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    I also read a lot of FiMFiction. Favourite genres include: clop fic, dark fic, sad fic, humour, and twisted fic (if that's even a thing. I'm making it one now.

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  1. Bronikky

    Another Day.

    So today was pretty awesome! I'm doing very well with my grade (an 80% average, which I've never gotten in my whole life!) and I'm listening to my old favourite bands again and just being regular me. If none of you have known, I've been diagnosed multiple times with chronic depression and haven't been feeling myself for a long time. I've recently reconnected with what I believe in and have been feeling great thanks to my counselling, and of course, you guys I just wanted to take this time and say how much all of your friendships mean to me. I love you guys. Stay golden. ~Nikki out
  2. Bronikky

    A Nightmare Night post!

    Not a care bear, but he's my brother's first ever teddy bear And of course you can! *hugs*
  3. So, I understand it's a little late to be posting this, but I just wanted to share my costume idea from Nightmare Night! I was a wind-up doll with a key in the back (and the shoes BRUTALLY MURDERED my poor wittle feet ) But nonetheless, I had sooooo much fun creating this costume! Everything was handmade with the help of my lovely assistant, Teresa. The wig and tool (under the skirt to make it poofy) remained in their store-bought conditions, but everything else you see there were all customized to create the wonderful "doll-like" magic. The key was made from architecture board, tin foil, and the roll the tin foil was collected on... that's it! It took me and Teresa about 2 weeks to put it all together, but I think it turned out perfect! It was also my second time winning first place for best female costume in my grade, but I received a friggin' box of Smarties (I don't like chocolate, so it wasn't much of a reward to me :/). Anyway, I hope you all had a wonderful Nightmare Night as well! I would love to see your costumes! You can post a pick in the comments below! Goodnight, brothers and sisters <3 ~Nikki out.
  4. Bronikky

    101 Reasons Why I Love Applejack

    Read the whole thing and I must say... this post in particular brought me a heap-load of respect for the orange-coated country mare. It's funny, at first I didn't find Applejack the least appealing, but that was because I was watching the show like a child and not exactly respecting each individual character as relatable individuals and inspiring beings... to me, they were just a bunch of colourful pony characters that made up a cute and fun kid's television show. But now that this new light has been shone on Applejack and all her uniqueness and individuality (and the part about the heart-wrenching fact that her parents are deceased). Applejack helps her grandmother bake, clean, sell, ect; basically had to raise Applebloom (hence the very close bond they share) and was already the best darn-tootin' and hard-working companion Big Mac could ever have, which is a true blessing. Though I still can't say she's my absolute favourite pony, I nonetheless have strong appreciation and love towards Applejack and am really looking forward to what she has to offer in future episodes. Thank you for this post and have yourself an awesome Nightmare Night.
  5. Bronikky

    Hello, come say hi <3!

    Welcome to the forums! I would absolutely LOVE to see your artwork! I'm an artist myself :3 Hope to see you around! Enjoy your stay here!
  6. Bronikky


    WELCOME TO THE FORUM! I hope you enjoy your stay here! If you want to ever chat, PM me! Don't be shy!
  7. Bronikky

    I just joined! Hello! :3

    Hello and welcome to the nicest place in the world! I'm Nikki! A pleasure to meet you! (PS: I WUB YOUR PICTURE ) I hope you enjoy your stay here!
  8. Bronikky

    Hi Everyone! :D

    Your picture! Breaking Bad! I like that shit! Welcome to the forum, brother! Hmm, season 4? I want to see more character development with the Crusaders and obviously what Celestia plans on doing with Discord's power now that he's reformed. Hmmm, Princess Twilight gaining her own kingdom, maybe, would be pretty cool. And the rest I want to be a totally awesome surprise! As for the BB ending; I haven't seen the finale, but when I do I'll come back and discuss it! Enjoy your stay here!
  9. Bronikky

    whats new

    Welcome to the crew, Eight Bit Hope you enjoy your time here and have a look around at other posts!
  10. Bronikky


    I would love to be entered! It's awesome that you give away your paintings (that are totally 120% pure coolness ). I love your style too! Don't stop painting! <3
  11. Ooooh, I love there this is going! Great first job, I can't wait to read more of it! I hope to hear more about Lucid's uncle and if he had a big part in this story as well!
  12. Bronikky

    New Brony

    Hello, brother! You've made a great decision to become a brony I hope you enjoy your stay here!
  13. Bronikky

    Harrow everypony!

    Welcome! A few things: "I'm a female" = ME TOO! /) "i play music. Singing and piano and sort of stuff." = ME TOO!! /) By the way, your OC is totally rad I hope you enjoy your stay here!
  14. Bronikky

    Hey Everypony!

    Welcome to the forum, sister! I'll gladly be friends with you! I hope you enjoy your stay here! (PS: EPIC OC!!)
  15. Bronikky

    Guten Tag ihr Ponys. :)

    Weclome to the forum, brother! I hope you enjoy your stay here! (PS: I'm German too! I mean, I'm not born in Germany nor speak a lot of the language, but I just thought it was cool )