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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. Merry Birthiversary!

  3. Is this confirmed? Or no? Because I think that Rainbow Wings Twilight commercial was from RR and the animation in that is great,
  4. I don't normally subscribe to people on YouTube like I have to really like you, I joined Youtube in 2006 when I was 15 and I subscribed to a lot of gaming channels back that were big and had a good size fan base, and if you go to my YouTube account most of my subs are from people who haven't uploaded in years (One I know for a fact hasn't uploaded anything since 2007) I don't really care about popular YouTubeer never have most of them just turn into jerks in the end anyway.
  5. Yeah, my uncle works for Hasbro and he says that after season 9 they are going to announce 5 more seasons of MLP FiM. But in all seriousness I doubt it. or any canon ships for the mane 6 will happen. The show is ending this season giving them a a canon ship at this point would be very forced and awkward there' been a few hints that they were friends but nothing really to hint that they are attracted to each other. If they wabted it to be canon they would have done it a long time ago and lefts hints throughout the series remember, they didn't get a serious scene together till season 4.
  6. The only episode of the season I didn't like so far has been Uprooted, Sparkle's Seven was desen't just not really deserving of all the hype it got but I loved The Point of no Return. Its ben decent so far not the best season or anything but every season has its duds,
  7. Yes, I think its time to let it go, I was 20 living with my parents and going to college when this show started. My life is so much different this it was then the fandom is still going and gen 5 might be good. Honestly if the show did end the fandom would probably die faster if it kept going.
  8. Yeah but toys and stuff like this doesn't mean anything for the show, I'm still waiting for Skyla to make an appearance, she was out way before Flurry Heart. Also Spike and Rarity haven't had an episode together since season 4 if I'm remembering right.
  9. This place brings back memories cant remember why I left probably got to busy with school and just forgot about it.

  10. I could see them doing that, the show has really focused on Twilight since season 3, hopefully Meghan give all the mane 6 the spotlight but if it goes the season 6 premiere route and barley have the mane 5 in it I will rage. I honestly forgot that the mane 6 outside of Twilight, Spike, and Starlight were at the Crystal Empire during the new epsiode. I didn't think it would of gotten worse than the season 3 premiere. I'm not saying that it will happen just saying that it can; season 5's premier had all the mane 6 equally I feel so not all hope is lost.
  11. I agree futuristic shooters are getting really stale with trying to mix it up with more gimmicks that make the experience a lot more confusing. I'd much rather go back to WW2 or even a Modern Warfare 4 than another future shooter.
  12. Hi there, and happy birthday! :3 Hope you have a good time~ ^.^ https://derpicdn.net/img/2012/8/3/66154/large.jpg

  13. I'm calling fake, most of these are just reused from other episodes. I know the writers came come up with better names than that.