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  1. I want to build a series (about 7 unless more is requested) of pony related Portal 2 maps. I have all the writing done and have all the voice actors. I just need somepony it. I need someone who can not only build maps but is also able to import sound into said map.
  2. BARRELS! I love when pewdiepie plays custom stories and happy wheels. Though he did start a anti-brony and brony bro war when he played "The Small Horse" nevertheless that's one of my favorite lets plays of him. Also like when he plays with Cry. CHAIR MODE ACTIVATE...boop
  3. the earlier gens of MLP and that's bout it. I mean, Salor moon I guess. My child hood was full of more "unisex" cartoons the TPPG or teen titans, oh, and camp lazlo
  4. I REALLY love to draw and edit and I consider myself an ok editor as the leader of my YT channel. But I really can't get an audience for my art. Why? People don't like art that is bad looking (like my art) The only pictures I DO have are mouse-drawn and hand-drawn pics from awhile ago (I've gotten better since) and i've been debating getting a tablet. There is a problem however, my only source of income as a minor is YouTube and I already am saving for my next computer along with other things (new mic) That being said, I need a tablet that has durability and for less than 100$. Dress Scootaloo asks nicely My diviant:
  5. and since they insist on 100 leters... A fan made support for a fan made game! Check out their website: and their channel: Share to support the project! The more support the better! made and uploaded with Sony Vegas pro 11 PS: -like mah facebook?
  6. Between seasons 1+2 I spent ponifing EVERYTHING! And between season 2+3 i'm making pony videos!
  7. I usually don't need help with software since I teach myself but I need help with Adobe After Effects, I can't seem to understand how to work it and even typing I feel like a older person.
  8. I know this may not be the best place to put this, but regardless it seems appropriate and if the mods disagree, they'll move it. Anyways, people's opinion of art is different. When I say art your first thought may be painting, music etc. When I hear art I think ANYTHING a person has done that 1. took time 2. you worked hard on. Sure there is "better" art but that's why we even have this section. To help people get better now people can't get better with comments like "good". And any overviews, should be just randomly commented not "inbox me for an overview, lol" I mean if an someone REALLY want's to know how good/bad their art is ok, but not for everyone. Come on guys, we can give better feedback AT LEAST as long as this if not longer! Sorry i i'm overreacting to things it's just art is my real passion and sometimes I think people are drifting more twards the modern "auto-tuned" world where you don't need to work as hard as you used to. I will leave you with 2 links, one to my YouTube (art-ness) and one to a slightly comedic song that kinda symbolizes how I feel right now. OH and PS: too long don't read is not a valid excuse. My YouTube http-~~-//
  9. Gaming? NO MAC'S! That's for sure! But, if your not getting alienware I reccomend PC. And HP all the HP computers iv'e had lasted for awhile. Dell (aka the one you have now) is usually really standard it's like wearing a school uniform. The OS has to be windows 7 (or at least vista)