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  1. I think it would be really cool to have a plastic miniatures series not unlike Warhammer. Lots of bronies already do custom alterations, and plastic model sets along with pewter blister packs could be really satisfying.
  2. How about show-accurate figures? It's pretty stupid that You can find high-quality figures and plushes in so many places but not Hasbro. Different countries offer better merchandise for Celestia's sake. That makes no sense to me, when Hasbro is an American company, yet the US doesn't get the best things first.
  3. I don't just have no brony friends; I have no friends.
  4. Hawk Moth

    Luna Fan Club

    I forgot to mention how much I love Luna in the IDW comics. She's so hyper and silly while also proper. Sometimes she acts spoiled and/or immature like a little filly too heheh. Overall, I love her design and demeanor; there's just something really endearing about a big powerful princess who gets into such silly antics.
  5. So bored. I wish I had a reason to come to this site. Coming here feels like visiting a train terminal and trying to make friends; there are just too many people.
  6. That's usually what I do too. I decide on what kind of thing I want to build and then go trial and error, having ideas along the way until it's done. Then the next day I scrap large parts of it to improve on the design. That part usually happens four or five times.
  7. Oh... HTF. I like gallows humor as much as the next pony, but I draw the line with HTF. I have a soft spot in my heart for cute cartoon things, and HTF hits me in a weird place.
  8. So what is an Inukshuk? I've seen the word before in this old Newgrounds.com cartoon called Eskimo Bob where the characters build a stone statue and call it an inukshuk. The animator said it's some kind of Canadian heritage thing. I wish it didn't look so "blocky". There's this finesse that I see with so many custom models, and I have no clue how they're able to plan out the things they make. It's almost like a feat of engineering.
  9. Interesting. I see what you mean with the torso connection. That's a really good idea. Unfortunately, I've never owned any Bionicle sets. Here is my walker. Tell me what you think. This thing took so long to make. I got my inspiration from a steampunk walker I saw on an internet gallery, copying the lower legs and making due with the pieces I had to recreate the feet. Truth be told, I don't think I'd have ever had the idea for the leg shafts which - as the Lego aficionado you are - you can see are made with lances. I see pieces as they are meant to be, so when I see a lance, I usually only see a lance, though at times, I've used them for gun barrels. Even then, I named the weapons Gravelances. The pipes were also a bit of a copy job, though again, I worked with what I had along with the size limitations of the walker. Originally, I based the leg design off of this model by a guy called 2 Much Caffeine https://www.flickr.com/photos/24681250@N07/3318652417/in/photostream/ Unfortunately, I'm not nearly as smart and resourceful as he is, and his models along with so many others I see on the internet, put mine to shame
  10. Post a picture of the walker; I'm interested in seeing the legs.
  11. I hate looking up custom Lego models on the internet just because I'm blown away and shamed by how incredible some people are. I do get some ideas for things though. I made a little steampunk walker mech based on something I saw. The legs were definitely the most challenging part.
  12. Yeah, definitely! I'm not a good enough builder to make true steampunk things like intricate pipes and filigree.
  13. I never said I wasn't using fantasy pieces. My collection is steampunk. I don't bother with anything non-fantasy, and I adapt things like Adventure Quest into steampunk, given the genre's reliance on mechanical things. My Legos were the basis for all of my fantasy fiction, so I like making models that are in my stories.