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  1. don't make nonsense. they're look olders, they are 17-21.
  2. In high schools there are some who are seniors (15, 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20), at any age they attend classes such as college. no, All characters sci twi, sunset shimmer, fluttershy, rarity, pinkie pie, applejack and etc; They look much seniors. they're really 17-21, 16-20 years and especially 18-22 old, that explains the way they behave, they live alone in their homes without the company of an adult. They all look seniors. I saw some of them, they have mustaches, muscles, a real-world teenager doesn't have those things.
  3. Soarin with Dash is friendship, don't be thinking things that aren't. Soarin is a friend and don't pretend as you treat him.
  4. Also entire on line existance you are using multiple accounts with that ship as all people are doing without admitting it? (i use them but i don't anymore). Don't believe that I saw them.
  5. Although it sounds sad, G4 has to come to an end. But it will always be on the internet.
  6. In wikipedia didn't say ''likes''. They are friends with a strong bond and friendship and the descriptions also said that and didn't say romance. They've never been interested in each other since they met (I've said that before).
  7. the fandom are the ones who contradict themselves not the crew. because they do and ask for things that aren't part of a relationship or a couple, etc;
  8. This is a tv kid show like barney and all discovery kids shows, and about friendship as its old generations and so shall exactly how the show ends up.
  9. This is not the same. Discord looks like an old creature, he's not young. Fluttershy is adult but very young. They never had that relationship. just friendship, that does not exist that. Spike and angel were just assuming talking about their friendship.
  10. it's not up to you. Writers do their own work, not with the fact of anyone. Everybody like them (writters and H) support the friendship between these characters and so would be the end. They are best friends with a strong bond on the show and comics, never romance on them. Teased is not the same as a confirmation.
  11. Discord and Fluttershy never shows their crush on each other since they met in previous seasons nor episodes. Everybody knows they has a strong bond and friendship. In the list of relationships and said nothing about romance between them, in wikipedia. As Jim said don't supporting any ship, they don't want romance in the characters. Through the years and long time, Mlp was always a friendship story between ponies, humans with some creatures etc; from its old and next future generations. G4 is based on that. In China is watching all the latest episodes and something you don't know. Well, it's canon but not that kind.
  12. dragons and griffins and especially wyverns
  13. no, with Rainbow Dash with who her couple is not makes any sense, Soarin is not her love interest, the fans is just use it to play it, that's not a relationship like Pinkie Pie with Cheese either and Fluttershy and Discord never fell in love since the previous seasons (angel was just assuming and characterizing). This is about the friendship between these characters and they said no main character is fall in love nor canon. The crew does not support any ship.
  14. the imagination has nothing to do with the show, the only thing that has to do is them. That would never happen that, it's a tv kids show, lot folks would feel disappointed.