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  1. This sounds awesome! I'd like to join with http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/sun-sparkle-r3607 Sun Sparkle!
  2. Oooh! I wanna be Mori! See I can be so like him! *silence*
  3. Yesss! I want to see the different kingdoms, like Saddle Arabia! They should have like a Equestrian World Tour or something.
  4. Hmmm So let's see, Rarity would wear a victorian hat. Rainbow would wear a captain's airline hat or a beanie. AJ would of course wear her usual hat. Pinkie would wear a mad hatter-esque hat. (Top hat with a bunch of stuff sticking out of it) Fluttershy would wear either a cloche And Twi-twi would wear a beret.
  5. Odd comparison, but I would have to say Rarity because she is an adult and gets too dramatic about the smallest misfortunes. DW is a child and although she can be annoying as hell, she has rights to that because she's like 8 years old.
  6. I would be sad if I was in his shoes--err hooves, but I wouldn't call it a tear jerker. I would call it a revenge moment and go beat Pinkie Pie up. :3 Just kidding, but yeah I don't think it counts as a tear jerker. But I guess if you cried then it is considers one in your eyes.
  7. Pfft. I would take the money any day. Do you know what I could do and get with 10, 000 dollars? What the frick frack could I get with a pony. A pony who isn't even in the desirable form by the way. First of all, a blue real life pony with wings a horn and a mane of stars would probably give me a heart attack. Money would not give me a heart attack.
  8. Yeah I doubt they'd remove AJ. She isn't that big of a background character now. Plus the Apple family plays too big of a role in the town for AJ to be replaced. And if they tried a 'she left to live in another town' that would conflict with the episode where RD's sonic rainboom showed her the way home and she got her cutie mark.
  9. *crawls out from the depths of the creepy deep* I suggest Unaccompanied Minors!
  10. After weeks of glaring at Season 4 with great distaste I finally manage to crack a smile for this episode. And it's crazy because Pinkie is my least favorite character. (Actually more than least favorite because I really really dislike her). But this is the episode that gave me back my MLP Joy feelings, that I had been slowly losing touch with since the beginning of this season. I absolutey loved every bit of it, and I started shipping Cheese Sandwich and Pinkie Pie immediately. My mom even said that the two of them should get married and I shed a tear, cause 'Ohmygawd mom your first ship!' But yeah I loved it. The songs were freaking awesome and when Cheese started singing the 'Smile' song, I screamed "HEY THAT'S PINKIES' SONG!" at the same time that Pinkie said "Hey that's my song!" And when Pinkie started singing in spanish! xD Yeaaaah that was a great episode.
  11. Yup, yup and no. I've clopped before and many times before and after that, but I don't really consider myself a clopper. It's like looking at video hanky panky, that doesn't make me a professional hanky panky soldier. ^^
  12. I got Twi-Twi, yay I'm an alicorn princess WHOOHOO!
  13. @@BalanceBrony, Weill Rainbow Falls made it seem like Spitfite was a horrible person (pony) who only used people for their strengths. I mean in all the other episodes where she had lines and there was insight to her personality, she was kind of proud but not a horrible shallow person. (pony). That's just my opinion though. ^^