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  1. Hey it's been awhile. You might remember me as Ocean Whiplash. I finally got back on to forums and was wondering if we could do 1x1 roleplay together. I have made a new pony that really goes along with the Doctor Whooves and wanted to try it out.

  2. Greetings and salutations! It has been a long time, perhaps you might be up for a roleplay together?

    I may not roplay Princess Celestia anymore, something I have felt quite the painful sting of nostalgia for today to be honest, but you do still play the pony version of The Doctor. An adventure with him would be quite a bit of fun, or just generally having something put together with him and one or more of my characters.


  3. @Queen Chrysalis Servant @Trixie . @shyeep @Rapid Wind @Cosmic Breeze @Alex Van Gamer @ThunderCrush @Dji Doctor Whooves gave Ocean a pick on her cheek in return. "Sounds like your trip went great." He said to her still smiling. "Neat, and you got stuff too." Rakon said excited. He look at his gifts happy, "Thanks, this is all neat stuff." He said. "Yes, thanks for the gifts. it's great to have you back." He said, having missed her while she was gone. Then at the sound of the door being thrown open the 2 of them turned to look. "Who are they?" Rakon asked, not having heard of or encountered them before. Doctor Whooves stepped between the changelings and Ocean and Rakon. "And why are you changelings doing here?" He asked, though he did have ideas as to why.
  4. @Queen Chrysalis Servant @Trixie . @shyeep @Rapid Wind @Cosmic Breeze @Alex Van Gamer @ThunderCrush @Dji Doctor Whooves nodded to her, her hoof over his mouth. "It's cool we all made it here in time. How was your trip? Did the zebras give you gifts? When ever my mother or I are near buffaloes they give us turquoises." Rakon said.
  5. @Queen Chrysalis Servant @Trixie . @ThunderCrush @Cosmic Breeze @Rapid Wind @nx9100 @Regal Shadow @Lunarpalette @Alex Van Gamer Doctor Whooves smiled seeing Ocean, putting down the sack he was carrying. "Glad to have you back, and such great news too." He said, happy to not only see Ocean, but to hear the news also. Rakon got up, brushing himself off. "it's ok, and congratulations." He said, picking up some of the gems that had spilled out of his sack as well as the shovel he was carrying. "Sounds like quite the party they'll be having." He said. "Coronations are always great events." Doctor Whooves said, smiling.
  6. @Queen Chrysalis Servant @Trixie . @ThunderCrush @Cosmic Breeze @Rapid Wind @nx9100 @Regal Shadow @Lunarpalette @Alex Van Gamer "Think you have enough?" Doctor Whooves asked, in a place near Ponyville. He was standing near a hole. Rakon came up with some gems and placed them in a bag Doctor Whooves was holding. Rakon climbed out of the hole. "For a good while." Rakon said. Doctor Whooves took a shovel and he started to fill in the hole, with Rakon using his claws to help fill in the hole. Then they set off for Ponyville. With Rakon taking out a gem to chew on. "Mmm, Star Sapphires. A special tasty treat." He said aloud to himself, holding the shovel that Doctor Whooves had been using as they both walked back to Ponyville.
  7. @Queen Chrysalis Servant @Trixie . @shyeep @Rapid Wind @Cosmic Breeze @Alex Van Gamer @ThunderCrush @Dji "What is this?" Rakon asked holding up an odd looking thing, long, with a handle, and with what looked like a little bell with no clapper on the end. Doctor Whooves looked over from the console of his tardis, a panel open as he did some tuneups. With Ocean away he thought it was a good time to do some basic tune ups on his well hidden blue box. "it's a frazzic articular phase differential harmonizer. Quite handy for certain problems." He said smiling. A totally confused Rakon put it back from where he had gotten it. "Looks like some sort of bell missing a clapper." Rakon said. Doctor Whooves closed the panel. "there, all done. Shall we be off. Ocean will be back soon." he said, smiling at the thought of having her back home. He and Rakon walked out of his tardis, he locked it like usual. He closed the concealed wall where it was concealed/hidden and went up the stairs.
  8. @BloodDrops Doctor Whooves looked at the pony who had nudged him, smiling when he saw who it was. "Hello, how are you doing. Yes, it's been a while since I saw you last." He said, not sure if it had been the same amount of time, or more or less, then when this pony had last encountered him.
  9. Hmm, Doctor Whooves thought to himself. So many choices. A brownie sounded good, but he thought he'd settle for a muffin instead. "Hmm, yes a chocolate muffin, would just hit the spot." He said aloud, having already taken out some bits to pay for it. He made sure not to accidentally pull out the medal that a pharaoh had given him. He had managed to give it to him before Dr. Whooves did his usual slipping away and leaving. Easier that way then staying around, he didn't like saying goodbye.