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  1. is mlp still a good show or is season 4 as bad as season 3 was? should i start watching it again? haha

    1. Skullbuster


      season 4 is better than season 3

    2. ProjectRKA


      Season 4 is far better than season 3.

    3. KittyTwilight


      Yes watch it it's good

  2. By the way, if any server admins see this, you might want to check out the site's recent data. And take a look at this: over 9000 downloads... i mean its a great song, but - maybe you should implement something that bans an IP from downloading the same song over 100 times?
  3. Wouldn't this be suited better for in the fan-content subforum? I thought this place was for technical support/feature requests for PonyFM.
  4. I just wanna say... Your music is epic. :3

  5. (Open the link on soundcloud... the embed is broken I think, since its a private track) I haven't been involved in the community very much recently... Sorry about that. I'm losing touch with the fandom. So basically this song is done, but I don't want to release it until I have more feedback.... Any Ideas would be appreciated. Thanks! the Phony Brony
  6. Unfortunately, I have been unable to find out how many followers I have. I know that notifications are a planned feature, but I'm talking about a number like ### followers. Maybe I'm just blind? the Phony Brony
  7. Is it strange that I joined this forum and began posting pony music before I even knew that there was a brony fandom? Well yeah. I joined this place a while back, without thinking much. But to be honest it was the first impression I had of the fandom. And it was a good too haha the Phony Brony
  8. whoa it looks different

  9. I want to unlist a song so that it isn't reachable without a direct link.... are there plans for something like this in the future? thanks the Phony Brony
  10. 7000 subscribers - congratulations!

  11. Music is so harrrrddd

    1. Swick (ded)

      Swick (ded)

      You're joking, right? Right?! RIGHT?! MUSIC isn't hard. MUSIC is FUN. Do you want to know what's hard? ANIMATING BUCKING PONIES IS HARD. DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON HARD BRO.

    2. PhonyBrony


      Haha, well, if music is fun, it doesn't matter if it's hard or not. Same with animating. I suppose there's not much of a point of animating ponies if it's not fun, anyways :P

    3. Swick (ded)

      Swick (ded)

      Well, I love animating. But I also hate it. Because it takes effort. D:

  12. I uploaded a song on March 10 but on the "edit" song page i set the release date to "january 15" i think. I know it should be a simple fix but we should be displaying the latter date as well, or in place of the upload date (on the track page)
  13. You can sort songs by date, downloads, plays, and favorites. I think it would be nice to be able to sort artists by date joined, name, number of followers, number of songs, etc. the Phony Brony