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  1. PhonyBrony

    Downloads higher than Play's and Views?

    By the way, if any server admins see this, you might want to check out the site's recent data. And take a look at this: over 9000 downloads... i mean its a great song, but - maybe you should implement something that bans an IP from downloading the same song over 100 times?
  2. PhonyBrony

    Collab request thread

    Wouldn't this be suited better for in the fan-content subforum? I thought this place was for technical support/feature requests for PonyFM.
  3. (Open the link on soundcloud... the embed is broken I think, since its a private track) I haven't been involved in the community very much recently... Sorry about that. I'm losing touch with the fandom. So basically this song is done, but I don't want to release it until I have more feedback.... Any Ideas would be appreciated. Thanks! the Phony Brony
  4. PhonyBrony

    Seeing how many followers you have

    Unfortunately, I have been unable to find out how many followers I have. I know that notifications are a planned feature, but I'm talking about a number like ### followers. Maybe I'm just blind? the Phony Brony
  5. PhonyBrony

    Celebrating 2 Years of MLP Forums

    Is it strange that I joined this forum and began posting pony music before I even knew that there was a brony fandom? Well yeah. I joined this place a while back, without thinking much. But to be honest it was the first impression I had of the fandom. And it was a good too haha the Phony Brony
  6. PhonyBrony

    Unlisting songs

    I want to unlist a song so that it isn't reachable without a direct link.... are there plans for something like this in the future? thanks the Phony Brony
  7. PhonyBrony

    Track release date not correct

    I uploaded a song on March 10 but on the "edit" song page i set the release date to "january 15" i think. I know it should be a simple fix but we should be displaying the latter date as well, or in place of the upload date (on the track page)
  8. PhonyBrony

    Sort Artist List

    You can sort songs by date, downloads, plays, and favorites. I think it would be nice to be able to sort artists by date joined, name, number of followers, number of songs, etc. the Phony Brony
  9. PhonyBrony

    Downloads higher than Play's and Views?

    I've had a situation (which Feld0 investigated) where one computer downloaded a song 400 times. I'm not sure what caused him or her to do so, but I can assure you many of the downloads are duplicates. Also, if you have a following on another website such as YouTube, and link it to PonyFM for downloads, then your downloads will increase faster than your number of plays. -the Phony Brony
  10. PhonyBrony

    Tumblr post I think I should bring to your attention

    Sorry, yeah. You're right. I should be more clear about that. But even if one of your fans doesn't particularly like the genre of a particular song you post, I think they will think of it differently than a song of the same genre from some other musician that they haven't heard of. (I should be more broad on what I'm saying but I don't know how I'd word that xD) It's not. I was addressing Nightmare Lyre's previous post.
  11. PhonyBrony

    Tumblr post I think I should bring to your attention

    The issue we're trying to address is not that there is no quality control. I agree 100% with what you said, but the issue is that someone who wants to listen to music from people who are not necessarily famous will end up having to skip a lot of songs that they can't enjoy. The thing about famous artists is not that they're overplayed (although that is an issue, its not what I'm talking about) but that if you enjoy one of their songs, you can count on enjoying the rest of their songs. The fact that the original poster of the tumblr post spent the time to listen to the music on the website from somebody he had never heard of makes me feel like he's alright with anyone posting on the site.
  12. PhonyBrony

    Tumblr post I think I should bring to your attention

    Hmph, I'm not sure about the review/rating system either. I'll get back to you on that if you wish. And I'm glad you understood what I meant! What you said is exactly what I wanted to say haha Yeah. You're right in that if those musicians started posting on the site, the unpopular stuff would end up going down and down. The thing is, the way the site is set up right now, they would only be down on the "what's popular?" part of the site, but if you actually wanted, for example, chiptune, the unpopular stuff would still be there, mixed in with a lot of popular stuff. Besides, there are a lot more people who make unpopular music than people who make popular music. PonyFM already has some famous musicians. If that number increases, the number of not-famous musicians (as well as musicians who make sub-par stuff) will increase proportionally. I really like the idea of the thumbs up and thumbs down. Of course, with a new song with few ratings, each rating is worth a lot. Perhaps songs with too few ratings could be excluded when searching by rating. You make a good point. The "most popular" feature and similar things will not work out as well as they could, if the site is not posted on often enough. The tumblr post was not talking about that, though. It was talking about the search by genre function (and I guess any filtering option available). Although it is supposed to be a list of all the songs under the categories specified, it's hard to listen to them in order without skipping many unenjoyable songs. I personally think if there is a way to sort all of the songs listed by popularity, it could help out with that... But that's just a guess. Thank you all for replying! the Phony Brony
  13. I shared this in the PonyFM skype group and we had a short discussion about it, but I think it's important to post it in this forum too. It's going to be harsh but I think it's important, so I'm not going to be soft about it. I may sound like an as*hole on this specific post but I won't be sorry for it. It is my understanding that one of the goals of PonyFM is to become "the source" for anything pony music related. Most people who make pony music aren't famous, and likewise, a lot of pony music sounds pretty bad, too. Of course, since it still is pony music, we should accommodate for it. One of the things that turns off famous musicians such as interrobanpie, lavender harmony, and laserpony, is that the "bad" music is almost equally as visible as the "good" music on the site. Obviously, youtube has some pretty bad pony music on it, but those songs are hard to find, and for good reason. But on youtube, you can reasonably expect that a song that's easy to find is going to be enjoyable, while a song that has only a few views is poorly made. That's not always the case, but it's an important thing to note. I know you guys are going to say something like "they're famous, so they look down on non-famous musicians," That's only partially true. What this post shows is something that I considered when I decided to keep following the PonyFM project. As a semi-famous musician myself, I can totally understand why they think what they think. Now, I don't agree with everything they say, but if we're going to get famous musicians to join, we're going to have to take their opinions into consideration. And I honestly think that if you've gone through the trouble of making a name for yourself over years of producing, you should be rewarded on any related site that you are part of. the Phony Brony
  14. PhonyBrony

    BronyCon 2013: Experiences, Pictures & Discussion!

    I hope this is in the right section.... Also as a note, I did go. xD After three days at BronyCon, I've met so many people I had only talked to on the internet before. I hung out with lots of famous people that I wouldn't have been able to before. I made a lot of new friends and learned a lot about my existing ones. I don't normally care about what happens in my life (No, not like... in a depressed way, but in a nonchalant way) but these past days have been really special to me. First of all, I met Feld0. That was a really big one for me! He was probably actually the only guy I was actively searching for the whole time, instead of tombstone or glaze or the people you would expect me to be searching for. He's even cooler than I expected (surprisingly, since I already knew he was super-duper awesome) and his maturity blew me away. I like that! xD By the way nice hair. Secondly, I saw PonyFM's newer version. I'm not sure who of us is working on the development but it looks fantastic! Congratulations to all of you Poniverse developers for a great job! I know it was just a demo version but most of the features were already in there and you impressed my musician friend at the panel. Funny story, at the Poniverse booth, I was so proud of myself for getting some guy to sign up for poniverse by saying "Hey you, sign up, I'm not going to tell you anything about it except it's awesome." so this guy signed up and he was like "how come this email is taken?" and I was like "uh oh, do you already have an MLPForums account?" and he said yes. xDDDD So i never really helped the booth, to be honest. haha Thirdly, I found some of my old friends from earlier cons, like Coconeru, JoaftheLoaf, Electrokaplosion, and Matthew Mosier. I ended up hanging with them the whole con, and met the other people they were hanging out with, like Megaphoric, Dreamchan, Prince Whatever, Feather, Chi chi, and plenty of others. It was a pretty amazing experience, being in a hotel room that 9 people were sleeping in and thinking that I was the 3rd least famous (I think) person in the room. I don't consider these people as celebrities of any sort... they're friends! To the point where I could call them by their real name and they'd know it was me. Fourth, the line was sooooo long to get badges.... Fifth, I confirmed that Omnipony and I are the same age and have the same birthday... and we're both asian brony musicians. Lastly, going to this con has made me realize that it would be impossible to leave this fandom. Unless all of the friends I met here left at once, I wouldn't be comfortable leaving anymore. Which is what I had been trying to do earlier. Thank you all! -the Phony Brony What stories do you guys have about BronyCon? Care to share?
  15. PhonyBrony

    Wonders - the Phony Brony

    Heh, thank you! Well, this isn't my usual style at all, so I'm surprised you liked it haha. I'm kind of a novice at the genre And yeah, I've always been here! Just.... not in the Octavia's hall section as much xD the Phony Brony