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  1. Literatel

    What makes a pony attractive?

    Perhaps it is best that way.
  2. Literatel

    What makes a pony attractive?

    My advice: never trust anyone. And always try to find ways to manipulate people to your own ends as well, otherwise you're going from a hidden predator to being a chicken nugget, so to speak. Just some kind advice here. We humans (and all life) are very self-centered beings.
  3. Literatel

    What makes a pony attractive?

    And yet looks fade away, but personality is situational at best. Actions are what count. A person's actions speak their true colors.
  4. Literatel

    What makes a pony attractive?

    Well, I'm kinda of a fresh spawn around here compared to you, so... That is what I like about her; she is open to growth, but remains true to her ways. Honestly, I'm the same. Whenever someone asks me for a favor, I request one back, and if they don't deliver, I write their name on my "list", which allows me to keep track of people that owe me. I can only hope that this special isn't treated as a standalone thing, and her new friendship with Sunset isn't completely forgotten. (And I am aware that perhaps only one more movie, one more special, some shorts, and some songs are planned before the series ends, but still...) Very much so! As for myself, well, I like to identify as "Literatel the Wise". I always wear a trench coat and I always carry around a homemade staff, so... X3
  5. Literatel

    Feel, Not Think

    To be honest with you, in my opinion, the only event that could "save gaming" now is another video game collapse like the one years ago. Gaming these days is no longer just a source of entertainment, but a business. Target the lowest common denominator (and the greatest one), produce cheap products that make you pay while you play, and reap the rewards with warehouses full of cash. As I always say, "Always support the indie developers... until they start making money, that is; those selfish, soulless sell outs." As much as I disagree with microtransactions, they are a genius business move. Video gaming companies make the majority of their money through shareholders, stockholders, sponsors, microtransactions, and loot boxes. Don't fix what isn't broken. One thing has gotten me worried. I forgot the name of this group, but they are the equivalent of Human Resources; they aren't there for the customer, but to save the company's rump. Anyway, they have begun branding games that include MTX and loot boxes with a tag that states, "Contains virtual payments" or something like that. This not only means that the game's age rating is not affected, but arguably, those games branded with this tag are bulletproof.
  6. Literatel

    Feel, Not Think

    Money wise? VERY GOOD. Diablo Immortal? It's going to make Blizzard billions. And don't get me started on Bethesda.
  7. Literatel

    Feel, Not Think

    I'd like to start off by saying that MLP Forums suck. This site really sucks. The layout is awful, the characters in My Little Pony are annoying beyond belief, and the amount of colors is unbearable. The show and this site stinks. To those who had the family jewels to boo me, good. I didn't make you think. I made you feel. Boy, I'm glad that part is over. You would be surprised how professional wrestling and the media (along with multiple other forms of entertainment) are incredibly similar to one another. Professional wrestling and the media are the two longest-lasting forms of entertainment in the majority of cultures, and they persist to this day, stronger than ever. How, you might ask? Only a decade ago and prior to that, the news pretended that integrity was a priority, that there were lines not meant to be crossed and they covered both sides of the story, and let the audience decide what to think of the stories. But recently, this formula has all but been erased. The news now only covers one side of the story, often obsessively focusing on certain current events while completely disregarding others that are, arguably, as equally as important. But why? Because nowadays, they want you not to think, but to feel. In professional wrestling (or the WWE), a heel will walk out on stage and will insult the crowd and the current location that the event is behind held at. This generates heat, causing some people to boo the person, others to silently hate them, and sometimes, they still cheer. Whether or not the reaction is negative or positive, it is still a reaction. And when people feel, business is good. This is why the media, for example, only covers one side of the story these days, and they only cover emotional topics- they want to tick you off, because when you feel, the cash flows in like you wouldn't believe. Video game companies, movie industries, the media, wrestling, etc. are making much more money these days than they ever used to do because they make people passionate about their product, for better or for worse. In addition, while make a quality product if you are making much more money through shareholders, stockholders, sponsors, etc.? And if you don't feel, they will stir the pot. They will pull a trick from under their sleeve and they will make you feel passionate. Because controversy and passion creates cash. This is just a connection I had.
  8. Literatel

    What makes a pony attractive?

    Wow, this thread is really that old, huh? True, true. What did you think of her in Forgotten Friendship, if you saw it?
  9. Literatel

    What makes a pony attractive?

    What do you have against Trixie? (I'm just curious, I mean no offense! )
  10. Literatel

    When did the Tree of Harmony become sentient?

    When the plot called for it to be sentient.
  11. Literatel

    Movies/TV Why The Toys Come To Life In Toy Story

    Oh, I know of the Pixar theory.
  12. Literatel

    Movies/TV Why The Toys Come To Life In Toy Story

    The Force is actually a religion as well, inspired directly by Star Wars. Just a fun fact.
  13. I may have the answer of how toys come to life. A common theory is that in order for a toy or an object (like Forky) to come to life, they must be played with by a child and are believed to be a toy by that child. But this theory may be more specific than that. Look at Buzz Lightyear. He was manufactured in a factory by the thousands, perhaps by the millions. As such, no care, no love, no heart was put into making him. Being a manufactured toy, he can only come to life when he is loved by a child, and he was and he did. Look at the Battlesaurs from the short "Toy Story That Time Forgot"; they had been unboxed and loved by their owner, but since they were never played with, they believed themselves to be Battlesaurs and not toys. This lack of identity stems from the fact that they are just cheap clones of many others of their kind. Just like the Battlesaurs, Buzz is a carbon copy; he would not have had any individuality if it for were not the events that transpired in Toy Story. Therefore, he had become more than a toy (and thus fulfilled his purpose)... he, like many other toys, had stepped outside the box, pun not intended. Also, a scene in Toy Story 3 involved Lotso trying to convince Ken that millions of other dolls exist that are just like Barbie, but Ken disagreed. Now consider Woody, Jessie, Bullseye, and Stinky Pete. Another common theory says that all four members of the Roundup Gang are one of a kind toys. Many years ago, back when Andy's dad was a child, there was a cereal brand created by the company behind Woody's Roundup, called "Woody's Roundup Cereal". If a kid bought enough of them and got enough tickets, they could get some/all of the Roundup Gang dolls. However, the competition fell flat and it was scrapped. Nothing is mentioned of the fate of Jessie, Bullseye, or Stinky Pete after this, but allegedly Andy's dad sent the company a rather heartbreaking letter, and someone gave him the Woody doll. Since Woody, Jessie, Bullseye, and Stinky Pete are hand-made and were thus made with the utmost love, imagination, and care, they didn't need an owner to play with them in order to come to life. By being made this way, they had enough imagination and love put into them by their makers to allow them to come to life without even being played with. (A toy that needs to be played with in order to come to life has to be a manufactured toy.) Stinky Pete remembers being on a dime store shelf for years (watching every other toy be sold), and as far as we know, he has always been mint in the box. Then how could he be alive? Surely his creator didn't play with him? These questions reinforce that statement above. My paragraph above can also apply to Forky. He is unique, made by hand, and had thought and love put into him by Bonnie. He was either imagined by her to be a toy, or a "human quality" was thought of him by her, if you know what I mean. (When a child puts a face, arms, and legs onto something, they may not see it as a toy... but as something more... human. Or at least, living.) The theory still stands that a toy needs love in order to come to life, be it a traditional toy or not. But what about the lawn gnome that Hamm was communicating with in Toy Story 2 when the toys were searching for Woody's hat? It wasn't a toy, and it was manufactured in a factory (or at least we assume), so he must have been played with by a kid at some point. What do you all think?
  14. Literatel

    Toy Story Talk

    EDIT: I have a point to make... In Toy Story That Time Forgot, the boy character had not once played with any of his Battlesaurs, and yet they had already come to life. They believed that they were Battlesaurs and not toys, but nonetheless, they were alive. However, when Buzz Lightyear was introduced in the first movie, for the longest time he believed he was Buzz Lightyear and not a toy. Did Pixar break canon here? O.o EDIT: Buzz was alive before he was played with, or at least the moment he got out of the box. The latter part makes sense, since the many, many Buzz Lightyears in Al's Toy Barn aren't alive. Therefore, it must also be the action of a kid unboxing a toy and believing it to be a toy that makes it come to life. But what about Stinky Pete? He was mint in the box, at least until the events of Toy Story 2, and thus had never been played with/unboxed. This either means that canon is broken, or he wasn't mint in the box; he HAD been opened at one point. But he did mention that he was conscious during the time he was "sitting on a dime store shelf, watching every other toy be sold". And he could not have been created in the box. Therefore, either before he was on the shelf, he was unboxed and played with by a child, or the imagination of the person who made him was enough to allow him to come to life. (But the latter cannot be true, as evidenced by the many, many Buzz Lightyear action figures featured in Al's toy barn.) Any thoughts anyone?
  15. Literatel

    Are you in a relationship?

    Never have, never will. I thought being aromantic wasn't a choice (just like being gay or pan aren't choices). Again, I may be wrong, but I don't think one can be "aromantic at the moment". Again, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. :3