view, I must always mean worse than I actually say, while they "obviously" mean less negative than they really say. And of course, no matter how hard they try and get ignored for weeks, the slightest slip from me is the obvious sign that I am "seeking attention" and "raising drama".
  14. Seems to me like your immediate boss is a good man, even though it's the abusive morons in charge. But honestly... it isn't your responsibility to keep the department afloat. Especially not at the expense of your mental and physical health. That is the last thing you owe total strangers treating you like a drone. In the long run, as they keep demanding more and more, your performance is going to decline alongside your health, until you're depleted. If anything, that's going to make everything worse, for both parties; delay the business disaster making everyone suffer longer, and completely destroy you in the process. You're not the first one I heard say, "I do everything, they can't replace me if I leave". Well, lemme tell you what I told the other person: mind your own goddamn well-being. Am I right to assume those "higher-ups" were warned about the situation, and knowingly chose to pressure everyone else anyway? So their star employee's departure will leave them hangin, boo-fucking-hoo; it's not like they're victims of the circumstances. They're already doing everything in their power to ensure that is exactly what happens. If those twats wanted people to flock there and stick around, they shoulda made better decisions, not you. It's not on you to make up for the "higher-ups" having no work ethic or a viable business strategy.
  15. Shit, yeah @Denim&Venom you should look for work elsewhere. No reasonable soul should blame you for wanting to leave that kind of abuse.
  16. ...but, I like body hair. Oh-ke, now a heat wave is in effect and each layer of clothing is one too many. I'd love to go au naturel, but alas... family... this sucks ass.
  17. I assume you miss youth, times of play? Every morning meant fresh adventure When you were a curious, eager child; Each new face smiled, seeking overture. What worried adults, to us seemed mild. Growing up, our priorities switched; Repetition makes up modern lives. See all the fun, excitement we ditched; For monotony the adult strives. I think we should make our best efforts To bring back those happy learning times. The future is ours, this dull life hurts, Keeping it would be the worst of crimes. Following a meter, such hurdle...
  18. I mighta judged if I didn't know how terrible that can be. One evening I hiccuped almost non-stop for, what, two hours? Then I woke up this mornin, and had it for at least ten minutes... I was planning to bring it up just now, bit funny you did first. Apparently, it's a leftover reflex from when it was necessary to suck water into your mouth and push it through your gills? Looks like Mama Nature forgot to evolution fully, after we developed lungs for aerial respiration. Takes a long while to judge, and thus appreciate (or not...), longer content. I've been feelin down recently for this reason, since my written works stopped gettin feedback. Some shitty doodle still draws reactions (pun intended) because it's quicker to decide whether you like it or not. A story or poem requires reading first, and some people lack the energy or time for that, especially if it's long. Not gonna lie, though I complain about the same thing, I am also guilty of that behavior the last few years...
  19. Took me wayyyyyyy too goddamn long to locate this thread, since the Followed feed didn't show it for some reason. Main complaint is below, I just wanted to add this one while I was at it .w. Anyway This whole "fuck the police" mentality has gone too far. I'm fully against police violence, but not against police in general. They protect us, do their best to eliminate threats, so we aren't forced back into the times of Law of the Strongest. I was just arguing about someone who outright claimed all cops were abusive, "bastards and oppressors by virtue of the institution they voluntarily work in". He stated they "actively, disproportionately arrest and murder" LGBTQ people; in a country where Pride parades are a thing. The funny part was reading the police institution was "authoritarian"... you think anyone would be allowed to call them names, actively shit on them and want them all dead, if that were the case?
  20. I found it a little creepy; Coming back after half a year, To see this topic deserted. Like a ghost town, people steer clear. Is poetry truly purported To be a monster they all fear? My soul cries, such sad sight hurt it. Alliteration feels nice though.
  21. "Yes, plenty of work. Work without end, an’ famine, an’ frost, an’ all the rest of the miseries - that’s what he’ll get when he comes with me. But he likes it. He is used to it. He knows that life. He was born to it an’ brought up to it. An’ you don’t know anything about it. You don’t know what you’re talking about. That’s where the dog belongs, and that’s where he’ll be happiest." -Miller, Brown Wolf Big fan of Jack London here ~<3
  22. I dreamed that my family and I were at a holiday resort of some kind. I don't think we've ever been there irl, but somehow we knew it well in the dream. There was even a pool there, large and bean-shaped, with a big bridge across the midsection. The building itself was more like a small youth hostel though. Later on, I came to the hostel as part of a youth camp group instead, twice. I knew one of the people as an online friend, a furry artist I've recently met. I don't actually know his real name nor have I ever seen his face; but here, he was named Thomas something and looked a bit like this guy. On both trips, Thomas took up a lone, two-person room on the top floor, where he wouldn't let anyone in. No matter how much I wanted to talk to him, tell him we knew each other and be roommates, I couldn't. Even when I came to return something he'd dropped, I merely caught a glimpse of the mess inside and he didn't want me to stay.