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    Welp, Ponies of course. I also like the popular TCG's Yu-gi-Oh and magic. I prefer playing on my Xbox and Wii/DS, playing Pokemon, Halo, Call of Duty or any kind of game that is fun. I write Fan-Fic for MLP, so check that out if you can!

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  1. Tomiix

    Welcome to Fan Clubs! (Club Index)

    Hello everyone, original creator of the hub here. (You know which hub I mean!) I have been really quiet on these forums for the past two years. Between having to take a long hiatus because I had close family who had passed, and 'quitting' the fandom because of issues I had with people in another community. (Which now looking back seems really unfair to the fandom, but at the time I was hurt.) Every once in awhile I would get emails telling me certain posts I made were approved. I would look back at the posts fondly but anonymously. But every time I felt bad for not updating my posts. Depriving people of quality posts. I want to formally apologize for not making these threads better. I at least should of asked someone to take them over. However, I want to thank Lightwings Bae, for taking over the Hub and updating it for others. My original intent for that hub has been fullfiled because of him, and I am very grateful. I will do my best to update my posts so that they are updated when I am at a computer. But I wanted to get this done now.
  2. Tomiix

    Welcome to Fan Clubs! (Club Index)

    That is interesting, yet the pets dont appear enough to justify the club. They also don't have enough of a fan base on ANY forum. If the pets play a bigger role in the future, I'll add the club. Banners are Due any time tommorrow!
  3. Tomiix

    Turn Left

    Cliff hanger... do you help her or leave her in the dust?
  4. Tomiix

    Mega Thread The Banned Game

    Banned for not having a complementary signature image for there avatar!
  5. Tomiix

    Applejack Fan Club

    Like I said before, the contest is to help make the clubs more active. Also I don't wish to spam the forums with unecisary topics. This is why I am stalling on making the new threads I promised. I am deciding how i want to approch this. Like possibly finding everypossible way to merge them. For example put all the background ponies in one topic except for Trixie, since that forum is just too popular by itself.
  6. Tomiix

    Rainbow Dash Fan Club

    If you need to, you can inlist the help of somepony who can make banners.
  7. Tomiix

    Rainbow Dash Fan Club

    Anyway you wish, you can discuss the image(s) you want to use and what it says. The whole point of it is that it would advertise your favorite ponies club.
  8. Tomiix

    Fan Fiction Pwnification

    Thanks for the positive feedback! Chapter Six is here with literaly 10x better quality.
  9. Tomiix

    Rainbow Dash Fan Club

    Now that would be a waste of Topic space, the purpose of the Contest is to bring the clubs more activity.
  10. Tomiix

    Rainbow Dash Fan Club

    Not necesarily, but I would. Yet you could be with as many ponies as you want. It just makes it more special if you win if you are on one side.
  11. Tomiix

    Rainbow Dash Fan Club

    YES MAM! Anyway, I would love to join team Rainbow guys, yet I need to be impartial, are you guys planning you banners yet?
  12. Tomiix

    Rainbow Kanji

    Oh... Thank you.