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  1. In my not very humble opinion, all of them, considering that all of them are an important part of the team and that Twilight wouldn't have made it without them. And that is with merely a cursory look at their achievements as protectors of Equestria.
  2. I thought that Chrysalis was crafty and full of subterfuges. I think she simply infiltrated her way up until she managed to get close to Cadance. Assuming that Cadance lived with Celestia, she might have disguised as a visitor to the city, somepony that worked in the palace, and then she's already exactly where she needed to be. I would sure like to read a fic detailing the process of that though, particularly how she attacked Cadance, or whatever she did. I would like to think that at least Cadance tried to defend herself, because I feel a bit annoyed at how ponies simply ignore the magic of stuff around them... I mean, they should have some sort of magical sense that tells them of magic at work around. Today I just think that Chrysalis paid Meghan McCarthy.
  3. Equestria follows a very commonly found combination rule-of-funny-cratic system and the-audience-doesn't-carematic system. Where rulers only matter when it's funny or the plot needs it.
  4. 1. They are made of crystal. 2. Because they've adapted to the cold. Though there are colder places. 3. Empire could also be the land owned by a lesser lord. In the real world, typicaly a vassal to another lord or even an independent power. It's a bit of an obscure definition, though. 4. They can eat humongous quantities of ice cream. And they are good with crystals in general. 5. Yes. They've adapted to the cold. 6. No. It's a public office that materialized from nothing where Celestia put her niece. This is very common practice in Brazil. 7. No. The prefer frosted pony food.
  5. Something like trimmers. You know, with the plastic combs that help trim the beard at a steady length. This is a bit stupid, but maybe they have a second set of hair that grows in these areas. Or maybe these areas just grow more and change. I mean, they are magical creatures, after all.
  6. No. It's like asking a christian to stop believing for a while for the sake of an argument. Sounds like a strawman argument to complain that people don't like something that one likes. I never truly understood this conversation. What are 'expectations' when people are talking about this? When I watch Star Trek I expect technobabble and some moral directive in a science fiction setting. Perhaps some food for thought on some ambiguous situation that may or not correlate to real life. MLP is the similar and I don't really know how to 'lower expectations'. It sounds demeaning, a priori, to the producers because it's like saying that they lack the capacity to tell a story in a meaningful and entertaining way. For example, the way MLP treated bullying in *that* episode. It doesn't become 'less wrong' because it is in a cartoon that targets a younger audience. Or Twilight's approach to Pinkie Sense and the final message. Wrong is wrong. Maybe the intention here is asking if I have the capacity to 'forgive' the cartoon for dealing in a wrong way with whatever it was trying to do... Is it lowering expectations if I go into an episode knowing full well that Celestia is going to be an idiot because that is what the cartoon did with her and still being able to have fun with Twilight and her friends trying to get into her palace (or the cartoon's insistence on calling the thing a 'castle') when the episode does turn her into an idiot? That is not lowering expectations, that is understanding that the creator may have a different creative vision or even accepting that they aren't perfect.
  7. Did you just say that people that don't accept what they think is inferior are weak?
  8. I think that what would qualify something as 'woke garbage' is the lack of subtlety... And this is a good example. Not only because it is not 'modern', but mostly because one couldn't point their finger at anything in particular and say that it came from christian belief or whatever. In contrast to something that is clearly drawn out, such as elements in Captain Marvel, that people have called out as blatant points of political/social agenda.
  9. Likely. I would not watch it. Between fanfiction and rewatching FIM is more than enough.
  10. What I mean is that the lore became plot-serving. Which, honestly isn't that bad, just something I believe brings down the quality of the story. For example: that big evil from the past that nobody ever heard from that suddenly came back and had no effect on the world coming forward. It happened because the cartoon didn't have a singular 'view'. Probably because the people making the cartoon didn't think it was important, given the mostly self-contained nature of the episodes. It became very evident in the season openers and finales, but also in episodes that tried to expand on the lore/worldbuilding. In my opinion, things like King Sombra's return, and re-return were part of the problem, as well as Discord and Tirek, and also the whole thing about the movie. Such things should be avoided as the story progresses. I wanted to avoid mentioning it because I do all the time, but I think that the best example still are Celestia, Luna and Hearth Warming Eve, and then Royal Problem (EDIT: and Horse Play, and to an extent Between Dark and Dawn. Pretty much everything revolving around the Sisters) going forward with the way the cartoon has handled the Sisters. But it is hardly the only example of the problem. You could even use Twilight's brother and Cadance parachuting into the story when they should've been at mentioned earlier. It limits the range of what the writers can do with the story, but constantly revisiting the past hurts the whole thing, so it's not so much what I think they should've have done but what I think they should have avoided.
  11. Self-awareness. Later seasons became high on its own success. The cartoon didn't always know how to deal with it. Those 'epic awesome' episodes kept trying to one-up the previous ones. The lore became excuses rather than world-building.
  12. Twilight, in the very first episode serving herself a glassful of hot sauce when ponies decided they'd make a party for her regardless if she liked it or not. I'm also going to say Twilight's Seven as a whole is one of the funniest moments in the series for me.