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  1. I've got a bit of an updated character list, all of my available oc's are linked in my signature.
  2. TD Hark


  3. *Quietly sits 99% of the time I'm on here*

  4. I overslept and missed the whole premire. T.T

  5. Here you go, have a couple more OCs. It seems like you still need quite a few. Oc #1: Hexakaus Oc #2: Miles
  6. French is rather difficult to learn all on your own.

    1. hariyaMakusu2


      That's why we have the french.

    2. TD Hark

      TD Hark

      Well played sir, well played.

  7. TD Hark


  8. The only few fears I really have are Xyrophobia, the fear of razors. Coulrophobia, fear of clowns. And Pediophobia, fear of dolls. My xyrophobia stems from when I cut myself pretty badly when I was 8 rummaging around in a drawer for something. My Coulrophobia comes from the general freakyness of clowns! The only acception is the Joker. The Joker is fucking awesome! I blame my pediophobia on 'Chucky'.
  9. Even though our own little G2V star provides the light and warmth, or overwhelming heat, for our planet. I'll have to side with our moon for personal views, simply because it's just so full of awe! Especially on nights where it's accompanied by the millions upon millions upon billions, where am I getting at? Right! The many stars of the universe! Though... An eclipse... THAT is truely amazing! I'd really have to say I like them equally, each with their own beauty.
  10. For my OC, Hex Spellblind, I'd have to say something along the lines of these... Or you know, maybe something like this... Possibly even something close to this.
  11. New level of boredom achieved: Make a hat out of a shirt and two rubber-bands.

  12. Opinions, HO! 9/11 was/is overrated I am pro-choice I'm Pagan I support almost everything related to equal rights Hitler was a genius, he just used his genius for the wrong things I don't like Harry Potter I hate all war and military There are a lot of overrated artists I don't like rap or country Sodium Acetate = Nacho I mind my own business I opinion on Justin Beiber is neutral Science and magic are two sides of the same coin Evolution > Creation Bananas are disgusting Blueberries are confusing I dislike America It's called football, not soccer Track and Field is entertaining America, as a country, needs to keep to itself I strongly dislike One Direction 'Normal' people annoy me greatly It bothers me when people don't spell things out/correctly I don't care about peoples' fetishes, just keep it to yourself I prefer the bitter truth over sweet lies I value the life of an animal over that of a human I love the horror genre, but hate it at the same time The Twilight books are great, but the movies ruined it The German and Russian languages are beautiful and also intense It's fun to argue Dubstep is okay, to an extent COD is overrated Most people are full of themselves (I'll admit I am) I don't like extremists of any faith (Including my own) Nopony is best pony America's pledge is brainwashing If you go to a foreign speaking country learn the language first Beer is disgusting but wine is wonderful I think Christianity is a scare tactic
  13. Hello hello! I'm Nymm, it's a pleasure to make your acquaintances! Hopefully some friendships too! I've been interested in MLP:FiM ever sence it came out, but just recently got into it. I read many-a fanfic due to my thirst for more ponies! (Hurry up season 4!) I like blood and gore, but at the same time I despise them with every ounce of my being... (*cough* *cough* Cupcakes *cough*) Anywho... I hope to enjoy my time here!