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  1. Apparently, I'm a dumbass. This is the real thing. Whatever. Hasbro is gonna do what all of them do and milk the franchise dry until they can't anymore. Whatever. As long as their chosen producers put effort into G5. About this... It looks awful. Rarity's pose screams 'awful' to me. It's like they decided to give the character design direction to that guy that made those droopy ponies in the comics and it's just awful to me. Maybe they give a good writing to episodes but I doubt it, for some reason. That music... Ugh... If that sets the tone... MLP got the Go virus from Teen Titans.
  2. So? Some toys. Cool. I actually like them.
  3. Haven't watched the final episodes. Probably won't. Still need to watch the entire second part of this season. Maybe I will find the ending 'worse than fanfiction'', but it is not the only thing that makes up the whole cartoon. Regardless, for every thing I didn't like about the cartoon, there were countless others that I loved. So, yes. It was worth it. In fact, I intend on re-watching it. Definitively worth it.
  4. I went and looked for it but couldn't find it. I probably imagined it.My bad.
  5. Personally, I don't think that is a good idea, irrespective of what media, the person or what story. And it's not even because of the episode, which I considered good enough. To me, it seems that a writer needs to be connected to a story to get it's 'feel' right, and the only way to do it is to spend time with the characters and the way the story is told and unfolds.
  6. One of the mini series of the comics, Legends of Magic, I think, mentions an episode with a cockatrice in her youth, after becoming princess. Basically, its stupid like the the thing with cakes, except its not the fandom making a disjointed joke over one episode, but the actual writer. Not to mention, it's that old overused joke about someone powerful afraid of something ridiculous, if Celestia was powerful. I'd prefer cockroaches...
  7. Because Celestia deserved a better cartoon where everything didn't exist to one up her for the sake of bloated stakes. Because as soon as the cartoon started, Twilight was supposed to replace her and it was easier to make her a pointless celebrity than build Twilight up to a legendary ruler. Because everything about her is the writers trying to pick up the pieces of Season 1 Celestia and messing up over and over because they couldn't spent two second thinking about thinks like plants actually dying without the sun in the alternate timeline Starlight Glimmer created. Because writing a decent ruler is hard with the cartoon's age rating, so instead they made an idiot goofball. Because they needed the unicorns to have some relevance in Hearthwarming Eve and the cartoon never managed to tell the whole story in a way that made any sense. Because the fandom worshiped Luna as the poor little rebel and made Celestia the evil older sister. Because the producers never cared. Because Celestia in the cartoon just doesn't deserve a theory about her.
  8. If people's interpretations give life to the fantasy, the answer lies in the fanfiction... Then again, the cartoon did fancy itself feminist. Refreshing, if the biggest leader hadn't been such a tool and the most powerful character male. In the end, it only made the males look like wimps instead of showing strong female leadership. But the idea was great, in my opinion, even if the cartoon never did really make an overt point about it.
  9. I almost wish the first synopsis was the right one. I hope I manage to see the other ones first because this one sounds like it's going to annoy me.
  10. OP and others already said all I was going to say. I'll just give a few brohooves and move on. EDIT: In episodes where Twilight is the main focus and has some end-all plot the cartoon has a tendency of treating Twilight's friends as though they are a single unit.
  11. I could go on about Celestia being useless and that Twilight replacing her is just idiotic the way things are going, but I' not in the mood. Instead, I want to know about who is going to take Luna's job of watching over dreams and how are things going to work out with the sun and the moon, with ponies typically losing their magic because of them. Also, I want to know what will be of Chrysalis after she's redeemed (speculation) in the end... It really annoyed me that instead of working towards rebuilding, she simply gave up until Grogar found her. I'd like the students to graduate too.
  12. We mean different things with 'impact'. I'm sure that several episodes will give us meaningful moments to remember the cartoon by. But this specific thing, that Twilight will replace Celestia just doesn't interest me and the finale will end the only way the cartoon could ever end. Everything is fine because whatever will happen and yaaaay! It's every season finale. Which doesn't mean I'm not intrigued about Chrysalis and the others and looking forward to whatever happens, but in the end it means nothing other than they're likely going to switch sides and learn the magic of friendship... And then, back to Twilight replacing Celestia... So what? It's the end. The cartoon can't do anything with that. Not only this, but this specific thread is just pointless to me: Celestia has been dead on the water for most of the series and Twilight replacing her is just a gimmick to end the cartoon. So, I'm looking forward to the stories the cartoon has to tell, but the big 'thing' is just an eye roll.
  13. Twilight is kind of the leader ever since the first episode. Add to that Winter Wrap Up and the problem is that the cartoon always tried its best to be as apolitical as possible. Even when Twilight became princess and the title was bastardized beyond recognition. Anything else is headcanon or fansplaining. As far as I'm concerned, Twilight is the leader already and the problem is ruling a nation. Which the cartoon also avoids like the plague. So, it's MLP being MLP and I can't wait to see the reboot already. This season is a wrap up. Nothing really will make an impact.